Friday, February 8, 2008

Keep your heart unclogged

by KParthasarathi Friday, February 08, 2008
It is common knowledge that over a period of time our coronary arteries get clogged by fatty substances and platelets resulting in heart attacks in some cases. These need immediate surgery to bypass the blocked portion for prolonging one’s life. The clogging starts from early age and progressively increases over the years. These are mainly due to faulty eating habits and living style. Lack of physical exercises aggravates the problem. The cost of treating the malady is high if allowed to grow. Doctors advise regular exercise and proper eating habits as preventive steps.
I read an interesting article recently drawing a parallel to the spiritual blockages that occur again over a period by the mistakes not only in current life but also those of earlier years. These spiritual blockages, it is believed, occur when we break the laws of Dharma. The extent of blockages depends on the extent of our breaking the Dharmic laws. The effect of such transgressions occurs in a few cases in the current life itself or manifest in later lives as purva karma. It is also believed in Hindu religion that the intensity of the accumulated bad karma can be reduced or even avoided partially by accretion of the blessings of good and dharmic living in the present life. Just as a mango tree, produces sweet fruits, the good acts produce only good results. Like wise a poisonous weed produces poisonous seeds .Bad acts bring disconcerting results invariably immediately or delayed.
Two friends were walking along the road. One was an evil man and the other a good and virtuous one. A thorn pricked the good man and blood oozed out. His friend removed it and put a bandage. After a while the bad guy found an empty cigarette packet on the way and when he opened, five hundred rupee notes were stuffed in it. He sneered at his friend and told him “You boast you are a good man and yet you were pricked by a thorn. Look at me a bad fellow according to you and see what I got “The good man was haunted by doubt till it was resolved by a swami whom they met on their way. He said using his intuitive powers that the bad man was to have hit a treasure trove through his good deeds in the past lives but had to be content with five hundred rupees due to wicked living in the current life neutralizing the accumulated good deeds. The good man was to have been bitten by a cobra due to past karma but escaped with a prick of thorn by his good acts in the present life.
The moral is no man can escape the results of his actions. The good deeds yield good results and the bad actions give pain and suffering either immediately or after some time. Righteous actions keep the karmic arteries clean and unclogged without the effects of bad karmas. If we apply this reasoning we can understand how evil men appear to prosper in our midst and good men seem to suffer. It is our hands to keep our Dharmic heart clean and healthy without the intervention of cardiac specialists.

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