Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A wife’s dilemma

Mangala, a very bright and well behaved girl, was the only child of her parents born late in their lives. Given to studious habits she grew up to become a software engineer. She soon found a highly satisfying and lucrative job. The happy parents wanted her to get married. Mangala pleaded that they wait for a year more for her to establish herself. A fair request it was and readily agreed to. Life was going on an even keel till she met Mohan by chance when she went to her boss’s room. Mohan was working in the marketing wing in another city and had come to head office for training for a fortnight. A tall and handsome figure he swept her off her feet with his suave talk and pleasing manners. They met almost daily in canteen or restaurant and soon they knew they were in deep love with each other.Mangla suggested that he meet her parents. He had no parents and one sister was permanently settled in States. Things followed one another in quick succession till they were married.Mangala got a transfer to the city where Mohan worked. They went to office together in his motor cycle, left office together in the evenings, ate out most of the days and would return home after strolling around malls. It was all hunky- dory till one day she got the shock of her life. Her mom, a diabetic and hyper tension patient for a long time, suffered a massive heart attack and passed away even before she could get medical assistance. She persuaded her father whose vision was highly impaired not to stay alone and brought him to her place.
Tragedy struck her again after two years. On a Sunday early morning Mohan had gone to airport to receive some one from head office. As he was taking a turn to enter the airport a speeding water tanker hit him. He was rushed to nearby hospital by the passersby and life was saved by immediate medical aid. But the injury to the head left him in deep coma.Mangala had him examined by the best neurologists. His office too did not spare any effort to get him the best medical assistance. Doctors could not do much. Days, months and years passed with no change in his condition. He was just a vegetable needing attention all the twenty four hours. She employed a boy to take care of him while she was away at office. He was otherwise in perfect health except that his brain was dead. She was only 28 and he was four years older than her.
Doctors felt sorry for her plight but could not hold out any hope of his becoming normal. She read in papers about stray cases where the injured had regained their consciousness and memory even after two years. She kept talking to him daily hoping for some sign of recognition. Seven years had passed by with no ray of hope. She had in vain prayed to all gods, did several pujas and tried various alternative cures.
Friends and relatives who were initially hesitant to talk to her about her future gathered the nerve to suggest that she get married again. They argued that chances of his recovery were nil and that she should not waste her youth and she also needed a support when she grew old. To assuage her hurt feelings, they comforted her with the advice that she can take care of Mohan by admitting him in a nursing home at her expense. That way she was not betraying her duty towards her husband. They goaded her saying people seek divorce these days even on flimsy ground of incompatibility. Her case was genuine and divorce would be granted immediately.
Nursing a hope of a miracle she did not pay heed to such talks though she had moods of acute depression without any shoulder to rest her head on. Her father was old and depended on her completely. He had once mentioned it was her life and that she should handle it in whatever manner she deemed fit. He was not specific. She was torn between two minds whether it was ethical for her to put her husband in a home and remarry some one or continue for some more years hoping for a recovery. She always put herself the question as to what would she expect if the roles were reversed. Confusing thoughts led to frustration and self pity. In fact one of her colleagues, a decent chap, had obliquely expressed his interest in her in the event of her getting a divorce. He was willing to wait. She could only sob as she did not know the answer to give him.
How Mangala would resolve her dilemma time alone can tell. Any clue?


  1. Good one..left it on your readers?

    Marriage aint a temporary project or contract in hand that one turns around and hands it over. I feel Mangala should stand thru the thick and thin, the ups and downs of the circumstances and not give in so easily!!

  2. Well.. a nice touching one.. Is this a real story?

    This is life. Mangala should continue to live. If she loves Mohan deeply, if that love is pure and sincere, she wont be able to think of another partner in her life, whatever others say. But she is in need of a good shoulder. So she may become close with some good friend, and life will continue.. But if there is no love left.. then its better for her to seek divorce and get married again. Then who knows what the second life has in store for her?????

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  4. Relationships are not made to trample and make a new nest every time. Her husband was with her at the time she needed someone the most..she had always been an independent woman, he never put restrictions on her, he was more of a friend, enjoying each part of life together as soul mates do..relationships can be made but is it necessary that a new one should put an end to an old bond. Certain things seem practical..but is it just by being practical that one can achieve a better life.Self pity can give us a better life but somewhere it leaves us incomplete...she should sit and ask herself, what is that she really wants..a new life or an old bond that mignt bloom someday. At any time of life if we give up hoping for the best...the best would never come our way.Miracles do happen, but they happen with those who do not question their existance. Why did she get her father home..she could have left him in a home and could have cared for him financially..if all this was so clear cut and easy the word humane would have got erased from the dictionary of human life.
    Its good to start afresh, but there are many ways to do that..........
    Different people think differently..on the other hand if this realtionship really becomes a burden on her, theres no point messing up things..people might seem that they are not in a condition to feel anything but thats when they feel the most.
    Theres another side that says...its time that shows us the way:)

  5. A provocative ending Sir.. Too tempting to resist giving views.. So, here it is..

    Marriages are sacrosanct and should be held that way. Mohan was in every way an ideal husband. Circumstances have immobilised him, no doubt but the same very circumstances can resurrect him. Mangala's love and care will see him recover..

    We do not cease to love or be associated with our loved ones just because of some physical deficiencies that develop due to fate. We continue to love them more during trying times and support them in their recovery.


  6. A very difficult situation. Call it life's test in trying times or a series of unfortunate events.

    Its a pity that instead of empathising with Mangala,close ones chose to indulge in unsolicited advice especially when her head is as it is muddled with anguish and misery.
    Not sure as to what she should do as she's torn by loyalty from both ends. Time is the best healer doesnt seem to work well here. Guess Mangala should wait and listen to her heart rather than mixed advisory voices around her.

  7. The author has left the issue to the readers as he himself in a dilemma . True oftener than not we come across situations in life and are confused as how to face the situations.
    Here there are two unhappy individuals--the one in coma has a very rmote chance of recovery. The other knows not what to do.
    By marrying she has a company to share her feelings There is no right or wrong answers to such life problems. one has to act as per ones mind.

  8. dear partha,
    sorry,i reached late.this is a very touching story.we don't know what the life holds us in store for us!can we ignore and neglect our soulmate and forst life?she can sail smoothly with a sincere friend who will stretch her the helping hand and an honest friendship.if i were mangala's friend she would have been normal enough to face the life as it is.
    and just imagine,if it had happened to her?what mohan would have done?
    mangala's father can give better moral support.and i'm ready to lend my shoulder and heart to managala. :) and always a smile too......
    happy blogging.have a bright day!
    a very touching story,partha.

  9. Its a great story. I feel she would not be at peace marrying someone else. The guilt would ruin her. For me there is no right or wrong, anything that you can deal with is right foer you, but the caharacter of mangala, I feel is not capable of starting afresh without a proper closure.

  10. Views differ.Here is one I had received

    "Well regardless how much she loves her husband and from he dedication and
    dilemma we can see there no question about the amount she loves her husband,
    After spending so much time in wait and doing all she could or If I must say
    is doing ,she should get married .Also the way her husband loved her Iam
    sure he would want the same thing which is her to be happy.
    At last question is what does Mangala want,if her happiness lies in taking
    care of her husband praying for him being with him then she shouldn't but if
    she feels the need of some support in form of husband who is healthy and
    capable then getting married again is ok.
    I am sure living with someone under common law isn't a choice for her or is
    accepted in our society "

  11. By the time I reached all the possible answers had come. :-)