Friday, December 2, 2011


Govind was watching TV after a Sunday breakfast when the telephone rang.


“Today 3.00 pm is time fixed for you. Be ready. I know this is unexpected and you would be least prepared. Meanwhile reflect on all the good and bad that you have done in this life. When we come to meet you, this may come in handy.’’

“Hello, hello, who is this? Whoever you are, I am not free at 3.00.What do you want from me? Why are you coming to see me?”

“We have told you that your time is fixed and we have no power to alter it even by a second. Consider you are lucky you are informed in advance. For most we barge in without notice. Don’t be worried. People will talk of you nicely after this. You can inform your near and dear ones to be with you on this occasion” the weird voice said. The line was disconnected.

Govind started perspiring even in the AC room. “What does he mean my team is up? Is it my end? Who is he anyway? I haven’t heard of Yama’s messengers informing over phone. Could it be a prank?” he thought.

He told his wife and children. They too were shaken. She called her brothers and sisters to convey about the mysterious call. Likewise Govind’s siblings were also duly informed. One of them brought a doctor along with emergency kit ready.

They all felt it must be some prank but had a lurking fear of the worst scenario.Govind was in good health except that he was obese and had high blood pressure..His parents had heart ailments. He was 49, a vulnerable age. Only a week back one neighbour passed away when doing a work out.

Somehow the news trickled to office colleagues. A few of them had come with bouquets to assure him that nothing would happen but inwardly not wanting to miss seeing him before any untoward thing happened. The doctor was checking his pressure every now and then. In the anxiety it shot up.

Someone started a bhajan invoking the blessings of God to ward of the danger.

One of his sisters said ”Govind likes onion bajji.Can someone go and get it from Venkateswara boli stall?”He was forced to eat one much against his wishes. The moments became tense as the hands of clock touched 2.30pm.The prayer became feverish and loud pitched. Even neighbours swarmed the house and craned their necks through doors and windows to get a glimpse of Govind before his final moment arrived and saw the doctor feeling his pulse and reading his pressure.

The clock showed 2.45pm.His wife rushed from kitchen with a glass of horlicks.Govind was perspiring heavily and grinned sheepishly at the attention paid to him. As he was sipping, he saw everyone’s eyes fixed at the clock. Suddenly he felt giddy.

The clock struck 2.55pm.There was high expectancy accompanied with worry.

Then they heard a booming voice,”Saar, Saar’ from the verandah.”We have come from UTV as informed already. Are you ready? Oh my god, you have gathered so much crowd” said the TV assistant and asked the boys to bring the equipments inside.

Someone asked him what this was all about. He said “We informed over phone that Sir’s time is fixed for 3.00.We will have a short interview with him on his life in the earlier days and how it has changed in the present times and what needs to be done. This is for a new programme entitled. Your days –past and present. Is he ready? We can start it right away as we have another appointment at 4.00PM.

There were loud peals of laughter everywhere. Govind sat up abruptly. His son brought him a well pressed shirt to wear. Someone combed his hair while another snatched the bajji from his plate. The lights started glowing brightly and the camera came alive for Govind’s 15 minutes of fame.


  1. A story which makes us think what will happen next. Nice thriller.

  2. Lols.. It was fun. But after I read this I am now thinking what if in real I get to know my time is up. What would I do? Weird thoughts and crazy ideas striking my brain..:)

  3. Hilarious!Captures your attn.
    The other angle, how much we love our life!Imagine if all were notified in advance of their death!Imagine our politicians - lols

  4. That was a nice one KP. I liked it how you were careful to remove the bajji from his hands.

    Good job! :)

  5. lmao .. i was like omg .. seriously he got to know well in advance, i thought he myt die of the pressure of the moment :P ... but awesome , it was hilarious. Usually its at times as such that we know who actually cares :P .. but seriously funny post .. :) ...

  6. Wow.. you know each story that you churn out is fantabulous and i love reading them ..
    this made me smile :)


  7. This is also one of your best stories, a thriller! Superb, Partha Sir!

    I liked the last line 'Someone combed his hair while another snatched the bajji from his plate'!

  8. very interesting and very happening, everyone bustling around, the sense of urgency and suspense could be well felt! Enjoyed reading it! :)

  9. I really liked the idea behind this story...people start living more meaningfully if they realize that death is around the corner anytime any place..

  10. good surprise..brought a smile to me:)

  11. peals of laughter here too...
    lol this one is super cool...i was thinking of matrix when i read the first lines...
    but u took a real turn around at the end :P

  12. hahahaha gp this was fun :P

    the UTV people should have made it clear lol else he'd have really died ;)

  13. ha ha... a nice surprise. :)

  14. Hahaha...super cool! Poor Govind, didn't expect this turn:P Nice story, KP, your usual style;)

  15. Ha ha..!! :D

    I did expect that it would be ending in a funny note..! but didnt expect it to be a 15 mins fame.. and for this he has endured more than 10 hrs of ordeal and pain..

    a good one..!! :)

  16. Amazing :)Loved the climax, just think if we really get to know that we're about to die!!! Somethings are better unexpected.

  17. Delightful stuff. Absent minded fellow Govind-made an ass of himself :)