Saturday, January 22, 2011

The true worship

You cannot say Kadhir was even from middle class let alone well to do.He had a small job in the city corporation and equally small family of wife, one child and aged mom.It was a struggle each month to make both ends meet within his limited income.Nevertheless Kadhir was a man of integrity, a rare thing these days, especially when many of his colleagues made money by improper means.He was never tempted and luckily his wife was also a good natured girl managing the household carefully.She made no demand on her husband.

He was living in a rented portion.A small second hand flat had come up for sale.His house in the village would fetch him some sum.But it still fell short of his requirement even after takng into account his wife’s jewelry.There was none to help him.His mom said”Kadhir, do not worry.Go to Murugan temple and pray to Him sincerely .He alone can help you and will surely show a way out of the problem”He is not given to visiting temples much but in deference to his mom’s wishes he went in the evening.

It was not very crowded He had thoughtfully kept Rs10 in his pocket to drop in the donation box (hundi).There were a few beggars sitting on both sides of the entrance pleading for alms.Some of them young, some hale and hearty and some lame and halt.He ignored them and went inside to see an old woman crouched against the wall.Her eyes were half closed and she looked frail and emaciated.He heard a low voice’Ayya, I haven’t eaten for the last two days.I am unable to bear the pnags of hunger. I feel giddy and unable to get up.Can you please give me some food.”

She looked slightly older than his mother.He felt pity for her but he knew he had no money to spare and the ten rupee note was intended for putting in the hundi.He lingered a bit torn between two minds but wrenched himself away to the sanctum even as he heard the piteous pleas for help.There was a tug in the heart but he steeled himself when he thought of the flat for sale.

The Lord Muruga with his two consorts was in all splendour with flowery decorations and glowing lamps.Kadhir devoutly prayed for the divine help to find the funds for purchase of the flat.With the prayer over he came out to reach the tall hundi(donation box).It was slightly high and he tried to drop the ten rupee note inside it.But it fell out.He took it and tried again.Mysteriously this time also the tenner did not go into the hundi but dropped to the floor.When he failed the third time also , he paused to think why this hurdle is happening.Is it one way of the God telling him that somebody’s need is greater than His.His mind went back to the old woman and her weak state.

Without second thought he rushed to her to see her lying on the floor with her eyes closed.He rushed to nearby food stall and got some food and a cup of tea.He woke her up gently and gave her the food sitting by her side as he would do to his mom.The old woman recovered and blessed Kadhir’You will be prosperous in life.You have a golden heart.May Lord Muruga bless you, my raja.” At that time the temple bell tolled loudly.He was immensely happy that he could bring a smile on her face and that the money was well spent.

When he went back home, the flat owner was waiting for him to tell that in view of his urgent need for money he was willing to accept the sum Kadhir could pay immediately and the balance in instalments.Kadhir was rendered speechless and his mind went back to the old woman at the temple.


  1. Dear Partha,
    Good MOrning!
    The morning is really beautiful and your good post add value to it!
    The readers' mind get filled with kindness,love and compassion.
    If we remember this and spply to our lives,we can cause more smiles!
    The post has served the purpose.Thank You,Partha!
    Wishing you a lovely day ahead,

  2. After a long time you have written a happy story. Nice one and its nice to see someone when they are happy

  3. very nice - it renders positive vibration. Super.

  4. Positive story .. liked it.

  5. Beautiful Inspirational Write Up !!

    Thanks A Lot For Sharing :) :)

  6. Beautiful story. It teaches us the true meaning of worship.

    No God will hear our prayers unless we hear the pleas of less fortunate ones...

  7. God is great..
    we never know when we will get blessed and Via who in this world .. so we should all be HUMANS and treat everyone as we ourself would like to be treated is my way of thinking...

    as such they say god is in us all.. so he helped a needy person and got awarded

    lovely story :)


  8. Simple story which ends on a positive note. It is difficult to identify real beggars these days. Giving food to old,poor and frail is always good.

  9. Cool… the wait didn’t end up in reading a sad story :P
    Maybe it s time we all started helping people who deserve it and stopped helping some ‘gods’ fill their pockets…

  10. So so lovely story Sir :-)
    Its always nice to read about happiness ....
    we all need that :-)

    Have a wonderful sunday

    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

    Anya :)

  11. Unbelievable is the Power of Kindness...

    I too belive in the fact that it is much more divine to help 1 person in need than donating thousands into a God would acknowledge that one deed than your money...As Money is physical and your Expression of kindness is Emotional..and god can or would never ignore anything that comes from heart...

    Your story on that Son and Daughter-in law who donates to Oldage when they ignore their own mother...its the same...God would never be able to acknowledge their money when they couldnt express their kindness...

  12. This sounded me so much like the one I read in my syllabus fron Bible .it teaches us thats serving the people is biggest worship of god.

  13. Well written story! Reinforces our belief in good deeds.

  14. 'A good deed a day keeps the blessings coming your way.' Those are Mom's words. She lived those lines. Indeed she was blessed in her lifetime but far more than her heart could imagine at the end... she was blessed with the gift of heaven.

    Have a blessed day, KP.

  15. Miracles cease to happen when you knock on the doors of the almighty. God is great!! A beautiful story!

  16. Nice story. Though the end served easily as the moral of the story. I would also like to highlight the fact that serving other human or even animals is serving God. With the rampant misuse of money by many temples, I sort of stay away from putting money in hundis and would rather contribute to charitable causes. You have strengthened my belief that God supports goodness of deeds.

  17. Finally! A feel good story! Reminded me of a story by Tolstoy which I had read as a child. God tells Martin, a cobbler that he would come to visit him. So Martin waits and waits. His day goes by in which he helps sundry people. Finally evening comes and he is disappointed that God did not come as promised. Then God reveals that he had come in the form of the many people that Martin had helped during the day.

  18. very thoughtful story .nice .:)you always ggive a message in your stories.