Sunday, January 22, 2012

The tiff

Not a day passed without Preeti and Prateek quarreling. If she wished to go to grocery stores, he would say a mall. If she suggested pizza for dinner, he would ask her to make zafrani pulav.While she would want both of them to see together Dance India dance programme, he would opt for cricket. With both adamant they would go to different rooms to watch the shows they liked or both shutting down the TV in disgust to browse the net separately. Such incidents invariably led to exchange of words with both sleeping turned away from each other. The irony was Preeti’s parents had matched the horoscopes for compatibility. He was an extrovert, loud and gregarious while she was quiet, introvert and receding by nature.

Being the only son, Prateek never knew to adjust or share. She was a pampered daughter being the only girl amidst five sons. The saving grace was that both were good and faithful to each other. But life after the initial charm turned dull and boring even within a year of marriage. Both worked and met only in the late evenings. Weekends invariably ended in a tiff when he went to play tennis or a game of bridge or beer party with friends. She invariably went to mall to while away the time. Sometimes she wished she had remained single enjoying the freedom at her parent’s house.

What brought matter to a head was that on the first wedding anniversary, he went to another town to attend a distant cousin’s wedding. He had not told her of his plan. She had hoped it would be a grand outing for them to a distant resort for a couple of days. She found in his room some packets of dresses for her on his table but he had not remembered to tell her beforehand.

When he came late in the night, she opened the door and quietly proceeded towards bedroom without asking him anything.

“Preeti, are you upset? Why the long face? Whatever for this scowl in your face? I was not here the whole day for us to quarrel ” he said.

She was furious at the manner he was talking even when he had forgotten or pretended so, about their first anniversary. Could any man forget this important day and absent himself without telling her? She simply said “ Have I not opened the door promptly after the first bell? I have nothing else to talk to you. Good night” she said

“I know you are angry because I went to my cousin’s marriage. I also know you do not like my people or tolerate my mingling with them. I hate you for your narrow mindedness” he spoke in anger

“What else can I expect from a person who does not even know his first anniversary? You should not have married and spoilt a woman’s life” she replied equally strongly.

“What are you blabbering about? Are you referring to completion of one year of quarrel and curses from you? Anyway you could have taken the dresses I had kept on my table. Have you ever spoken lovingly to me? Have you ever taken interest in things I like? You hate my friends, my hobbies, my people and even my presence. Yes, I should not have married you and should have spared myself of seeing your ugly face” he fulminated

“Enough of your rubbish. I go out of your house early morning and spare you of seeing my face. I would also be happier without you” she exploded

“I would welcome it gladly. Get lost wherever you wish to with whomever you like. It is a good riddance”

“How dare you talk to me like that? Mind your words. I hate you from the bottom of my heart” she said and ran away to another room.

Six months had passed since she came to her parents house. She did not reveal much but said she would like to stay with them for some time. They could surmise that something was amiss but did not press her to tell. Her mom on one or two occasions obliquely said quarrels between couples were common and should not be carried too far unless there was a serious reason.

Preeti had in the first few months disconnected the calls from Prateek on her cell. After a few times, he stopped calling. When she saw her brothers’ wives happily living, she also longed to be back. She knew Prateek despite his coarse behavior was not a bad guy. Only he didn’t realize the folly of continuing his old habits even after wedding. She felt she had been hasty in walking out.

Meanwhile Prateek was forlorn and miserable. He hated to come home and did not relish watching his favourite programmes alone. He was filled with remorse that he failed to celebrate his first anniversary and attended a wedding where his absence would not have been noticed. He decided to go to her place in the adjacent town and seek her forgiveness. He left office early and reached her parents place. Her mom received him with warmth.

“Where is Preeti?” he asked

“I don’t know where she has gone. But she said not to worry if she did not return by night. But she was telling that she was rude to someone and going for apologizing. She didn’t tell me who and where” her mom said.

Just then his cell rang.”Where are you? I am in our house”Preeti asked


  1. Dear partha,
    A Pleasant and Lovely Evening!
    It's a beautiful story where love is hidden in the hearts of the couple.
    When you write about the romance,you become younger.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your lovely post,Partha!
    We should try our level best saving marriages !
    Hearty Congrats !

  2. Well that is something that could happen to any one... and glad that you didnt end in a cliche manner.. this is simple and down to earth and natural!

  3. Wish people would resolve things in this way. Most times the ego stops them from taking the step even though the heart says that they must apologize. But, they must not take the temporary truce for granted. They must sit down like mature individuals and actually discuss about all the activities that create friction. It helps to talk these things out when both are in amenable frame of minds :).

  4. This is a beautiful story, Partha Sir! The step by step misunderstandings was expressed very well. This happens in every family! I felt as if I was reading about our fights in the initial stages of our married life!

    I liked the way both of them came down from their ego trip to join together!

  5. Tiffs are common, how long it lasts and how it would be resolved depends on the ego and attitude of those involved.

    An interesting story, God bless Preeti & Prateek,

  6. this is a story of many a homes nicely told here
    positively ended which was smooth and not forced

  7. Misnderstandings are a part and parcel of every relationship. A marriage needs a lot of communation, care and trust.

  8. Prateek and Preeti are made for each other. They know what the other wants and they oppose each other almost at the same time!!

  9. Fascinating piece of inside story. There are many of such kind in real life too.

  10. Loved the detailed narration! Many go through this took me back in years..haha

  11. Wonderful story which all face in day to day life.

  12. Aww... that seems like a nice reunion :-), when it will actually happen that is :-)

  13. Good read! I wonder if the same story happens in all homes;) We are losing hope in the institution of marriage these days...

  14. That's a wonderful story this is the story where every couple go thru i guess lovely and happy for preeti is back to home..

  15. This story brings back old memories.. not that we dont have tiffs now.. but they are not so often.. it just tells how much we care for the other person.. my friend says, such arguments are how we learn and accept them for who they are.. such a nice story, with a nice ending ofcourse.. You are so talented, Partha sir...

  16. Petty quarrels are part of life and I think sometimes it makes it interesting too! As long as it does not lead to serious misunderstanding.

  17. Love characterization and wonderful narration. Loved the ending. :)

  18. this was a nice narration. and loved the way both of them reacted. This basic understanding is the essence of happy married life.

  19. Beautiful story. Sometimes we tend to read too much into simple things and complicate them unnecessarily.

  20. At times its distance which helps us discover our love for the other and remove the differences. Beautifully written.