Saturday, February 9, 2008

Misfired plot

by KParthasarathi Saturday, February 09, 2008

Manjula had to discontinue her college studies as her father fell sick and could not work any more. She had two younger brothers. She started working in a small office. It was then a very rich neighbour in his early forties sought her hand. He had no dependents. He promised to take care of her family and their education in return. Her mother was dead against it though the father was in two minds.Manjula was just twenty and very charming in looks. She thought over the matter and decided to marry him for the sake of well being of her family. She won over her reluctant parents and married him. She was happy at the new found prosperity. Her husband was good and a loving one giving no room for any regret. She studied from home and became a graduate. Life was was happily moving along till a tragedy struck in three years in the form an air crash when her husband lost his life. All his wealth came to her.

She joined a Master’s course in computer applications to forget her grief and also equip herself. Soon she joined a big company as software analyst. She had her parents and siblings move into her house. Her brothers were progressing well in studies. There was no need to earn but she did not want to idle away at home doing nothing. The office atmosphere was a welcome diversion. Being intelligent she made a mark winning the appreciation of all. She never indulged in self pity and did not allow others to sympathize with her.

Ajith a colleague of hers cultivated her friendship assiduously. A suave and smooth talker, he ingratiated himself to her by his witty and pleasant disposition. He was a clever guy who knew her background and her wealth. He did not broach openly the subject of his amorous interest in her waiting to win her confidence completely. Being young and longing for male company, she soon fell for him without realizing his true qualities of greed and cunning. She married him soon and moved to his place. It was all hunky dory and sweet bliss initially for a few months till he started making demands on her for money for his trade in stocks. She gave the money initially without demur but soon realized he was squandering it. He was also an alcoholic. When she refused subsequently, his real nature manifested. He was under the impression she would be beholden to him and be submissive. He found to his chagrin she was made of sterner stuff. The rift widened over a period of time. He could not get a cent out of her. She did not agree to transfer her wealth in joint name. She continued her financial assistance to her parents. All these made him seethe in anger. He decided to finish her. As in films he took her on a picnic to a lonely spot and pushed her down a deep precipice. He put on an appearance of a grieving husband growing beard and showing disinterest in everything. Friends and relatives commiserated with him on his bereavement.

After a month when things became normal, he met her parents and assured them of his continued financial support. It was then he learnt that she had met a lawyer a few months earlier. Thinking that she would have transferred her wealth to him with a stipulation to pay some sum monthly sum to her parents, he approached the lawyer. To his great shock, the lawyer told him that she feared for her life when she met him and made a will bequeathing fifty percent of her wealth to her parents and the balance to charitable causes in the event of unnatural death. She left nothing for him. He continued that if he chose to trouble her parents, he was prepared for filing a case against him for causing her death. The wicked fellow made a hasty retreat unknowing that the police were already closing in on him.

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