Saturday, May 21, 2011

55 W fiction

Head-on collision

The train was speeding at 60mph along the curve with screeching noise..From the window I saw a goods train coming from opposite side. I started telling my prayers.There was a deafening roar and soon there were groans and screams crying for help. I opened the door to see a head-on collision on the adjacent track.

Instant love

I saw her in the mall. I could not take my eyes off her. Dressed in chic outfit she had blond hair in curls, blue eyes and long legs. I saw her eye lashes fluttering. I wished to possess her forever."Mummy, see her. I want her."
“Nothing doing. You have three Barbie dolls already.”

Highway scare

The highway was lonely and dark. I stopped the car at the closed level crossing. Two men came near from the sides. I was scared stiff.
One man tapped the door and asked "Show me the license.Okay, wait for a few cars and go as convoy. It is a bad stretch ahead with wicked men.”

Bablu’s luck

Bablu, an orphan, lived with his rich relative. He grew to be a loafer with all vices despite warnings of serious consequences if unchanged. Fed up one morning he mixed poison to relative’s cup of coffee and drank his cup wondering at the smirk in old fox’s face as he poured his cup in sink.

The companion

He was walking at midnight by the side of cemetery. No one around, it was scary till he found another walking ahead. He hastened his steps to be with him. He talked but the other was silent. Reaching the end of road he asked “where do you live?”
The other replied ”Cemetery” and disappeared.


  1. Bablu's luck is the best. :-)

  2. Superb. All are wonderful fictions.

  3. you seem to be a great mood sir..!! :)

  4. So many themes . It's like feasting with a lot of dishes:)

  5. Barbie doll story is very good!

    Cemetery...I could guess!

  6. Lovely. Really short but powerful tales.

  7. Loved the barbie and the last one:-)!!!!!

  8. Loved all of them to keep the evil though alive.. :)

  9. Barbie and Cemetry are my favourites...! How do you get these ideas? I love them!

  10. Barbie was superb...I she was and will be the first love of every girl child:)

    Cemetery...was also good....