Thursday, May 19, 2011

55 W fiction

Evil thought
I decided to mug the first car on the lonely stretch with my buddy for our dinner. But we were surprised to find 10000 rupees in victim’s wallet. An evil thought to grab all crept into my mind. I stealthily pulled my gun to finish my buddy. I heard a sudden roar and all went silent.

Spoilt one
“You loved me and slept with me in your bed for months. Why don’t you want me anymore?”
“Because you are now spoilt”
“It is your mistake to send me last night with your friend”
“Still I don’t want you anymore”
“If he dropped me in dirty puddle was it my mistake?” asked teddy bear

Chase in dark
It was dark and lonely.
He walked fast as he heard the steps behind.
He started running as the steps became closer and faster.
“Don’t run. You will get hurt” he heard
He ran faster
“Stop. This is the final warning”
He stood still till his mom took him in her arms.

They finally decided to kill me, a captive. I had done no harm nor am I wealthy.
I don’t know why they spared my sister. The man’s face was grim and the timid woman was in tears.
I pleaded for mercy but it fell on deaf ears. Cruel act accomplished they left the abortion clinic.

DNA test
When third child was born, to her shock her doubting hubby asked doctor for a DNA test
“Go ahead, let this skunk know he is the god.damn father to this baby” she screamed
“Test all the three kids” he shouted back
“Oh, no”she wailed and fainted


  1. That’s a blend of different feelings and emotions… there is love and laughter, fear and pain, humor and suspense… liked the last one ;)

  2. Amusing thoughts! Loved them all!

  3. Sweet. loved the 'spoilt one' the story of the teddy bear especially.

  4. Different emotions in all the stories. Nice thought. You are talented in all ways of writing stories.

  5. You have a very good talent in writing this mini fictional stories. Enjoyed reading them......

  6. Great ones as always. Keep writing!!

  7. An Interesting medley! I loved the twist endings.. good ones!

  8. The first one .. I guess the buddy was smarter then ..

    Ohhh SPOILT ONE.. and i was thinking entirely different .. made me smile in the end ..

    :) and the DNA test tooo , oooops now she wished she had not shouted ...


  9. Superb...each one is on a different level... Loved them all

  10. Dear Partha,
    Good Morning!
    Interesting read and enjoyed all stories.
    Imaginations are so good,Partha!
    Between did u stop reading Anu's posts?
    Wishing You A Beautiful Day,

  11. Blessings.....
    Very interesting tales....
    keep on keeping on

  12. nice punches.. teddy bear is so sweet..

  13. Teddy many do manage to get these ideas and how do u pen them up so beautifully....:)

    Ur my inspiration...though my 55 fiction is yet to improve a lot...

    Do read my fiction stories...and let me know where to improve:)