Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A good deed

I was driving back to Chennai after dropping a party at Bangalore. I was not feeling well since morning but could not refuse the trip as I had joined the tourist Taxi Company as a driver only recently. I could not afford to lose the job. My wife was pregnant, mother was sick and I had no money. It was past 8pm by the time I dropped the party at Bangalore.Though I was exhausted and tired, I decided to return the same day. I had a cup of tea and some idlies packed. By the time I left Bangalore it was 9pm.There was not much traffic as I took the bypass. I didn’t stop anywhere as I wanted to reach my home by 2am at least and rest my tired body for a good sleep.

I had crossed Vellore and was cruising at a steady speed of 100 km.It was dark and drizzling. I saw at a distance a car parked on the left side towards Chennai. I could see the cars preceding me did not stop to enquire though they slowed down only to speed away. Obviously the car had some problem. When I slowed down I saw a young lady in her early twenties in the driving seat. Worry was writ large on her face. She signaled me with her hand to stop. Normally in the highway drivers do not stop cars in the middle of night in lonely stretch as it was a common ploy for a woman to stop and the men in hiding pouncing upon the driver once he got out. But one look at the swollen eyes and the crying face indicated that here was a genuine problem.

I stopped the vehicle and asked “What is the problem?”
“The car has broken down. It is not starting despite my attempts. I don’t know what to do. I am scared to stay alone here. I haven’t seen any buses stopping. Can you please help me?” she pleaded
I got down and checked the vehicle. There was some electrical problem that needed to be attended to.
“There is some electrical problem. Only a garage can set it right.” I asked.Where are you bound for?”
She said “Chennai. What am I to do? I am in a predicament. Pray, do not leave me here. It is scary”
“Okay. Let me tow the vehicle and leave it at a safe place in the next small town. You sit in your car and steer the wheel as I tow.Once we do that I can drop you at Chennai” I said
She was obviously relieved from the faded worry lines in her face.
As we were driving she talked about her dead mobile phone, how the cars and trucks sped away without stopping to help and how people turned inhuman because of fear of mugging by a few wicked men. She gathered details about me, my family, where I worked and lived and my goal in life. Neither did she reveal much about her nor did I have the temerity to ask her. When she learnt I was feeling feverish, she insisted that we stop the car at a way side teashop for a cup of tea. It was past 3am when we reached Chennai. She was luckily living in a posh area on my way to my house. When .I dropped her, she profusely thanked me for my helpful nature despite being unwell and went inside abruptly wishing me good night. Not that I expected a gift or anything of that kind for helping her out but I was disappointed at the abruptness of her taking leave.
He was later narrating the incident to his wife and telling her how ungrateful people could be. It is not that he wanted anything but she should have at least offered him some money.
When I reported for duty,I was worried whenIwas asked to meet the proprietor immediately. I wondered whether the lady had innocently informed the company that I gave her a lift.
When I hesitantly entered, he said in a loud voice “Santosh, do not be afraid. I heard that you gave a lift to a young lady and dropped her at Manapakkam. Though it is against the rules of the company, I appreciate your helping nature and the compassion to help people in distress. Here is a token gift of Rs. 10,000 as my appreciation” and handed me an envelope.
As I stood stupefied, he continued with a large smile “You did not ask why I was giving you money for the help rendered to some lady. She happens to be my daughter.”


  1. I was expecting a twist.. at the end..trying to guess... :) it was all for good... nice story..

  2. thats a lovely end to a nice story...

    i just wonder what would have happened if the girl wasnt his employer's daughter!! :P

  3. good deeds nevr go unnoticed, specially not by god:)

  4. Namaste my friend....
    Lovely story, as usual you weave them well.

    stay blessed.

  5. Interesting! liked the twist at the end.Good both their needs were met.

  6. :) I like good stories .. the driver did the right thing ..

    If it was not for a Truck driver way back many years ago I would have been dead myself .. so thanks to him i am alive

    there are good people out there thiough very few but god bless them whereever they are ...


  7. The driver was fantastic
    a really good man :-)
    Great story today !!

  8. I knew there had to be a twist to this tale! Nice story.

  9. Interesting story! I like the way you build up the story, Sir!

  10. Nice story. It teaches us not to judge people so fast too...

  11. It is a blessing she did not land up in problems. Your story points out how fragile women are when they face situations like this. So before venturing out like this ladies should think twice when men themselves are not safe while travelling alone in the dead of the night.

  12. Very interesting story, in fact all your stories are very good. Thanks for sharing with us.