Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sarala's sin

-by KParthasarathi Wednesday, February 27, 2008
There was a smug smile in Sarala’s face as she sat under the fan in the living room at Saraswathi’s place. It was warm and sultry outside. The cool air and the cooler Pepsi raised her spirits further. This was the first time she had dropped in at her friend’s place. They were college mates who were placed in different cities for years. It was only recently they were in the same city. Since they reached home late, they did not meet much except talking on mobile endlessly. Saraswathi did not fail to notice a sense of satisfaction in her face. She asked her friend Sarala”You seem so different today. What is happening?”
She replied calmly with no trace of guilt “I betrayed my husband this morning. A vile creature, I hate him from the bottom of my heart.”
Saraswathi was shocked and asked “What are you blabbering? Are you in your senses?
“Yes, very much in sound mind. I wreaked my vengeance for what he has been doing to me all these years. He was treating me like a door mat and trampling on all my wishes and aims. You know he has been torturing me for years and I have been putting up with the nonsense. The last straw was when he slapped me last week in the presence of his sisters and mom at a family function. He was out to prove to those wretched people that he had me under his thumbs” replied Sarala.
”Serves him right, though I do not agree with your method. How come you got this crazy idea? Who was the lucky guy anyway?” asked the friend.
Sarala refused to answer saying she was bound by a promise she made to him. All the efforts of Saraswathi including the remark that she also had a score to settle with her husband who was a Lothario failed to elicit any name. She would not tell except that she knew him in the course of official work. She was in charge of event management for an international conference of an industry association to be conducted in a five starred beach resort. She had a room there for her office. This guy worked for the very large industrial company that was sponsoring it. He had met her frequently. He was a tall, well built hunk and ruggedly handsome who she thought got romantic ideas whenever he was before her. He had a big dark mole on his cheek that accentuated his charm. She decided if she were to have a fling, why not make use of this willing male and she called him for an early morning encounter and wreaked her vengeance on her husband.
Saraswathi became a bit morose for some unknown reason she would not reveal. When Sarala excused herself to go to toilet, Saraswathi saw the book Deception point by Dan Brown. She had been wanting to read it. When she took the book, a passport size photo fell down unnoticed on her lap. As she was skimming through the book, Sarala returned. She saw the photo on her lap with a surprised look and presumed she must have seen it. She asked her whether she was happy now at the discovery of her accomplice in the sin.
It was then Saraswathi saw the photo. It was a hammer blow that left her angry and speechless. She remembered that her husband left early morning telling that he had an urgent meeting near Mahabalipuram. She screamed at Sarala ”You bitch, get away from my sight for ever. You had the cheek to snatch my husband for your nefarious deed.Fie upon you, you will go to hell”. She fell down on the sofa covering her face with both hands and started wailing inconsolably.

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  1. this post proves that revenge can cause even more damage than the initial wrong act. it also expresses how hollow some marriages are.
    good concept, clearly depicted.