Sunday, July 31, 2011

55 W fiction

1. Short lived happiness
His face illumined happily at son’s voice.
“Enough of your being alone. Come let’s go.”
“Has your wife agreed?”
“We were concerned and came to this decision jointly” said the son
His heart swelled in pride at the thought of grandchildren.
The son’s face became grim as the car stopped at old age home.
2. Nanny
The child was crying in bed
“Mummy, don’t go” she wailed
She gave Tylenol as she felt her shivering and warm.
“Don’t worry. Will be back from party soon. Nanny is here” she said as she left hurriedly.

“Nanny, Where are you? Am feeling like throwing up. Please come
Nanny was snoring in her bed
3. Stolen kiss
She was beautiful and smiling at him from the corner in the theatre. No one was around. Unable to resist, he approached her with adrenalin running high. Her parted lips were still inviting. He planted a stealthy kiss but the wretched bell rang. He reluctantly went into hall looking again at the tempting wall poster

4. Blood thirsty
He wrote to her in his blood “I love you”
“Wow, write more and longer” she replied
He wrote more and asked “Are you happy?”
“Yes. I like the smell of your blood. Keep them coming” she replied
“I am willing to die for your love” he wrote
“This is what I want” she replied
5. Bertha after me
“I am scared of Bertha. She is after us” he told his sweetheart.
She said “Me too.”
“She will catch us wherever we are. I pray she stops pursuing us” he said.
“Let us hide in the basement for the night and move elsewhere tomorrow.
Next morning TV blared typhoon Bertha changed course


  1. The Blood thirsty, the best!!.

  2. Awesome fictions. Like the 1st and last the most

  3. First, third and then the last one...I like them in that order!

    First is the best, Partha Sir! Though this decision is common, the conversation didn't suggest it! Nice!

  4. the 4th one is cool haha... can be used as an sms too :)

    liked the others too...

  5. 55 W renewed, great! Like the crisp narration, particularly 1 & 5.
    Good going, looking forward for more.

  6. Good variety of thought and the way you mixed all these together is thoughtful...

  7. Good ones.....Keep them coming....

  8. Namaste.....

    interesting and provoking reads.

  9. Loved the old age home one. Very touching.

  10. bad Nanny

    and the first one , I would hate to do this and I would hate if kids did to me ..

    and how cruel can someone be to see someone die for the smell of the blood ..

    beautiful stories loved them all


  11. I always like ur 55word thing...and this time the Blood Thirsty stole my laugh..hahah!!

  12. Very nice one..! Ironic.. Well my name is KP too.. :)