Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Mahalingam was not exactly henpecked except that he did not do things which his wife disliked.His wife never liked his aged mother who lived with him being her only son.

“Maha, it is very chill these days during nights and I keep shivering.Can you get me a woolen blanket?” his mother asked him one morning

He was reading a news paper and his wife was cutting vegetables by his side.He made a small grunt ’hmm’ to signify he heard her but said nothing more.

Three days past she again reminded him”Maha, I am unable to sleep.Bangalore is colder this year than in the past.I cover myself with my old saris too but they give no relief.”

A lump passed through his throat.He knew his wife was listening to the request.He could only say”Amma, let me see.I am busy with a lot of work in the office.Close the windows in the night.The chill air would not enter.”

The old woman kept quiet and thereafter stopped asking him.

Two weeks later Mahalingam’s brother-in-law who had come on a short visit asked his sister “What are these two big bundles in the hall for ?”

She said with pride “Your brother in law is very particular that we distribute saris and dhoties each year at the old age home during winter.We have been doing these for several years.We will be going there this evening.Why don’t you accompany us?”

”I am very proud of you,sister, at your compassion”replied her brother.
The old woman was heard coughing nonstop huddled on the mat spread on the floor.


  1. Sad story. People can be very small minded. Just two points:

    1. I have reservations about the word 'henpecked'. A man dominated by his wife is 'henpecked'. What about a woman who is dominated by her husband? Oh yeah! She's a 'Good', 'Obedient' wife. I think we should retire the term 'henpecked'. It is very derogatory to women.

    2. Why do you write such sad stories? :))

  2. sad state of affairs, but very common, I always say that we do navraatri and worship durga ma, what about our own mother at home?

  3. Mean minded people... Many offer rservice to the old age homes... orphanages etc. but fail to take care of their own homw

  4. Charity starts from home...I think Maha really needs to learn that, if he cannot atleast do his responsibilities towards his mother...else, why making her suffer at his place...put her also into some old age home..atleast much better than what she would be going thru...

    God knows, what tomorrows children would be doing to their parents..wht would our fate

    Dost, this is not a story, this is something that is happening in many homes today...

  5. Thats so very true, v do chariy, v r compassionate for people but not for our own kith and kin, sad but true

  6. I don't know what to say....
    It is sad, indeed.

    (P.S. I was going to mention about the word, "henpecked" but saw Deepa's detailed comment about it. )

  7. Charity should begin at home ha?

    I m sure time will heal their ‘sickness’ when they realize the truth of the saying, "Do to others what you would have them do to you"

  8. Its really a sorry state to see such miserable conditions people live in and go through.

  9. Hypocrisy to the core. There are lot of people around like this.
    Charity begins at home. A good story...

  10. A good story. Realisation dawns when paid in the same coin.

    Why the outward show when within you are hollow? Peoples memories are short, Mother Blessings are forever.

  11. A good story. Realisation dawns when paid in the same coin.

    Why the outward show when within you are hollow? Peoples memories are short, Mother Blessings are forever.

  12. Feel sad, but it happens. These people will be caught in their own vicious cycle and the same thing will happen to them through their children.

  13. that is really sad...if he cannot take proper care of her then he should have put his mother under some many are there these days....unknown to him he might be helping her out by his charity deeds...
    but then...if such be the case...the story would not have been written at all right...
    good going

  14. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!
    This is a beautiful story.
    Charity begins at home.Some gents are too mild and scared about their wives.They avoid creating scenes.
    I loved the way you put an end to the story.That point is the highlight of the story.
    I wish and pray all parents and elders should be taken care of very well.
    Partha,thank you so much for sowing the seeds of kindness and compassion in the minds of your readers.
    When did I last say?-You rock!:)
    Wishing you more creative days,

  15. Your stories get better each time with the special way you direct the reader's attention to virtues and character worthy of emulation. A unique writing style all your very own.

    Have a good day. And God bless.

  16. Namaste.....
    Hmmmmmmmmm, i guess her compassion only extends outwardly toward external validation. While she is not kind to her mother-in-law it can be said that she is true to who she is the son on the other hand has allowed his wife to blind him to his mother's suffering. It is he that is the fool for soon when she is no more of this world he will spend his days in the deepest regret for his callus treatment of his mother. His regret will further be burdened the fact that he denied her the simplest of request-a blanket to keep warm. What manner of man denies an old woman warmth? It would have taken but a moment to help her yet he willingly gave his power to another in a false sense of loyalty while betraying the mother that brought him into this world. What a foolish, foolish, foolish spineless man with the character of a twit.

  17. thala intha mathiri yelam how on earth do yu think? i read yur posts regularly on google reader easier to read..... this is so v sentimental :( screw the people who dont repect or at least love their folks!

  18. Sounds very fictional, but I know for sure such things do happen.

  19. Let's hope this remains a story and does not happen in reality.