Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A starlet's rise

She was all ready to bid good bye to this world. She had tied her duppatta in the ceiling fan. She was waiting to put the noose around her neck .Extremely dejected, she quickly ran thro her mind the recent happenings. She had no fear of death as life appeared to her as empty and hollow with nothing to enthuse her any more. She had antagonized her parents when she left the home. She had discontinued her studies as a bright student. Her friends too left her. Now the only one whom she loved wholly and with whom she had tied her life ditched her after using her for more than a year.
As a young and beautiful actress new in the field, Shyama had more than her share of her troubles. When she joined the film world encouraged by her Miss College title and her histrionic abilities in the college dramas she never had inkling that the film world was so dangerous devoid of morals and that one needed some one in particular to help climb the tricky ladder. Having entered the cesspool, she too had to come up the hard way like many others passing through the casting couches. Although not a full fledged heroine, she was in the second rung and appreciated for her acting skills and good looks. Life seemed well set for her with the possibility of leading roles in the not distant future.

It was then Srijit entered her life. An upcoming star, he had even in the first film attracted attention. Handsome and gifted with a strong physique he had all the attributes of a hero. He was flooded with offers but had not forgotten Shyama with whom he had acted in his first film. He liked for her intelligence and friendly nature. The friendship soon blossomed into love. They were seen always inseparable and started living together. He promised to marry her once he got established as a regular star. Shyama trusted him and was true to him waiting for the day to tie the knot.

After the initial success, the many offers Srijit was given had not graduated themselves to the shooting stage. He was frantically waiting for a break when the leading heroine took a liking for him after a chance meeting. Infatuated as she was, she promised to use her influence to get the much needed break and made him live with her. This infuriated the towering director who was on intimate terms with her and who was responsible for her rise. He had strong clout to make or mar actors .He was much respected in the field and none dared to go against him. He determined to finish their careers also avenge them for what he perceived her unfaithful act in another way too.
Just as Shyama was readying to put the noose, her mobile sang its tune. Curious to know who would ring at this unearthly hour, she was surprised to the extreme hearing the voice of the famous director who was a living god to the aspiring actors and who was admired for his ability to mould even ordinary actors to great stars.
He said in a soft voice”Shyama, I know what that upstart Srijit did to you in connivance with that wily heroine. They have hurt me too as they did to you. I have decided to teach them a lesson they will never forget. I will ensure they are nowhere in the film world anymore and I have decided to replace that heroine in the next two films with you. Do not fear and I will not go back on my words. I have only one stipulation.Srijit will desert her as a rat does from a sinking ship. Do not accept him on any count. When he comes to you, spit at him and throw him out as you do with a mad dog. I will announce your name tomorrow in a press meet and I promise to make you a leading heroine. Is it ok with you?”
She had no words except to mumble “Thank you, Sir.I am so indebted to you for saving my life.”

Bewildered he said “No my dear, where is the question of my saving your life? It is I who have to thank you for helping me to teach those dogs a bitter lesson.”

She kicked the stool and started humming her favourite tune.


  1. :) felt soo good reading this.. actually felt like the story of some movie that i watch a couple of weeks before, but it isnt.. :) loved it sir :) and that is life.

  2. Nice story,sometimes its just a ray that we can cling on to come out of a ditch.

  3. There's a big morale hidden in this story that teaches us something special. The first thing that came to my kind when i read this story was a qoute from a book that said "Don't ever think that God created you as a junk. He created you for a cause". Hats Off to Parthas ..

  4. Shows that if you are destined to live, nothing can stop you. But if you arent then, there will be nothing that can stop you either from entering the death zone.

  5. a really good post.... how do u cum up wid such gud stories...? it amazes me...hmm....

  6. Ya, the decision to live or to die are taken in the microsecond of the life....!

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  8. I could not stop thinking about Marlyn Monroe while reading this post.A gripping story narrated in a way that it left me poised for most part of it.Keep rocking thaatha :)

  9. a reason to turn around everything!!

    and ur stories definitely turn me around..they are amazing, the twist and turns..the endings..fab!!

  10. The strange ways in which providence visits one! Nice story gramps....liked it. keep going! :)

  11. The light at the end of the tunnel is not always the train, right? I have a close friend in the movie industry.. and I know the dirty tricks going on inside..
    Nice one..