Thursday, May 26, 2011

55 W fiction

Sleep over
Anil was surprised when his friend mentioned “Julie is coming to my room to spend the night”
“Wow, what are you planning to do” asked Anil
“Just have fun. She has been wanting for long” the friend replied
“Did she really want?”
“Yes,it was her idea to learn baking from me” said Anjaly

Being first
“Have you ever come first in your school?”shouted Sanjay’s dad
“Yes, I breasted the tape first in the school sports today” he replied proudly
“Sorry, Sanju, for shouting. What was the event? Any medal?”asked his dad
“Slow cycling race” replied Sanju inaudibly

It was a bad day. When he searched the pocket to pay the bus fare, he found the purse missing. Someone had picked his pocket. He didn’t telephone his wife. She always taunted him for his carelessness.
“How negligent you are? You left the wallet on the dining table” berated his wife in the evening.


  1. The first one was the best. :-)

  2. I like the last one... interesting.

  3. The last one is terrific, and I've never tried my hand at writing short stories. How you can do this amazes me!

  4. and the stories going on..on...

  5. HEhehehe,,,first n second were toooo good:)