Saturday, January 29, 2011

The puzzle-a story

I had to stay overnight in that small village town that boasted of no hotel.I had come to inspect some NGO that kept me busy till late evening.The head of the organisation who was also a panchayat head requested me to have my dinner with him and spend the night in his house.I readily agreed.

He was an old man must be 20 or more years than my early thirties.evidently ,not in good health,a diabetic but a kind hearted man doing good for the community.It was a spacious and sprawling house.He introduced me to his wife in her early thirties,her sister in late twenties and a lady cook in her forties.The dinner was sumptuous with a large spread of delicacies on the table.We talked about the state of affairs in the society, how much needs to be done for the poor, how alcoholism ruined families and this and that.The two sisters had also joined the conversation .Both seemed intelligent.Both were very good looking and evidently took keen interest in the NGO.We talked till late 11pm when the old man yawned as he had taken his tranquiliser along with his daily tablets.

I was given a spacious room that had a king sized bed.The prosperity in the house was evident in everything.The people seemed pleasant.It was December, the weather was chill and there was no need for a fan too.I dozed off to sleep in the comfortable bed.It must be around two in the morning and I found everything dark.The power must have gone but it did not give any discomfort.When I tuned to the side I felt certain warmth.I felt by my hand someone was sitting by my side.It wasn’t an apparition as I could feel the body.Suddenly the figure placed its fingers on my lips signalling not to make any noise.I could smell the fragrance of jasmine flower.I was perplexed not knowing how to react.The figure snuggled closer.I could sense a female body,warm and silken soft.The fingers were still on my lips and sometimes caressing.I was after all young and the close proximity of the female was welcome.Before I could decide to push her away, she laid her head on my chest and held me tightly.Her hair brushed against my face.The fragrance of jasmine was intoxicating.She increased the pressure and was soon upon me with most of her body in contact with me.

I knew this was not proper and I must get out of the delicate situation without making noise in the still silence.I gently pushed her but she tightened her clasp and embraced me with both arms with her lips on my cheeks.I lost my self control.I responded to the physical passion and said ”Be careful.Someone may hear.”

“Don’t worry.I have switched off the mains.All are sleeping..I have locked their doors.and no one can come”she whispered.

I did not know who the woman was and asked her.She replied”Never mind..It is better you are not aware.Please be loving and understanding and make me happy.Hug me, kiss me and do whatever you like”

There was no stopping thereafter.Emotion took over discretion. A little while later,she said as if in whisper”.You made me happy.Do come to this village frequently on work.Let me go now.” The figure moved reluctantly closing the door behind but the smell of jasmine was lingering behind long after she left.

After a few minutes the night light came on.I could not sleep anymore unable to recover from the pleasant interlude.I was breaking my mind as to who the person could be.It could have been any one of the three as all of them were of similar build.

I brushed my teeth in the morning and came to the dining hall.The old man and the three women were there.All of them had taken their bath and were looking fresh .As I was sipping my coffee, I looked at the women to see whether anyone would lower her eyes unable to meet my gaze..None did to my utter surprise.I knew there was one wily and clever woman in this three.As the puzzle remained unresolved, it rankled in my mind..

It was time to leave.As I was leaving the gate, I turned back to have one last look.All the three smiled and waved their hands at me.Walking a few steps ahead,I turned to see again.They had all turned to get back into the house.I saw the jasmine flower on the head of one whom I could recognise immediately.


  1. very interesting story,wish it could have been a bit longer, revealing the suspense behind such behaviour...

  2. So, how was that ?? was very curious to read....beautiful fantastic write up!

  3. So, how was that ?? was very curious to read....beautiful fantastic write up!

  4. Very romantic story :-)
    Lovely written ...

    Enjoy your week-end !!

  5. Let me thinking... why? She might have a reason, but the man .. why? This left me with whyss....

  6. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!
    Adhithi Devo Bhava!Our culture!
    Do the villagers too forget this?
    The guest should not have been given a king sized bed!:)
    Jasmines and intoxication good only from the right person!:)
    He could have resisted;he should have!
    Avan thaan purushan!
    Not so happy with the affairs...
    But then,imagination knows no boundaries....
    Wishing you a beautiful evening...

  7. Hi Kpartha,

    I have read this already long time ago...did you repost it?

    The woman with the Jasmine scent, who came to your room must be the wife of the old man, right? And that was my answer/comment also when I read it before...:)

  8. A guest must behave. Who knows it could be a regular affair for her to treat her guest. But a guest must not CHEAT the host who has given him shelter.

  9. Dost...

    that was a wrong turn of events in there...whoever it is, that lady had some nerves to do it there...but imagine, if the woman had some positive test results for an HIV...hahaha!!!God, I really let my imaginations go off soo pessimistically...

    May lord save that man...hahah!!!

  10. I had posted a comment here for the puzzle story, it is missing.:(