Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An act of fairness

I give bread every Sunday to the poor who are assembled at the gate of the adjacent church. I carry twenty packets. Most days this is found adequate. Some days there are more beggars with virtually a scramble for the limited number available. Some would take the bread, hide it and move to sit in another place in the line to collect extra bread. Keeping an alert eye, I would not give to the same person twice as there were not many to go around. I also avoided giving to able bodied men unless I had surplus. It is still difficult to remember their faces. Only on some rare rainy days a few packets would be rendered surplus.
There was some special service in the church that day. Many had come to pray and the road was jam packed with cars and vendors. It was a hot day and the beggars were all sitting line with protruding hands seeking alms. I feared they were too many for the number I carried with me. I started giving from the head of the line on both sides of the gate. When I came at the end of the line, I was followed by many clamouring for the bread. I knew some of them have collected already. I had one packet left. I saw a small girl of eleven standing in a corner. She was polio affected. Gawky with unkempt hair, she did not move towards me but was watching me. I went near her and thrust the packet in her hands .

As I was moving away, I felt a tug at my shirt. There was this girl with sad eyes looking up at me. Thinking that she was asking for one more packet I bellowed in anger “I gave you just now. How dare you pull my shirt?” Holding a packet in her hand she replied in meek voice “Sir, you had given me twice by mistake. The second one you thrust on my hands and went away even before I could open my mouth. Please give this to some one else” I was struck with remorse for my unjustified anger and was greatly touched by her sense of fairness amidst the deceit all around her. “That is all right. Keep this also with you” ,I answered with a smile thrusting a ten rupee note at her out stretched hand.


  1. Very cute :) very very cute :) the gal is :)

  2. I have been an admirer of ur write ups..I used to listen to my Grand pa's Stories...this place reminds me of that ..

    btw,this Gal is very sweet...:)

  3. simple story. Nice one too. Sometimes the honesty is unexpected in such scenarios.Yet, that girls honesty is commendable.

  4. "Short n sweet" best describes this story :)

  5. complete justice done...loved this piece.

  6. I am really touched by the honesty shown by the girl i dont know how if he start fron the head of the middle starting form gate and could have already delivered the packet.

  7. Hello! Sir,

    A heart-warming post. Sometimes in life we come across such people who give a different angle to our thinking, your story is AWESOME. I was thrilled after reading it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it……………..
    Well Done………
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  8. Honesty outshines likes a diamond among coals :) Nice story!

  9. Sweet of that girl to have been honest. Rare to find such souls especially those who are laiden with poverty and hunger on a perenial basis!

  10. Pranam!

    She is great, like you.....

    Once I had been there, none gave me even one!

    A parthasarathi, might not had reached there.... else I would had at least one, at least once!

    Both are lucky-the girl and yourself!

    You could give, she could get!

  11. A simple and lovely story sir. Loved it. When we have the feeling that "I'M giving" we are easily provoked...that is what I felt reading your beautiful story. :-)

    Have a great day sir!

  12. In this world where the fairness is attached only to beauty creams, that girl definitely stands out. That girl was so beautiful in your narration in spite of her disabilities :)

  13. very nice story... shows that honesty and strength of character can be found anywhere...

  14. good story in very few words? :) liked it :D

  15. Hello Sir, Simple & Beautiful Heart Touching Story :) I really liked it a lot :) A Sweet Girl :D

  16. ur blog is awesome!!....thnx 4 following!!

  17. That tugged at my heart!! very precious!