Friday, January 20, 2012

The resolution

Neeraj was already late. The lift door was almost closing as he rushed towards it. His office was on 17th floor and it would take considerable time for it to come down again. The other lift was under repair. Luckily the door opened and there was a young woman in it alone. He rushed in and the doors closed.”Thanks” he mumbled.

“I saw you hastening to the lift and opened the closing door” she said softly with a smile.

“Thanks again. I am actually in a hurry. Do you work in this building? I do not remember to have seen you ealier”he said.

“No, I came here looking for a job.” she replied.

The lift was moving up slowly. “What kind of job?” he queried

“Anything in HR.I have a diploma in HR management but not from a prestigious institution” she said

“Okay. My floor is coming. Note down my cell number and call me in the afternoon. I will tell you where to send your CV’ he said hastily and went out. She had scribbled the number in her palm but had forgotten to ask for his name. A cute looking guy he was just being courteous to a woman who had opened the lift door. Nevertheless she entered the number in her mobile.

In the afternoon she hesitated for a moment whether to give a ring to this stranger or not but chose to call him.”Neeraj here.”Who is calling?” he asked.

“Neha, I met you in the morning in the lift” she said

“Oh, that charming and helpful lady, I remember now.Neha is a sweet name. Do you have a pen and paper? Note down the email ID and send the resume. Let me explore through my contacts whether anything can be done .Do you have any specific requirement?”he asked

“Yes, I have. I need a job immediately” she said

He let out a loud laugh.”I cannot promise but I will try. Any objection if I call on this number when I get a lead? Where do you live?” he asked.

“No objection .You can call at any time. I am at Motinagar living with my mom. Thanks for the help”

She sent the resume the same day. There was no response for a week. She concluded that he was just being polite and nothing may come out of it. So it was a pleasant surprise when she had an email on a Monday asking her to appear for an interview at an Import and export company on Wednesday morning. It was in the same building where she had met Neeraj. She was the lone candidate and was interviewed by by three men who asked her general questions. They asked her to wait for some time.

In about 30 minutes, one of the three who interviewed her came and said “Sorry, you have not been selected. In fact we had recommended your appointment but the Managing Director overruled us saying you will not meet his requirements for the job. Nevertheless he would like to see you. Best of luck. Come this way” he said and guided her towards MD’s room. She was asked to wait for some time in the ante-room and the person left.

At that time surprisingly Neeraj entered the ante room and on seeing her asked her with a smile “Hello, Sneha, what brings you here to MD’s room?”

“Neha, not Sneha.Are you working in this company? It seems your MD does not want me. I don’t know why he wants to see me when he has already decided against me? Do you know him by any chance? I came with lot of hope” she said

“Let me go in and find out. Yes I know him well. Please wait till he calls. He is a good man. May be he has some other job for you” he said and went in.

There was a buzz. MD’s secretary took her in. She was rendered speechless when she saw Neeraj sitting in MD’s chair. He stood up and extended his hand. He sent the secretary away asking her to send some fresh fruit juice.

She was silent waiting for him to speak. He said “I am sorry to hear that you have not been chosen.”

“Sir, I heard you only rejected me. Why do you give hope and then make it come crashing down? We are not play things but are seriously in need of a job to keep our hearth warm. I heard you wanted to see me. Now that you have seen, can I go?”

No Sir business. Call me Neeraj.Are you in a great hurry? I have some explanation for your rejection. I felt you cannot be a staff in this company. I have some other plan for you in my mind and may be can utilize your skill in another capacity” he said

Thanks a lot Sir. When you cannot give a junior position in your own company, what role you are talking about elsewhere? Please permit me to leave” she said sneeringly as she stood up.

“Oh, oh.The fruit juice has come. Please be seated and let us drink. Allow me to complete before you decide to walk out” he said. As she sat down, he said “I have made detailed enquiries about you and your family. I am coming to your place on Friday along with my parents for formally asking for your hand. If you agree to the proposal, a director’s chair will be awaiting you here” he said with a large smile

Neha could neither believe her ears nor utter one word as tears flowed from her eyes.Neeraj stood up and came around her side and asked “Is this a happy resolution to your job hunt?”


  1. Nameste:

    hmmmmmm, I am tempted to say so much, argue, debate become indignant however all I am left with in the end is hmmmmmmm.

    Interesting read.

  2. Nice story. But the proposal is all to sudden - why should Neha agree. She doesn't know the guy at all. She might not even be ready for marriage yet.

  3. So finally did they get married??? Lovely story

  4. KP Sir, your elegant romantic tale has made us happy and has 'lifted' our spirits to a higher level !

  5. Interesting! Good for Neeraj he took time to verify, but Neha, she needs time too right? All is well that ends well.

  6. just being an MD of a company is enough for Neha to say yes? I dont think so! But, it is a good read as always!

  7. Well she gets the job to direct the MD1

  8. Somehow I felt as soon as I read the first paragraph that this is a romance story! Sounds like a Vijay film screenplay! Narration is good as always.

    For arguments sake the question arises like it did in others' mind here, 'how did she agree to marry him without knowing anything about him?!' Anyway, I too like 'happy ending' stories!

  9. if only searching job, bride and groom was this easy !!!

    :):) you always give happy ending... try some negative ending too..

  10. ha ha! as usual sweet and romantic! :)

  11. Damn...why do i always have to open the lift for office boys?:P