Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Marriages are made in Heaven

Rhea was browsing through the matrimonial site during lunch hour. She was proud of her tall bearing, good looks and her well paid job. Being 27, she wished to settle down. She wanted someone preferably an engineer from IT industry in Bangalore itself. Her requirements were not too demanding. A healthy man less than 32, tall to match her height, clean habits and  willing to live with her in separately without other family members,  were the only parameters. To be compatible with her, she wished that he must be interested in films of all genres, light music, travel, eating out and be a fun loving person. These traits she felt were very reasonable especially for a life time partner.
Most of the guys in the site from Bangalore were over aged widowers/divorcees, in small jobs, short in height or in joint families. A few wanted horoscope matching .After a long wait, there was only one in the site that somewhat came near her specifications. His profile read as "A 31 years old B.Tech working in leading IT company in Bangalore with handsome salary  is interested in an educated lady, not employed, adept in cooking South and North Indian cuisine  for a gourmet  and with interests in home bound hobbies like Carnatic music, painting, embroidery, decorating the house, gardening etc. She should be willing to raise a family soon after marriage without imposing any time limit. Should not grudge his relatives visiting the house or be nagging to be taken out for eating in restaurants or social gatherings. A good home maker who can take care of her husband is the main requirement. If this interests you can contact xxxxxxx for taking it forward with a dinner date"
She did not like the stress on cooking though she is no mean cook or his idea of his partner being home bound getting ready to bear babies and being a home maker. Though she was quite sure that this will not work out with her being in a cushy job in an advertising company, she succumbed to the mischievous idea of enjoying a free dinner in the company of a guy making him in the process build castles in air of a wedding with a beautiful woman. She had nothing else to do for the evening and was in an adventurous mood. She dialed his number to hear his deep voice.
The manly voice was mesmerizing as he gently said “This is Naren, I could not catch your name. Did you say Shriya? What can I do for you?”
Rhea felt a thrill passing through her spine.”It is Rhea, not Shriya. I saw your profile in matrimony site and as desired by you I am free to meet at the restaurant for dinner tonight”
“Did you say my profile in matrimony site suggested a dinner date?” he asked
“You must know better as you have inserted the ad” she said with some irritability.
“I am sorry I forgot. May be a momentary blackout after hearing a sweet feminine voice” he giggled and added” How about meeting at 7 pm today at Grand? Is it close to your place or shall I pick you up from your place”
“That is not necessary. I have my vehicle I will be there at the lounge in blue jeans and dark coat”
“Thanks,Rhea. I will be in a blue striped shirt. I look forward to meet you. Bye till then”
It was 7pm and the lounge was crowded. Rhea was playing some game on her iPhone. When she looked up hearing a mild cough, she was startled to find a very handsome guy in blue striped shirt sitting opposite her and watching her intently with a smile in his face.
He stood up and extending his hand said “I am Naren.I was waiting for you to finish your game” he said with a mischievous grin
“Sorry, I didn’t notice you”
He took her hands in his and led her to the table reserved for them in a corner. drew the chair and made her sit comfortably. She was at once taken in by his easy charm and chivalry.
When the bearer appeared, he said “Please order food whatever you like. I am open to any kind, Italian, Mexican, and Chinese unless you prefer South Indian items. What are your favourites?”
“I think our food tastes are similar though what you had written about being a gourmet and that I should be proficient in cooking South and North Indian stuff baffled me” she said
There was a confused look when he said “Had I written like that?” he asked
“How strange your asking me the question. You also wanted a woman who is ready to raise a family immediately and wished a homebound woman knitting sweaters and singing Thyagaraja Keerthanas  “.When he started laughing , she added “You also wanted your partner a sit at home type tending to garden and decorating your home and entertaining your guests”
“My god! Did I say ready to start family immediately, is it? Let me explain and your confusion will disappear. I returned from Japan only last night. May be my mom had inserted the advertisement in the site. She is particular that I should get married soon. I have no idea of the content and whatever is mentioned is her idea of a good daughter-in-law. Was there anything else that put you off” he asked
“That I should stay at home and not nag you to take me out on travel or for eating out or for parties” she smiled
“Oh my God. This is not the type I would ever wish. On the contrary I want her to be well employed, be liberal in outlook, fun loving, outgoing, interested in outdoor sports like swimming, gym, jogging and fond of travel every six months to new places. Will you kindly ignore what were all stated in the site? What are you by the way?”
She told him and said “If what you say is true, I am happy to have found one after my heart”. The butter flies started fluttering in her stomach when he held her hands and said “you are very beautiful.”
They lingered together for long and then  decided to meet a week later to take things forward as she had a campaign. They exchanged the cards and parted
As she lay in the bed recalling his handsome face and the striking contrast of his personality to what she had assumed, she suddenly clicked the link for the site and found the phone number different from that in the card. Naren was also not in IT but a VP in marketing.
Shocked she rang up the number in the site. A gruff voice answered “Raju here. Who is it? What do you want?”
After hearing her, he asked whether she was employed and when she affirmed he curtly said” I had made it clear in the ad that I do not want an employed woman but a home maker. I have my old parents to look after.”
She realized then she had originally dialed Naren’s number by mistake but was happy she discovered her Mr. Right.
Her mobile then rang.”Naren here. Rhea, can we meet again tomorrow itself  whenever convenient? I hope you understand the tsunami you have caused in my heart.”
She laughed and said” Surely, I am no better than you”


  1. Good One KP. So if you are lucky a wrong no. dialed can land you with a man of your dreams! Love the way you weave your tales!

  2. Now marriages getting fixed due to wrong number calls! One meeting, few words and land your 'soul mate'. There is a whole lifetime to discover all those unpleasant things anyway... why worry?

    Destination Infinity

  3. Yes, marriages are made in heaven!

  4. Wonderfully scripted and mesmerisingly woven romance !

  5. hahahah awesome one KP, Master story teller strikes yet again :D this should have been an entry to love ya arranged marriage competition that happened last year :D a sure shot winner :D

  6. Perhaps this is the way marriages should happen..whatever plans and arrangements we make only the right ones come together and live happily thereafter…
    Well, missed calls and wrong Nos can spell hell too :P

  7. wow .. so romantically written.. Keep it coming..

  8. ha ha.. wish life was this simple.. one wrong call can get u your dreams :D.

  9. The story is well written with a touch of romanticism.
    Marriages are made in heaven. so true.

  10. The ways of destiny are interesting and we have no clue what leads to what next in life!
    Very romantic story!
    But I doubt any girl would try a profile that she knows for sure doesn't fit her :-)))

  11. wow..romance is in the air today..
    wish life was like aim for a programmer and get a VP:)

  12. This one is a romantic's delight. :D