Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Saketh's surprise

She was sipping her tea after a hot samosa in the university canteen. She had long hours to work in the lab. She had an uneasy feeling that someone was looking at her from a distance. When she turned her head, her eyes met those of a young man across a few tables. He was staring at her intently. She lowered her eyes immediately not before realizing that he was a very handsome guy, tall and dusky, that women fancy for. When she looked again, he smiled at her and she could not but make a faint grin at his audacity. Before she could finish the tea, he strode by her side and said “I am Saketh and in the seventh semester. You resemble a lot my niece, almost a clone I should say, that made me keep looking at you.”

Inwardly happy that he made the first move she replied “I am Saranya also in the seventh semester in computer engineering. To which discipline do you belong to?”

“Chemical engineering .Perhaps that is why we haven’t seen each other” he replied with a smile. She liked the attractive dimple that formed in his right cheek. She started liking him.
“Is your day over?”he asked

“No, I have some work to do at the lab” she replied
“Allow me to walk with you up to the lab. My day is over and will take the bus back home. I live in Adyar” he said giving more information than asked for.

”Thank you. I live in Indira nagar close by to your place”

From the next day onwards tea at the canteen at this time became a daily feature for them along with long walks whenever their classes permitted. The days melted into months and as the last semester for Saketh drew to a close they knew they were in deep love with each other. He was however not sanguine whether this love would materialize as she was the daughter of a very wealthy business magnate. There was such a wide chasm that he used to wonder often what she thought about this and whether she was just enjoying his company as a pleasurable pastime during her college days. But she seemed very sincere and earnest in her love for him. But he lacked the courage to propose fearing rejection. As the year wore on, he joined a MBA programme in another city and their contacts were limited to frequent sms messages initially that tapered off to occasional ones over a period.

Three years later he had joined a reputed company after a campus placement and worked hard to impress the bosses. His mom wished that he should marry but he could not forget Saranya so easily. He didn’t know where she was except to know that she had taken up a job after management course.

It was then one day he got an order transferring him to an overseas location for a period of two years. He did not want this as he had none to take care of his aged mom. He was advised by his immediate boss to meet the VP (HR).He had never visited the department. His office was a big ocean. As he was waiting in the ante room for the VP to call him, he was astonished to see Saranya entering along with someone into the ante room from outside with a file in her hand. She had put on some weight and looked much more charming. She didn’t notice him initially as she was conversing with the other guy.
When she turned, she let out a loud exclamation of joy and said “Wow, isn’t it Saketh? What are you doing here? I heard you were somewhere in the North at Delhi or somewhere.”

“No, I am here in this organization for one year. I work at the unit in the outskirts of the city. What brings you here? Are you also meeting the VP?” he asked

“I have some small work inside. Can I finish it first? The staff will send you in when I am finished. I hope you don’t mind, Saketh” she said pleadingly

After a few minutes, a secretary requested Saketh to go in. When he entered, he saw Saranya sitting in a chair opposite to VP’s vacant chair. He wondered why the secretary sent him in when the VP had not yet arrived. Hearing his gentle cough, she turned to beam a broad smile and welcome him by offering the seat adjacent to hers.

“Thanks, I thought you had finished your job and left. Where is the VP? He is not seen. Are you also waiting for him? he asked.

She smiled and asked him “What is it you wish to discuss with VP.If you can tell me, may be I can help you.”
Saketh explained briefly the purpose of his visit.

“Okay. This time I can swing it in your favour.But next time you are asked, please do not decline. I think you aren’t yet married. Meanwhile make arrangements for taking care of mom in your absence” she said with a twinkle in her eyes

“Thank you, Saranya. You are god send. I am happy you are in a position to influence the VP.I don’t know how to express my thanks.”

“I will tell you in due course. Meanwhile I will ask the VP to issue the orders cancelling the original decision.” she said even as she moved to the vacant VP’s chair and sat down.

Saketh was rendered speechless when it dawned on him that his friend is the VP.

She let out a big guffaw and said “Sorry, Saketh, for having fun at your expense. Don’t you know that my dad is the major share holder and founder of this company? I am extremely happy that we are back together again. Can you join me for a dinner at Blue Fox this evening? We have some serious matter to discuss and bring it to a happy conclusion.”


  1. hmmm..I knew this was coming at the end of the story.. So the twist was not a surprise.. I thought there might be something else..Romba blunt a solrena?? kathai kkalam pazhasu endraallum, antha manithargalin uNarvugal, his predicament, her taking things into her stride.. all have come out well..

  2. Interesting. Have always liked the twist in your stories.
    Keep writing!

  3. First i thought
    A nice love story .....
    but the end was not such a romance !!
    It was a LOVELY story ...
    KEEP writing :))

    Hugs from us all
    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<
    Anya :)

  4. Just as Adi points out, it was predicatble. Also, I didn't like the first three sentences all starting with the word 'She' It kind of minimized the fun of your usual writing style...

  5. Serendipity, that is what it is!
    But it never happens in real life :-)

  6. You have great writing skills and a lovely story, knew the end though.

  7. Just as Adi points out, it was predicatble.

    The first three sentences all starting with the word 'She' somehow minimized the fun of your usual writing style...

  8. That’s a real time photo!!!
    Nice story with a twist, hope Blue Fox evening isn’t a fox!!

  9. That’s a real time photo!!!
    Nice story with a twist, hope Blue Fox evening isn’t a fox!!

  10. I dont know what to say .. i had a smile on my face after reading it all

    thank you.