Thursday, January 26, 2012

Unfinished work

I hate this cell with nothing but jaded walls and a grilled door, a bare room dark and dingy with no movable part in it. I am a condemned convict. I do not mind hanging in gallows but wish to get out just for a day to kill that viper Praveen.

“You will not go out ever”, I turned when I heard the voice.

“I will. Without wreaking my vengeance on him I cannot die. I need to spray the bullets on every part of his evil body till he dies. I need just half an hour with him” I replied

“That Praveen is not wholly at fault. Your wife also was an accomplice to the treachery” he responded.

“But I have already hacked her and I am here because of that. But killing him after a torture is an unfinished job” I said.

“You were a fool. Why did you bring them together in the first place?” he said as If I am at fault.

“How would I have known beforehand, you idiot? He was the MD.I had taken my wife to the office party. He came near us and said to me that he never knew I had such a charming wife. I took it as a compliment. He asked her whether she worked and was a graduate. When she said she was a homemaker and a PG, he offered her an appointment instantly. We were happy at the increased income. She liked the work:”I said when my mate interrupted me.

“Why do you wish to kill such a benefactor” he asked

“Benefactor, my foot. I never knew his evil intention. He gradually drafted her in MD’s office with increased responsibilities and pay. Even then I was oblivious of his wicked plan. He gave me a promotion and started sending me on tours initially for a couple of days and then for longer periods. I was a fool to his gradual seduction of my wife and their liaison till one night when I returned unexpectedly for them and found them in the bed. I hacked her then and there in my rage. He escaped but he will not get away from me. Do not advise me without knowing all the facts” I said with anger mounting in me.

“Day dream. You cannot touch him, you idiot, let alone killing. You will be hung very soon. Just keep quiet and pray God for mercy for killing your wife” he said.

I lost my temper and shrieked “How dare you call me an idiot? I will strangle you first before killing that viper”

The warder came running and tapped the door.”With whom are you talking? Don’t you know others are sleeping and you should not make noise in the middle of night” he said

“This fellow is infuriating me even when I do not talk to him” I complained.

The warder saw inside the small room and said “No one is there. Do not imagine. I will send for the doctor in the morning. Go to sleep” he ordered.

I turned round to see no one was there in the cell. But trust me he was there a little while ago

The warder along with a doctor and two others came unusually very early in the morning. “Please examine him, doctor.He was agitated and talking to himself last night” said the warder.

“Just an emotional outburst. Is it not slated for this morning? He is fit for that”the doctor told him after examining me and looking at me with pity.

I was given a bath, breakfast and led somewhere. But they didn’t know I have work to do.


  1. Interesting read. It is quite sad that we tend not to listen to our soul.

  2. Inner feelings when not shared such incidents occur.
    Unexpected twist in the end.

  3. This is a very powerful story. The violence that jealousy and betrayal can bring about are tremendous!

  4. Emotional burst is better than holding emotions deep inside.. hope this man gets better and of jail and learns to forgive.

  5. I always love to read ur thoughts pretty good :)

  6. After a lot of promise & masala,the story ended abruptly & unexpectedly.

  7. I agree that suppressed emotions can be even more dangerous. Its better to vent out ones feelings and ease your nerves.

  8. Psychotic! and really liked the way u have narrated it.. intensely!

  9. Suppressed emotions aren't harmful. What is dangerous is the vigour with which it comes out.