Monday, September 23, 2013

Photographer's delight

As Praveen entered the reigning star’s house for his appointment, what he saw was incredible. In his long experience of two decades, he had never seen such a bewitching beauty. The girl smiled at him with her sparkling teeth shining and making dimples on both cheeks. A perfect creation by god well proportioned with a black mole on the chin below the lip the only flaw that added to her attractiveness. A seasoned photographer much sought after by all producers, he had the strong desire to have her photographed along with the most charming and popular hero in the circuit. It would be a prized possession and a souvenir for him.
Someone came down the stairs and said “Sir will be ready in five minutes. Can I get you fruit juice, mango, pomegranate, guava or apple? “
“I will wait. Get me whatever you wish to” Praveen said and dismissed him without taking his eyes off the girl.
He smiled at her and said softly “Can you please do me a favour?”
“Why not? Please tell me” she said in a sweet voice that betrayed no fear.
“I wish to take a few snaps of you with the hero sir in different poses. You must cooperate with me”
“Have no fear; it is done in whatever manner you ask me to strike the pose. But you must tell me clearly” she said.
The hero meanwhile came down the stairs in his silk kurta and pyjama hailing Praven”Hey, buddy, you are on time”
Seated in the sofa he saw Praveen adjusting his camera and asked him “Are you taking any still shots or what?”
“No still shots. I want a few pictures of you with her for my personal album” Praveen said pointing to the girl.
The hero asked with a smile “Have you take her permission? She may not agree”
Nodding his head Praveen asked the young girl to be seated close to hero sir  holding his hands.
She instantly did it.”Perfect” Praveen said as he clicked
“Now you put your arm around Sir and bring your face close to his and smile” said Praveen
This was also a good shot on the first take. Praveen was very happy
“Shall I hug him and kiss him on his cheek, if you wish” asked the girl.
Taken aback at her audacity and daring, Praveen nodded while the hero Sir could not suppress his laughter.
Clicking the best shot, Praveen said “Thank you so much. You have a beautiful and photogenic face”
The girl turned to hero Sir and said “Daddy, can you  please permit me now to do a baby role in one of your films”


  1. That was cute and misleading... U surely do hv a talent to mislead KP!!

  2. Cute ending but the story in the beginning shocked me.

  3. :) Again that twist in the end!
    Well written!

  4. Blessings....
    good lesson...
    do not assume. assumptions are where we can get ourselves in trouble.

    stay blessed

  5. Could make out the secret though in the beginning itself, I am too used to your twists I guess !

  6. hahahhahahah awesome ending...

  7. Half-way, I was able to guess. I was expecting some shocker, but you made it cute :)

    Destination Infinity

  8. Was it Anil Kapoor & Sonam Kapoor while still in her early teens :)

  9. Very sweet and interesting story :)

  10. Nice...!! I sort of expected that the girl would be the daughter. !!

  11. hahhaa so cute :D lovely story :)

  12. How come I never expected the twist?! Nice one, Partha Sir!