Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Moment of happiness

I could discern some unhappiness about killing and death in the previous two stories.This is a light hearted piece written five years back

Aravind was working in Gurgaon as a software engineer. A tall and handsome young man he was still a single. His parents were living in Bangalore. His parents had asked him to visit Bangalore to finalize some property matters.Aravind deliberately took a train as he wanted a leisurely travel when he could read a couple of novels. He was allotted a lower side berth in AC two tier and was wondering who the passenger could be on the opposite seat It was five minutes only for the train to depart. The passenger had still not come.

Just as the train started moving a young lady with a box on wheels rushed towards the coach. She must have run as she was panting and perspiring heavily. She put the box on the upper berth and asked him to lift the lower berth as she wanted to sit. Annoyed at the brusque tone though, he complied with her request. She surveyed the noisy compartment with a frown on her charming face. The frown Aravind felt only enhanced her beauty. She was tall, slim and looked healthy. There was an air of nonchalance about her. When she turned towards Aravind, he said he had no objection to sleep in the upper berth if she wanted the lower one. She declined the offer without even a word of thanks. She was reading some magazine and showed no interest to converse with him answering him in monosyllables. After about an hour she went up to sleep.Aravind thought this young woman to be haughty and lacking in common courtesies.

It was around 6-15 am in the morning. Aravind was roused from his deep slumber by some one jabbing him on his back. He turned around and opened his sleepy eyes to see the young woman standing with a cup of coffee and telling in admonishing tone that it is past six and that she would like to sit down. Angry within he kept silent and made way for her to sit in her chair. After a hot coffee, he smiled at her choosing to ignore her incivility and asked whether he kept her standing for a long time in the morning. He said that 6am was midnight for him as he sleeps late and gets up late. She giggled on hearing this and became pleasant thereafter.

A MBA from one of the B schools, Shanti is in Delhi working for a foreign bank. Thereafter it was a long uninterrupted chat between the two interspersed with laughter and gaiety.Aravind forgot about his novels and she put aside her magazines. One could see that both of them had taken a liking for each other and Cupid was busy at work. Aravind explained the object of his visit and casually asked her what took her home. He saw that the colour in her face faded and that she became silent.

After much prodding she told him that her parents want her to meet a young man whom they found suitable for her. She did not want to marry for another year or two. She said that she is in any case not interested in this chap and is going to Bangalore only in deference to their wishes. She added that she intends to tell the groom on his face that he better be on the lookout for someone else.Aravind was inwardly happy on hearing this and wondered whether they could meet each other while in Bangalore. She readily agreed and exchanged their contact numbers.. Some relative of hers had come to receive her at the station.

The property matter was disposed immediately on the next day. Aravind’s mother during dinner time broached the subject of his marriage. They said they are getting old and all the usual stuff that went with it. His dad butted in and said that his friend has suggested a very nice match and that he had taken the liberty of fixing the next day evening for meeting the girl. Aravind protested vehemently that he cannot be a party to all these arrangements and that he has no plan to marry for another year. His father pleaded that he just meet the girl as he had given the word and if he found her not to his liking he would not proceed further.

When Aravind went along rather reluctantly with his parents to their sprawling house, they were received by their parents. After the pleasantries in which Aravind did not take much interest, the bride came along with coffee tray. When they looked at each other, they were greatly surprised and were at a loss even for the customary greetings. They went on gazing at each other for what appeared to others as interminable length of time till Aravind’s dad broke the silence with his remark .“So Aravind, shall we ask them to proceed further if they are willing?”

“Appa,I am sorry. I have lost my heart to a girl who travelled with me in the train” he replied

“What are you blabbering? You should have told me beforehand and avoided this visit here. Who is that girl anyway?” he exploded in anger.

“Ask her, she knows”: he said pointing to Shanti.There was a silence for a few moments before they all broke into laughter when they saw Shanti giggling.

Both Aravind and Shanti smiled shyly realizing that their moment of happiness had arrived.


  1. Very predictable story line @KP...

  2. A pleasant tale. A good feel even for me, a middle aged fella.

  3. Ah bless both of them :)

    good one ..


  4. simple and sweet story
    and i hope such 'stories' do happen in real life and more importantly the happiness last a life time...

  5. Kinda knew the end of the story somewhere in between...Anyways its a nice read.

  6. :D Expected twist in the story. But still nice to read till the last and confirm that happiness is at the end of it all :D

  7. No twist in the tale like you usually do!

  8. Happy ending. Made me feel good. :)

  9. It always feels good to read such happy endings. No harsh twists to spoil the fun. :)

  10. Oh, That's so nice :-), As they say, Good Things happen to good people!