Saturday, April 23, 2011

Swati’s gambit

Akshay’s mom was disappointed at her son’s persistent refusal to meet the girls from whose parents proposals had come. He assured her that he had no one in mind and that he was not interested in marriage. He was already 28 and well settled in a good executive position. His sister Swati was still in college doing post graduation degree. His mom saw no reason why he should delay marrying. He was not amused at her plea that he gets married soon so she will have a grandchild. He shouted at her saying that he would get a transfer to another city if she pestered him like this any further.
The old lady was sullen when she got a good proposal for a young lady Neha by name who had done her engineering degree and was in a reputed IT firm. From the photo sent, she looked very charming. It seemed her side was keen in finalizing the alliance. It was then Swati hit upon a plan. She revealed it to her mom and requested her not to tell about the proposal received or show the photo of Neha to Akshay.
It was next Sunday morning. When Akshay returned from the gym, he saw a tall and beautiful lady talking to his sister in the living room. As he entered the hall, Swati stood up and called “Akshay, come here. Let me introduce to you to my friend Neha”She turned to Neha and said “This is my brother Akshay. He has done his B.Tech from IIT and is with a MNC. He can play guitar well, fond of movies and travel. He is also a fitness freak”
Turning to Akshay she said “Neha has done her PG in economics and will be writing civil services examination in a few months. She is highly talented with a gold medal, proficient in music, teaches Japanese and runs a blog on culinary matters. ” Neha coolly proffered her hand to him for a handshake and said that she was glad to meet him. Akshay was a little shy but looked greatly impressed with her. After mumbling some words, he excused himself and went to his room on the first floor.
In the subsequent days, he saw her frequently with his sister and on Sundays invariably. Swati often called him to join the discussions. He was inwardly happy and even skipped the gym sessions to be with them. One day when Neha was talking to mom, Swati said to Akshay “Can you do a help for Neha? While she is good and well prepared on her subjects for the examination, she wants your help to hone her skills in general knowledge and English paper. She is willing to spend two hours every Sunday with you if you can help her. What shall I tell her? I want you to help her for my sake” she pleaded.
Akshay didn’t need any persuasion. He readily agreed. From the next weekend, her classes with him commenced. He found her extremely intelligent, an engaging conversationalist and well informed on current affairs. He even wondered why she needed his help accomplished as she was. But he started eagerly looking forward to the two hours they spent together. They soon started talking on mobile phones when they were not together and found they had so much in common. As weeks passed by, he knew he was deeply in love with her and as he looked deep into her eyes he felt he saw a similar desire from her also. When he called her one day for a coffee in a restaurant, she readily agreed. They started meeting outside often but kept such meetings a secret from his sister
It was her birthday. He had taken her to a good restaurant and ordered her favourite dishes. He had decided to tell her of his love for her and propose to her. After they had finished the dinner and as they were having ice-cream, he looked deep into her eyes and holding her hands he gently whispered to her”Neha, I am in love with you. Will you marry me?”
“Why not? I would simply love that. I too love you very much” she giggled in joy with tears flowing down her cheeks.
They hugged each other and decided to break the news to Swati and mom. When he stopped the car in front of his house, he saw his sister and mom waiting at the door.
“Congratulations, Akshay” said Swati
He looked bewildered and asked whatever for.
“You know. Spill it out for mom to be happy”Swati said with a mischievous grin
Akshay turned towards Neha and looked at her questioningly.
It was then they all broke into uncontrollable laughter.
Swati said “Akshay it is all a well rehearsed drama.Neha is actually an engineer working with the big IT firm. She is not appearing for any examination as we told you. A proposal from her parents came. We were highly satisfied with her. Fearing your usual reaction, we set up a meeting for you in our own way as if she was my friend. I met her and had her approval. As expected you fell for her hook, line and sinker. Don’t worry, we will take this forward”
When he turned to look at Neha, she ran away in shyness to the adjoining room. He ran behind her to the accompaniment of peals of laughter from Swati.


  1. how nice it would be if everything turns to be simple and easy.. this story put a smile to my face

  2. this is one of your most delightful stories you have written. very sweet. often, all it takes is giving people a chance. often one is prejudiced just 'cos it is 'arranged' :)

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    I loved the end :-)

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    stay blessed and keep writing