Monday, December 19, 2011

A happy end

Rajesh looked around anxiously from his car on the pavement outside the Bata store. He could not talk to Ranjitha as she had specifically told him not to give her a ring to her home. He had sent a sms “All arranged at Tiruneermalai temple. The muhurtam will be at 9.30am tomorrow. Please be at the Bata shop at 8.00 am. I will pick you up. Do not bring any jewelry or clothes. I have arranged everything. Cheers “.He hoped that she did not develop cold feet at the last moment. They have been in love for nearly two years and wished to marry. His parents were against it. She did not even broach the subject to her parents for she was sure they will shoot it down without a second thought. They were old fashioned and very conservative and would not countenance her marrying someone from outside their own caste.

He was relieved when he saw her outside the Bata shop in her usual Salwar khameez with a small bag in her hand. As she got into the car, he said“Ranjitha, I am so happy that you are on time. I have bought a gorgeous silk sari with matching blouse. I have also got a mangal sutra along with a few jewels for you. We will have our breakfast on our way and proceed to the temple. My friends would be overseeing the arrangements. After a short and simple ceremony, we will be off for our honeymoon at Mauritius in the evening. Do not be afraid. Everything will pass off smoothly”.

“I am very much afraid, Rajesh. My parents left early morning for some function they told me. It was easy for me to come away as my younger brother had also left with them. I have never done anything till this day without my parent’s knowledge. I cannot imagine that I have run away from my home like this. But I cannot dream of being without you” she said.

After a small breakfast, they changed themselves to the wedding costume. He wore a silk dhoti and a cream colored silk kurta.She looked beautiful in the deep maroon silk sari with heavy zari borders. She had worn the gold chains, gold bangles and diamond stud that Rajesh had bought for her.

As they reached the top of the hill to the temple, they were shell shocked to find Ranjitas parents and her brother all decked in fine clothes.Ranjita expected the worst and feared her dad would explode in rage and do unseemly things. Instead both were smiling and beckoned Ranjita and Rajesh towards them. Is this a lull before the storm, she wondered? She didn’t know how her parents in the first place came to know about their secret plans. Nevertheless both of them fell down to touch their feet.

“Don’t be surprised, Ranju. Your alert brother saw Rajesh’s message coming to your mobile when you were having a shower and instantly showed it to us. We realized that things have gone too far and there was no reason or point to go against your wishes. Rajesh is also an eminent match except that he belonged to another caste. But we decided to overlook it and give you a surprise. We are taking charge of the wedding from now on from your Rajesh and his friends” said her dad.

It was then that Rajesh heard a familiar booming voice calling “Rajesh, congratulations. We have come in time” He turned to look and found his parents and sisters all attired for the occasion. Surprise writ large on his face, Rajesh gave a sheepish grin and a questioning look. His dad said “Sammandhi was kind enough to telephone me last night of your secret escapade and requested us to agree for the alliance. We also wished to join the celebrations when we knew that nothing can stop you from attaining your dream girl” his dad said

The priest said “It is getting late. Let us start” and signaled to the melam to start playing. The two young things were in cloud nine.


  1. awwwwww ... this one i loveddddd..... i wish all love stories could have had HAPPY ENDINGS ... nevertheless, beautiful,m and simply wow :)

  2. Wow! Interesting story. Liked the twist in the story.
    All is well that ends well. :)

  3. Do these kind of families really exist?? Nice story.

  4. Will this happen in real life? I doubt! Anyway, it is nice to read a story with a happy ending!

  5. "All is well with that ends well."

  6. I was smiling and laughed at the end.. this is one happy story..

  7. I love happy endings .. for in real life things dont happen that way
    so at least in stories it should always end in happy endings :)


  8. Hi Uncle.. wow.. happy endings always make me happy ..:) human tendency, may be!!

    And, Ranju appeared the most happiest..;)

    good one..

  9. Wish things turned out this easy and happy in real life.. nice one!

  10. very happy to see this..I want always the happy endings, and love to see love conquering all..Thank you sir!

  11. Come to think of it, if there had not been the tension and suspense of waiting, the 'happy ending' would not have tasted so sweet !
    Sir, you are a great raconteur!

  12. we get to read stories of all kinds, but always heart warming. :) So much variety. You should try translating it in Tamil too I think!

  13. Superb story:) Still, are there parents like these? May be in cosmo cities, not in rural TN:)

  14. Wish all parents would be like these:)

    loved this one a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. This would be the dream of all of the lovers in India..! ha ha! you gave them hope!