Thursday, January 29, 2015

Swarna’s date

Swarna had just woken up after a heavy lunch. It was a dull Sunday afternoon and she had no plan to go out. She picked the iPad from her side and lazily browsed the net. She was wont to spend a few minutes on the matrimonial site, not with a view to find her man, but to amuse herself reading the advertisements that usually exaggerated the accomplishments of the grooms and spoke of their tall expectations from the brides.
 She was nearing 35 but remained unmarried. A senior executive in a foreign bank, she had three anthologies of poems to her credit. She had dated a few individuals but none of them clicked. She found them boring. She stopped dating, but had friends to socialize with. Nevertheless her tryst with matrimonial ads continued.
She sat up with interest when she saw this particular ad. It was unusual and candid for a matrimonial site.
Tall, 38, never married,B.Tech., MS, senior executive in IT, has a Jaipur leg on the right. Needs no help or crutch and can drive. Does lot of social work. Need an understanding partner who is equally qualified, to work or not is her choice. Would like someone interested in social work. She must ponder over the disability and consequent disinterest in strenuous outings before responding. Cell: xxxxxxx.
She read the ad again and liked the straightforward listing of his plus and minus traits and expectations from his partner. She liked his concern for the hapless and involvement in social work though she had no such interest. The age suited her. She became curious to know how he would be and that led to her dialing his number
“Good afternoon. Did you place an advertisement?” she asked and paused for a moment before continuing” I am Swarna.I have carefully gone through the ad and I think I meet your requirements though I have done no social work. I like your frankness. When and where can we meet?”
“Thank you Swarna for calling. I am Swaroop.There is some similarity in name,” he giggled and added “Can we meet this evening? Suggest me a convenient restaurant. I will be there.”
She was touched by his leaving the place of meeting to her convenience. They decided upon Adyar Park at 6Pm that evening.
She looked elegant and simple in her cotton chanderi brocade Patiala suit. He came to the lounge sharp on time and had no difficulty walking straight to her. Unconsciously she paid attention for a fraction of second to his gait and found he was not limping. He was quite handsome, dusky and reminded her of Gregory Peck.
He took her hand, led her to the appointed table and drew the chair for her before he sat opposite to her. His smile was infectious, when he said “I never expected such an attractive lady. I am glad you agreed to meet me”
“The pleasure is mine,"she replied coyly
“I was apprehensive that you might ignore my ad due to the Jaipur leg,” he said
“That was no reason to deter me. I was touched by your openness and concern for the disadvantaged people. By the way, did you meet with any accident for you to lose your leg?”she asked.
“Would you like to see the prosthetic leg?”he asked.
“No, no.It is ok for me. Not now any way” she replied.
“Ha ha, not now, did you say? That means later. I am so happy. Nevertheless you must see it”  he said, as he pulled  his trouser up to show a clean natural leg.
When Swarna looked up in confusion and disbelief, he smiled and said “Excuse me for the small test. I wanted to make sure my wife would be compassionate towards handicapped people with whom I spend considerable time to lift their lives. I am now happy I found one in you”
 “Thanks” she shyly said with a small giggle even while rejoicing inwardly at her good fortune.
“What would you  like to eat?” he asked and the date continued thereafter.


  1. I got a hint of the ending when you said 'he was not limping.' Good twist.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Nice Story with an interesting narrative.

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  4. What a date!
    Nice man in Swarna's fate!
    That's great :)

  5. Hmm, a risky proposition, perhaps! I wonder if women may not be offended for the not so excitable test.

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  7. Nice, interesting twist! Good story!

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  10. Thanks a lot for your comment at my place. When a master like you says its a nice piece I am satisfied, elated and well on cloud 9 :D

  11. One of the best story I have read in a long long time! Great story and beautiful story telling.

    However now it leaves me longing for a 'cotton chanderi brocade Patiala suit'. (I am sure this was not an expected reaction from your readers - or was it?)