Saturday, July 11, 2009

Seventh commandment

I am in this hotel for the last one month. I have never stayed away from my home this long. I miss my wife and my children. I wanted to be with her badly. We were a loving couple longing for each other like newlywed even after fifteen years of marriage. My head office turned down my request to visit my place for a week as the deadline for the project was tight. I have never betrayed her trust in me and never looked at other women. I have never flouted the seventh commandment “You shall not commit adultery” though I had doubts tormenting in my mind during the last one week on the wisdom of following it.

It was a Saturday evening and I was in the restaurant having my tea. I was in no hurry to get out and was watching the people, more particularly the women, arriving and departing. It was then I saw a tall woman in her late thirties lingering a bit near me till she finally settled down at the adjacent table. She turned her face on all sides and her eyes rested on me for a fraction of a minute before she commenced ordering to the waiter. She was not exactly a beautiful woman but there was certain grace in her deportment, along with her smiling eyes and a swell figure to boot. My mind was already thinking how nice an evening with her would be and even fantasizing the exciting possibilities if she were a bit cooperative. I wished to start a conversation with her and as luck would have it her handbag fell from her lap without her knowledge, it seemed. I literally jumped from my chair to pick the bag. There was a startled look in her face for a second followed by a beaming smile showing her well aligned teeth.
“Thank you so much. I didn’t notice” she said demurely.
”I saw you were unaware of its falling and I had the pleasure of being of small help” I said
“How sweet of you to have taken the trouble .I am Ratna.Are you alone on your table?” she asked with the unspoken suggestion that I join her.”
“Let me come here if it ok with you. My name is Ranjit” I said as I shifted to the chair opposite hers. As she winked her eyes and smiled at me, I knew instantly here was an easy lay.
We were soon talking as if we knew each other for long time talking about weather, making jokes and about interesting places to see in the town. She said she played bridge very well and asked me whether I do. I said I am no mean player and that I participate in tournaments. She was happy that we have common interest. As she put the sugar in my cup, her hand brushed against mine and she showed no urgency to take it away even while glancing at me with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. When I grinned at her I felt her legs rubbing my shoes. My heart skipped a few beats and blood began to race in my body.I stammered to ask “Where do you stay?”
She opened her purse, tore out a slip of paper from a pocket diary and scribbled her number. Giving it to me she said “Call me at 7pm.We can have dinner together and get some fun.” She stood up and extended her hand. As I proffered mine, she squeezed my hand hard and asked “You seem scared. Are you married?”
“I blabbered “Yes. I am married and have a loving wife.”
"It does not matter. You can give a call if you are wishing to have some good food and nice time” she replied. She stopped a few yards away and winking at me said “I shall be expecting your tinkle.”
I kept the slip on the table and turned to watch her move elegantly swaying her hips. I decided then no matter what to break the commandment once and once only even as I prayed to God to forgive me this one time.
At 7pm Sharp I gave her ring. I heard her sweet drawl ”Ranjit how sweet of you. I was frantically expecting your call. I promise you will enjoy every moment here. Just a second “
I heard her calling someone “Ravi, I told you about the guy I met in the restaurant. He is good at bridge. We will now have the fourth hand. He will be here in five minutes”
All my dreams crashed even as she was saying “I was talking to my husband about your visiting our house. and how good you are in bridge. Please …………” I slammed the phone down.


  1. Really funny!Good! serves him right!!!Cheapster!I just wish his wife would have been there..all the bridges wud hv fallen~lol

  2. If she wanted to play bridge only why was she flirting and "touching" inapproprately ??

    Nice ending - as usual the "twist", huh ?

  3. Ah! Ah! Wonderful Story sir...I'm happy to read your stories after a long time. I think Vishwanath has asked a valid question? But the story flow was excellent...especially the ending! Loved it.

  4. :) that was funny!! the dilemma that guy went thru was well explained.. :) i loved this one.. :)

    the title was special..

    keep writing..
    take care...

  5. Hahaha a funny story; may be the lady was mischievous by nature, though she would have easily realized Ravi's intentions, maybe she wanted to play a bit :)

    have a nice day

  6. The twist in the story was nice. It was funny how Ranjit misunderstood the girl's friendliness and almost made a fool of himself. Nice story.

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  8. That was boisterously funny.A groovy narration with a rib tickling climax.
    Broken bridges :D

  9. A twist in the tale!!! ;)
    good ending!

  10. dear partha,
    really nice to know your imagination has no limit!and by your words,the readers feel what the characters experience!
    often gents do misunderstand open minded ladies!
    and the loving wife at home could have stopped that call!

  11. gets u anticipating whats next..and thud!! Ranjit falls on his