Thursday, December 15, 2011

First meeting

Vinita didn’t know how it happened. It all started with a comment in her blog. One reader Satyavan, as he called himself, ripped her post to pieces calling it a flawed one written in haste without deliberation. This set the tone for others to pick holes on her post. Vinita became enraged and answered all points with equal ferocity. But Satyavan did not allow matters to rest there but poured more ridicule that Vinita lost her cool and sleep. So it was a shock when she had a mail later from Satyavan expressing his genuine regret for having been harsh and praising her for her good English and writing skill. When she did not reply, he persisted till she relented. She soon found him to be a well mannered young man from affluent family with a Masters in law. They started chatting and texting daily and soon became close friends. She never liked people in the legal field because her father was one and she has seen how little time he spent with family. But this guy looked different with varied interests that were common with hers. They could talk for hours on the books they read, the films they have seen or music they like. But they haven’t shared their personal details or seen each other. They wished to wait for some more time to meet in person. Though they knew without the other one knowing that they had fallen in love for each other.

Her dad had a roaring practice and had many juniors working under him. His office was always crowded with his assistants and clients till late in the night. Despite his persuading her to take to legal career, she chose management and was working in a big pharmeutical company. She felt that lawyers have no permanent values and would choose to argue any cause depending on the client and the fees involved.

One morning her car did not start however much she tried. She rushed to her father’s chamber to ask for one of his cars when she found his father discussing a case with one of his assistants. He looked tall, handsome, and slightly dusky with his hair falling on his forehead. First time she noticed him as she never came much here. When they were gazing at each other, her dad said “Haven’t you met Shyam? He is one of my brightest assistant and helps me a lot.” Turning to Shyam he said “Meet my daughter Vinita. She is an MBA from Ahmadabad and is in a MNC.She hates law” he said with a guffaw. Then he asked her “What brings you here, my young lady?” He asked Shyam to accompany her and hand over .the keys of the car that had fuel in full.

“Nice to meet you. I wish you had also taken to law. We would have been working together” he said with a mischievous grin.

She smiled back and said before driving away “Thank you. I hope we will have occasions to meet. I am sure you will be attending my birthday party tomorrow in our house. Dad said he would be coming with his team”

That afternoon when Satyavan came online, she said “It is time we meet each other. There is an occasion tomorrow. Please come to my house for my birthday at 6.30pm.It is 335 Chamiers road. My dad’s name is Govind Narayan.”

He said “Oh my god” and kept silent

“Why what happened? Why that exclamation?” she asked

“Nothing. He is a very senior and famous lawyer. Are you his daughter? I never knew you are that highly connected. I am a small fry” he replied.

“How does it matter? Do not fail to come. I wish to meet you and take forward our friendship to the next level. You will have no difficulty in identifying me. Just mention Satyavan when you see me. I can introduce you to my parents. My dad will like you since you are also in the same profession” she said.

It was 630pm.The hall was crowded. Her colleagues, dad’s selected staff, and some relatives were there. There was no trace of Satyavan. She was looking at the main entrance every now and then. It was 6.45pm.Dad said “Let us cut the cake at 7pm” When she saw Shyam smiling at her, she beckoned him and whispered in his ear “I am expecting a close friend of mine, Satyavan by name. Can you kindly go to the gate and find whether anyone is standing there. He hasn’t met me so far and may be hesitant”

He came back and said there was none. Dad asked her to cut the cake.Crestfallen, she managed to wear a smile and cut amidst claps and wishes of Happy Birthday. One by one everyone came near her, wished her and gave presents.. It was then Shyam turn and he came near her with a big packet and a bouquet and said “Happy Birthday. I hope your friend made it.”

She said in a dejected tone “No, he failed me. Any way thanks for the gift”

“No, he hasn’t failed you. Please look at your gift”Shyam said

When she saw the gift and the word Satyavan written on it, her eyes sparkled like 1000 watt bulb and asked “Who gave this to you/”

“Why would anybody give my gift to me?”he smiled at her

Forgetting that she was amidst a crowd and the centre of attraction she shrieked”Satyavan,I am so happy”All heads with eyebrows raised turned towards her.


  1. a very light read...especially after the emotional one.

    I liked the way you described the lawyer profession.


  2. That was nice. You had me captured in your words.

  3. An interesting story, happy ending:)

  4. What a sweet story. I am a renowned lawyer's daughter. But, I don't hate law :P
    Liked the way you portrayed the image :)

  5. A Throw back to the the times past. Simple and nice.

  6. Every girl grows up believing in fairy tales.They still, even as grown-ups, want to have a fairy tale romance. And if it comes true in real life, what more can a girl ask for !
    It was a heart-elevating happy ending.

  7. A lovely story. Like the way you conjure the story plot.

    Looking for more

  8. First meetings are always special. Nice, was hooked on since the first line. :)

  9. :) first meeting hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    nice .. loved the story


  10. Nice and cute little story with a happy ending. Clap clap clap! I too share same apprehensions about lawyers...

  11. Very interesting. Very nicely written. I wanted to be a Lawyer too, so when I someone mentions that they are a Lawyer, there is immediately a sense of respect for them in my eyes :-)

  12. KP: fabulous stuff. I am sure there is going to be PART 2 to this:)

  13. Nice eye for details and the style of writing!