Friday, July 15, 2011

score to settle

‘Blade’ Balan as he was known is a character with whom no one can be comfortable with. He was dreaded by all peace loving and law abiding people. A school dropout, he started picking pockets to chain snatching, drugs to smuggling, and finally to assaults to murders. Hardly 30 he had graduated in all acts of crime with particular propensity to contract killing. No one knew where he lived and what he did for a living. But he was present wherever there were disputes and his help was needed for settlement be it throwing a tenant out, recovery of loan , grabbing land, scaring people in love disputes or settlement of chronic problems by violent means.
Balan was lying one afternoon on Kala’s lap with both of them cuddling amorously in her hut. Their friendship was recent and started on a tiff at a ration shop.Balan tried to jump the queue one day for procuring rations for someone known to him. While all the others kept mum, Kala who was at the end of the line had the temerity to question. He was not accustomed to anyone confronting him and he looked at her with astonishment. She was about 35, well built and attractive. Instead of getting angry, he smiled at her. He got her rations too out of turn and thus became their friendship.Kala’s husband, a painter by profession and a chronic alcoholic and a sickly person, beat her mercilessly under the influence of liquor. He could not keep her happy and she detested him hating his very presence in the house. Balan became an infatuated slave of her pandering to all her needs and smothered her with money and love. Most afternoons when he had no compelling work, he spent with her.
One afternoon when they were in a happy frame of mind, she casually mentioned ‘My husband is suspecting us. May be some neighbours must have squealed about our meetings and intimacy. I wish to marry you and be ever with you unafraid of others mouths.It is not possible as long as this wretch is alive.”
Inebriated with her warm and passionate kisses, he asked her ”Tell me clearly. Do you want him out of our way permanently. Promise that you will marry me then.”
“I wish to be with you all my life. You have made my life very happy and I am unable to be without you even for a day. Only this man is a hindrance in our way. I don’t know what you will do but please see that you don’t get me into any trouble” she said
“Forget it. This man is a small fry. I have eliminated prominent people with ease. Don’t worry. I have lot of clout. We will soon elope from this place after the deed is done. Give me a week’s time. He will be permanently out of your way. Be assured no danger will come to you” he said.
“Thanks. I have one request. Avoid coming here for a month or two after the event so that no one would connect you with his disappearance. After two months we can move to another nearby place quietly.I would be missing you a lot during the intervening days but cannot be helped “she replied.
Two months later Balan in dark glasses and a beard came to Kala’s hut to find it locked. He came on successive days to find the house closed. He enquired discreetly with a woman selling flowers nearby whether the locked hut was available for rent.
She said “One Kala was living there. People say her husband ran away deserting her. She was not happy with him though. People here gossip that she went with her secret lover about a month and half back. No one knows where she had gone. She was secretive, it seems.”
“Secret lover?” he expressed surprise.
“Actually she was having affairs with two men. One man, a plumber I hear, was about 45 and a long time lover whom she met regularly at his place. The other fellow was a younger man and I heard he was a dreaded rowdy. He was a recent acquisition of hers. But people talk that she ditched this younger guy for the older man. Why do you ask all these?” the flower woman asked
“Just curiosity. Why would she leave a younger guy for an older man? It surprises me” he said
“True, I heard the younger fellow was a hooligan and she was afraid of him. Don’t know what happened to her husband. People talk many things. But this woman was a wicked woman and a slut” she said in contempt
Balan smiled at her and said “You are so helpful. Give me flowers for 25 rupees for the Vinayagar temple” and casually added “Any idea where she lives now? I would come to you daily and buy flowers. Where is your hut?”
The flower girl smiled back at him coquettishly and said “I heard they are at Kuppanchavadi.Do come daily. I will keep flowers especially for you. My hut is at the end of the road. I live with my mom who is away at work most afternoons.”
“Thanks .We will become friends. I will be back after a week. I have some urgent work to do. Let me go now. Can you please give the flowers at the temple? I am in a hurry” he said
Balan started walking towards Kuppanchavadi.He had some scores to settle..


  1. Well Written. A shady business never yields a sunny life!

  2. Interesting story! Murpagal seyyin pirpagal vilaiyum!

  3. All that begins not so well, will end likewise …
    The end was like .. there is a sequel to happen in the near future..

  4. An interesting twist to the story.

  5. Expressed with finest vocabulary. kudos to you.

  6. what makes me wonder is.. Such people do exist..and when these shady business gets out of proportion..they are wanted, and protected by those in power. maybe they become seat of power themselves..So what do we expect from such persons who aspire to dominate over the rest of the masses..

  7. Interesting story today
    I know there are many strange people in our world
    you can write 1000000000 story´s about them ....

    Have a nice sunday
    greetings from us all

  8. Nicely written as always..hard to believe that such people exist in real life, though seems like they do!

  9. Interesting twist to the story.