Friday, February 22, 2008

Broken love

by KParthasarathi Friday, February 22, 2008
Nirmala ran away from her home in Andhra village with soaring ambition of becoming a film star. She was a very beautiful girl with a matching figure. Like many others she fell for false promises and used by cunning men but made no progress except for small bit roles through the agents. It was then she fell in love with Vishnu who used to hang around studios seeking the directors for roles. He had also come with hopes of becoming a super star. He was also very handsome but was a bit taller than average men. This went against him as he stood out as an odd man in a crowd. He also loved her very sincerely. They lived in a small portion sharing the joy of love and the poverty. It was a very difficult life they put up with happily with hopes of a bright future. They planned to marry in six months time after saving some small amount for marriage.
But destiny tore her away from him in a strange manner. When she was doing a side role in a film, she caught the eye of the young producer. He was struck by her beauty, her large black eyes and lissome figure. He promised her a heroine’s role and wished her to come to him. After much vacillation between her love for Vishnu and the picture of a rosy future, Nirmala ditched Vishnu to choose the latter. In a matter of two years, she became a much sought after heroine with several successful films to her credit. The young producer married her and asked her to stop acting. He agreed to her directing his films and looking after the production company. She used to feel sorry for Vishnu and even wept for ditching him. She had no idea where he had gone and what he was doing presently. Though she wanted to meet him and seek his pardon, she could not do this in her present position as the wife of a famous producer surrounded as she was with servants and driver.
As she was entering her production office one morning, she saw a crowd of men and women outside. She found out that they were all waiting there to attend an interview for being selected for various roles in their new venture. When she drew the curtains of the window she did not fail to see the tall figure with the familiar gait standing in the crowd. She rang up her husband and told him that she will do the selection of people for the various roles. He gladly agreed happy to be relieved of the bother and also for the training she would get. She ascertained what roles were up for selection and went about the job taking the female roles first. After lunch, she started with male roles. She did not call Vishnu till the end. Vishnu was not aware that Nirmala was here choosing. He was passing through very lean times and waiting patiently for a break. He was totally dejected after she deserted him without even a word and all their plans for a marriage vanished in thin air. Some one called him by name and asked him to go inside the room.
When he saw her he could not suppress exclaiming “Nirmala”.
She made a sign for silence putting her fingers on her mouth seeing him turn emotional.
She spoke to him in low voice “I can only say I am extremely sorry. I am in the wrong. But I am a married woman now. I have not forgotten the happy times with you and wish to make amends to the extent possible. I am offering you an important role next only to the hero. Doubts will be raised if I make you a hero straight away. I promise you will get your chance in my next film. Get married to a good girl and lead a happy life.”
She saw him remain silent but could see the hurt in his face. Meanwhile her assistant entered with some message. She dismissed Vishnu with the words “They will call you for screen testing at 10 am tomorrow”
The next day she was in her office earlier than her usual time. After 11am, she asked whether all the people selected yesterday had turned up. The assistant replied “Yes, Madam, all except the tall fellow.”
She was not surprised. Vishnu had too much self respect about him and must have felt humiliating to accept her offer. She wiped the tears from her eyes gently without being seen.


  1. Vishnu was right in not accepting Nirmala's offer. She had not had even the basic decency to tell him before she moved on.
    Well-written post.

  2. Vishnu was right in not accepting Nirmala's offer. She had not had even the basic decency to tell him before she moved on.
    Well-written post.