Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A drunken blunder

Vignesh was full of remorse. It was clearly his mistake on several counts. Firstly he had brought Vanita to the restaurant on a date promising her to drop her back by 9pm positively. It was nearing 10.30 pm and he would not get up even as she stood up to leave. Secondly she was against his drinking heavily as he was to drop her back. But he smiled at her fears and kept on drinking. Finally he brushed aside her plea to drive his car telling her that he was quite fit to take her home. He remembered he went to restroom to wash his face but it did no good. His ego would not accept that he cannot handle the car. He wanted to drop her quickly as her parents would be worried .It was raining but not heavily. Although traffic was not much at that hour, it seemed to him too many blinding headlights posed a hurdle. Luckily her home was just four miles away. The broad road was straight with one side abutting a lake and the other side a declining deep slope. He remembered driving carefully in the inner lane and her asking him incessantly to stop the vehicle. Possibly due to a blinding lightning abetted by the undimmed headlights, Vignesh lost control and he remembered the vehicle hitting the protective rails and plunging down the deep slope. He thought either she was killed or she was terribly angry with him and kept herself away from him.

He never saw her thereafter. He prayed to God that she was safe. He sincerely regretted for not allowing her to drive the vehicle. He was hazy about what happened after the mishap and why he could not meet her even after so many days. He knew she had not confided her love for him to her parents and wanted him not to contact her at her home.. He had never been to her house so far. But he decided to drop first thing in the morning a letter to her in the post box kept outside apologizing for his mistake and requesting her to meet him again.

Vanita was taking a stroll in the garden.. There was a nip in the air. She still limped even after the surgery. She had broken many bones and her stay in the hospital was long almost four months. It was a providential escape, she was told. Luckily she was able to walk without any aid. She felt sorry for Vignesh.Her mind went back to the fated day. She was not aware how long she remained at the bottom of the slope with her limbs mangled in the crashed car. It was only when a cop touched her shoulder and said “Madam, do not worry. Don’t move your limbs. Help is on its way. Lucky you escaped by God’s grace. Sorry for your buddy. He could not make it.”It took months for her to get over the shock though thoughts of Vignesh still filled her mind.
She heard her mother calling her for breakfast. As she turned towards the house she saw an envelope protruding in the postbox. How it could be as it was too early for postmen, she wondered. The handwriting on the envelope was very familiar. She tore the envelope and pulled the letter. It read
Vanita dear,
I am extremely sorry for all my mistakes. I should have listened to you. It was my bloated ego that brought you near death. I hope you are fine. I am worried at your silence and not contacting me. I promise I will not drink anymore. Please forgive me. Broach the subject of our love to your parents. I wish to marry you at the earliest,
With love, Vignesh

She shuddered for a moment and looked around. How could this letter be written? She wanted to scream”Vignesh, I have nothing against you. I love you. Do come back” Tears flowed on her cheeks as she remembered that it was only the previous Sunday she had placed a wreath on his grave.


  1. Spooky story...I get scared with this type ,KP.

  2. I am confused..who actually died?

  3. Haaa...thats creepy...

    But Dost, that was really a good story...a nice piece of story telling style...

  4. Sends a chill down the spine. But also teaches a lesson to not drink and drive. The latter costs more lives than one. Wish people realize this soon. A lot of sccidents are caused due to deunken driving.

  5. I love you. Do come back” Tears flowed on her cheeks as she remembered that it was only the previous Sunday she had placed a wreath on his grave.

    ...A sad note... :-(

  6. nice story. there are some people who are not bad by heart but sometimes realize after doing mistakes. :)

  7. Drink and drive ......
    NEVER !!!!!

    Touching story today
    with lot of sadness :(

  8. but how did that happen.. spooky

    I am totally against drink and drive , and I do tell my friends that I WILl call the police if they drink and drive, Simple and they know I will, if they want to break my friendship good luck ot them But i will report and get them arrested ... I make myself very clear .. when they come ot my house they can drink as much as they want but after that Second drink they dont drive back home ...

    you dont only put ur life at risk but that of others around u , in the car outside the car..


  9. Partha this is not fair....! Why such sad stories...? Come on write like Wodehouse..! It is an ardent request from a fan.

  10. Hi Partha uncle,

    Could not get it clearly... who died and ..??

    Any way, Never drink and drive..

  11. A great lesson very emotionally taught.

  12. I thought the girl would do the haunting. but instead she was haunted and that was a nice twist!
    Sad story.. unfortunately, it is also reality. people still drink and drive. 'only few blocks' is what they think. even those few blocks can kill.