Saturday, May 28, 2011

The surprise visit

Arjun was returning by an earlier flight from the official tour. He was supposed to come only in the evening flight to be in time for the first wedding anniversary the next day. He wished to surprise his wife Preeti and did not inform her. He bought for her a deep blue kameez that had intricate sequin and bugle bead work for the yoke and hemline with matching black salwar and dupatta, CHANEL perfume and a pearl ear rings and necklace set. He did not forget to collect a bouquet of flowers and a box of assorted chocolates at the airport. If time permitted he wished to take her to a good restaurant for dinner. Though an arranged marriage he found her to be very sweet, intelligent and capable. Both loved each other very much and had similar tastes. She worked in a foreign bank.
He entered the house with the duplicate key and silently tiptoed inside. He wished to hug her from behind by closing her eyes. She was not seen in the living room or in the kitchen. Thinking she must be in the bedroom, he treaded softly without making noise towards it.He heard her talking to some male. Wondering who he could be at 5PM, he stood near the door and listened to the conversation.
“I specifically told you to come early by 11am and not late as my husband is expected in the evening flight. I do not want my husband to know what I am doing. I wanted this to be kept a secret.” Preeti was heard telling
“True, you had asked me to come early. But I was held up. Please excuse me” the male voice said
“. I am actually in a quandary whether I should send you away and ask you come tomorrow afternoon as he may come any time now”Preeti was telling.
“Do not send me away. I am not free tomorrow. It will be done in 30 minutes’ he pleaded
“Okay. Be careful and mind you no rough job” she said
Arjun could not believe his ears." Am I being betrayed? Why does she want him to come when I am not there? How gullible I was in thinking that she was a very good and loving wife? he thought.” With his heart pounding fast and face red with anger and suspicion, he decided to sit outside till he came out. He did not want to go in and see the despicable sight. He took a cricket bat in his hand and sat on the chair outside.
It was silent for a while except for the thuds and furniture moving.Arjun’s blood boiled at this treachery and decided that once he found out the man, he would just walk out of her life. He threw the bouquet towards another chair and was trying hard to control his rage.
Soon thereafter a man came out of the room with a ladder in hand and a bag of tools. When he saw Arjun, he bowed deferentially and said he can see whether the job has been done satisfactorily. Immediately Preeti rushed out and seeing Arjun she grabbed his hand and puledl him inside the room.
“.I wished to spring a surprise on you. You have been wanting a 56” LCD TV. This man spoilt it. I had asked him to come early to install before you reach. Any way I am happy you have come early. Do you like this TV? We can see hereafter reclining in our bed. Whatever for you are holding a cricket bat?”She asked
Sheepishly smiling he mumbled saying that he found the bat as he came up and with IPL in full swing he wished to swing the bat a little.
Sending the man away, he hugged her tight and said “Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift. I will see the finals in this screen. I have also a few surprises for you. Get ready fast. We are eating out. Just one second” he said and ran out.
He came back with the bouquet and the packets to submerge her in happiness.


  1. By now, I am used to your surprise element and was expecting it! Also a good hint over there, says a lot about the most important element of trust in a relationship.

  2. Nice one, but I could guess it coming:)

  3. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Ease dropping is never good for when one ease drop they do not always have context for what they are hearing. Luckly for the man he was outside or else he would have felt the bat...haha....

    Good story...moral, do not jump to conclusions until you have the whole story.

  4. Haha I knew you will end the story something like this

  5. Dear Partha,
    Good Morning!
    I am so happy with this post...And I knew Preethi can't cheat him!:)Arjun is one of my fav names.
    A thoughtful!
    Between how beautifully you have described the salwar pattern!
    Rich in experiences?
    Wishing you a wonderful day,

  6. Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
    What a twist.....I just love reading the stories you write:)


  7. Nice story with a good surprise factor.

  8. Good read, but somehow from the begining it felt like I knew the end...

    I too liked how you described the gifts he got.

  9. what surprised me was the way the salwar was much observant..வாழ்க்கையையும் கூர்ந்து கவனிப்பதால் தான் இத்தனை கதைகளோ?

  10. haha
    you know what this reminds of me?

    Asian paints add where we have saif ali khan making such an appearance in a family ...

    nice one :)

  11. Since everybody seems to have guessed the ending, I am sure from now on you will give your stories more intricate twists and turns and surprise your readers with dramatic and unbelievable ending.
    However the thought behind the story was really good. Trust is very important in any kind of relationship.

  12. It's quite strange that people lose trust so easily...

    But at least he didn't act at the spur of the moment and waited at least for a while.

    the story showed the stupid silly child in him at a point where he just simply lost trust on her...
    It was innocent where he just forgot evythng and went with her...
    and above all it was worth pondering...that how can we human beings we so silly sometimes..
    happens wth evyone of course :)

  13. hmmmm...nicely weaved story...some cliff-hanger at the middle...yet i was foreseeing that way...:)

    sometimes we need not conclude immediately not unless we have proven it right!