Thursday, July 7, 2011

Naren,mirror and peace

“Do not feel lost and lonely. It happens to all at some stage in life. I know losing a partner of forty years is no small thing. But one has to move on with life, Naren.Cheer up and go out to meet friends and relatives. Get books from the library or play a game or two of Sudoku or chess online. Learn to keep your mind engaged” said Arvind to his friend.
“I do try to divert my mind but am unable to forget her. Forty years, to be exact thirty nine years, eight months and twenty one days we lived together sharing joys and sorrows. Every little thing in this house brings back her memory. These six months of being without her is real hell. I wish Vimla had not died” bemoaned Naren
“You are selfish. Don’t you remember the pain and suffering she was undergoing in her last days? Death was a great relief for her. She must be really happy now relieved of pain” said Arvind.
Naren asked “Do you sincerely believe that she would be free of pain and be happy. I do not mind my suffering here without her if only I knew she was cheerful”
“It is easy. Why don’t you talk to her through a planchette or gazing at the mirror in the twilight hours? Just once to know that she is happy and free from pain. Promise me that you would not use this device more than once” warned Arvind
“How do I do it? I mean talking to her thro a mirror” asked Naren
“Don’t know much. But I have heard like this. Listen carefully.
On the day you wish to talk to her eat only fruits and vegetables. Avoid coffee. Do this exercise in the evening as the sun sets. Remove all metals from your body, rings, watches and chains. Disconnect phones and remove battery from clocks. Close the door of your room. No one else should be present. It should be absolute silence. Sit in a comfortable position before a very clean and big mirror. Switch off the lights after lighting a fragrant candle kept by side of mirror. Be in physical contact with something of your wife that she liked best say a sari or a necklace. Keep it on your lap. Keep her photo before you. You can even play a soft music that she liked. Think of some happy moments with her and start expecting her to appear before you. The mirror may become hazy and clouded. Do not be worried. It is a sign that you have established contact. Keep gazing at the mirror. You may hear some indistinct unusual noises in the back ground. Place your finger on the mirror as it feels a tingle. This means she is ready for communicating with you. Do not be afraid as her image appears in the mirror unclear initially but getting sharper and clearer. This experience will not last beyond one or two minutes. Do not ask questions abruptly. Greet her and express your love for her. Once she replies, you can converse. Please be positive. Sometimes there will be noises making the conversation difficult. Sometimes you may even feel the sensation of her touch. Strain your ears to listen intently. I hope this should be adequate. Will meet you after two days to know the outcome of your effort” explained Arvind.
Two days later, when Arvind met Naren he found him exultant and in high spirit.
Naren started telling “Arvind, I have been waiting for you to share my experiences. I saw her and spoke to her. She is fine and totally free from pain. Initially for a few minutes nothing was clear and it was noisy with eerie sounds. It became crystal clear later. I told her I miss her very much. She said she too missed me a lot but that we can never be together until my time comes.She said she is happy though the people there are looking different”
“How is it different?” asked Arvind
“It was not clear. She said that it was something like we are in a strange land but that she got used to it. They are all nice but not so friendly when others like me call her. She told me she had to take permission and that she cannot speak for long. She told me that we can hopefully meet once I depart this world but warned me not to do anything foolish. People who commit suicides go elsewhere. I am praying that my end would come soon” Naren replied.
“Don’t be silly. Forget about all these since you know she is happy and get on with your life” advised Arvind
Two days later Arvind rushed to Naren’s place when he got a call from his son. He was waiting at the gate. He said on seeing me “Uncle, something strange has happened last night and I find my dad dead sitting on a chair with a mirror before him and a burnt candle. The lights were switched off and there was the fragrance of burnt incense stick.Something weird, I could not know why. The doctor said it was a cardiac arrest.”
When Arvind entered his room, he saw Naren with a peaceful and contented face obviously an indication that he has joined his wife.


  1. Hi KP,
    A moving story, I had a tear in my eye.

  2. Blessings......
    When we lose someone near and dear it is not that we won't or cannot survive is that we WILL survive and therein lies the challenge. How do we go on, live, love, laugh, celebrate when a love is lost, no longer of this physical world. How do we find the grace to be authentically embracing all that life has to offer? We do it, one day at a time, one moment at a time by putting one foot in front the other until we are able to smile again, leap into instead of drag ourselve into the everyday malay.

    great story telling...
    Namaste my friend.

  3. Wow! How can you write as if it really truly happend to someone you know?! You are brilliant KP!

  4. Touching story KP
    but it sounds for me like reality...
    Its not easy to be alone.
    Those who left behind
    know exactly what it is !!
    The tears will be less
    but the loss is getting worse every day.....

  5. Well Written. Your ideas always stump me. Brilliant thinking.

  6. It could well be a true story. Losing a companion of 40 years could well result in this situation

  7. Very touching! I was reminded of RK Narayan's " English teacher" except that your hero is older.

  8. Haaa… this is a good one… it s fresh and picked from the raw life…
    The first para is a capsule form of the whole story…
    A different one too..

  9. I can feel the pain of Naren. It is not easy to live alone, losing your 40 year wedded partner.

    Well narrated moving story, Partha Sir!

  10. very sad.I would have preferred if he moved on with life.

  11. beautiful story KP.Everything at home is back to normal. Hubby has joined work and baby to school.Even I have joined office. So back to routine now:)

    Felt so nice to be back here in the blogsworld....:)

    Take care

  12. I missed this post..
    few days back i wrote this to my friend.. i do not know how to conduct myself if meena were not to be there..
    her presence is a great strength to me..

    I always think that females can adapt more to losses..

    this is a great s tory KP sir..

  13. There was a Hollywood movie shown about a person's 'death wish'. I think it was a psychological study on the subject. I didn't watch it tho. Not my type of movie.

    You are in your usual top storytelling form with this post. Intriguing and interesting read. :-)

  14. A moving story. Great imagination. Taut writing.
    A selfish man leaving his son behind just to be with his wife.