Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lost and found

It was lunch time.Naresh was proceeding towards the nearby restaurant for his lunch. The road was a busy thoroughfare with fast traffic moving nonstop on the three lanes on either side of the road. He vacantly looked at the other side of the road. He stopped dead for a moment. It was unmistakably Anita, his only love. Her figure was blurred by the passing vehicles .She was walking hurriedly stopping every few moments to turn around and gaze at the buildings. But he can tell Anita even from miles away. There was her inimitable regal gait and the unique way she coiled her hair. He could not believe in his luck. He could not see her face.He shouted “Anita Anita” and his voice was drowned in the roar of speeding vehicles. He wanted to run and get her. There was no respite from the fast-moving vehicles. There was a road divider too.
It was three years since he lost touch with her. She went away abruptly to another country along with her parents without leaving her address behind. Soon after, he had also changed the job and the city. It was only a few months before they parted; they became friends at a theatre. She had come with some of her girl friends. One of them had not turned up.Naresh had no ticket and was disappointed to see the House Full sign. It was then she offered him the spare ticket. They sat side by side. She was very beautiful. It was only during intermission, he could thank her. She smiled back.
They met almost daily thereafter and soon were in deep love. Before he mustered, the courage to propose to her she left abruptly. He was pining for her and had no common friends. It was then he had put an advertisement in a leading daily on her birthday addressing it to Anita with his pet name she used, contact number and office address. He was certain she would see and respond.
He saw her across the road moving away fast. He suddenly felt a strong urge to possess her and make her his wife He dashed across the road dodging the speeding cars like a mad man. The vehicles braked suddenly with screech of tyres with some collisions ahead. He could manage up to the road divider and jumped over it. A traffic constable who was in the vicinity blew his whistle in an effort to stop him. Nothing would deter him in his mad rush. After a few seconds respite on the divider, he foolishly ran across the road only to be hit by a speeding SUV.The cars and vehicles on that side stopped one by one and there was a small crowd craning at the body splashed in red with blood.The constable took charge of the situation.The girl was moving fast unmindful of the commotion behind her.
She was seen showing a cutting of a news paper to a passerby asking for address in the ad that appeared in the morning paper


  1. :( Is this why they say love is blind????
    Sad ending :(
    I had a glee till that guy met with the accident

  2. Ohhhhh!!! That's such a sad ending...I wish you'd make it a happy one!

  3. A sad ending, but I am reminded of your daughter's comments about your stories and that brought a smile :)

    have a nice day

  4. :( plz let him meet her in the next story..miracles do happen dont they!

  5. that was soo touching.. it was kind of a double shock. never thought she came in search for him..
    well written..

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  8. dear partha,
    very touching post.i don't know how you get the plots to weave the stories.i enjoyed the story thoroughly,may it is a tragedy.
    keep writing and you are encouraging many.happy blogging.

  9. Namaste....
    Look before you leap comes to mind.

    nice story, thanks for sharing.

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  12. I would call this as one of your best stories, Sir.. Simply superb..

  13. That was very unpredictable! But such things do happen..just when you are on the verge of getting the most important thing in your life..destiny snatches it away from you!!

  14. i hope she lands up in his office, leaves her number behind..gets a call that he is in the hospital and she lands there wt a bouquet of flowers.
    the poor chap when he opens his eyes..will be the best day of his life!!

  15. that was sad.. but the story is good, am happy with he way Rush has completed it!! :) and lets hope tht is what happens the next..

    take care...