Sunday, April 8, 2012

Panikkar's amulet

Dileep is nearing 30, handsome and has a good job but is a very unhappy man. While there seem no repulsive habits or behavior in him, he has not been able to get a steady girl friend. It may be his serious countenance that puts off the girls and the very few who came left him soon. His aged mom in the village had left to him the job of finding a girl for himself. He was waiting for someone to fall in love with him but this was not happening.

It was then his colleague suggested that he seek the help of a Kerala Tantric Kocchu Panikkar who is well versed in occult sciences and has tremendous powers to make things happen. It seems that he visits burial grounds in the middle of night and propitiates scary demigods by practicing weird rituals with human skulls. He can exorcise ghosts, make ghost posses someone, put others into trouble or ill health, and equip someone with power to attract another. His amulet would invest such magnetic powers that the girl whom he liked would be drawn irresistibly to him. The friend advised him not to mind the expense involved.

Desperate as he was, he was searching in the narrow lane for the tiled house. He walked up and down in the lane that had only tiled houses and could not find Panikkar’s.Luckily he saw a young woman standing outside a house. She was about 25 and looked tall and extremely charming though clad in a cotton sari. She looked at him as one looked at cattle with an air of total indifference. He went near smiled at her and enquired about Panikkar.

“What Panikkar? There are three Panikkars here. Do you know his door number?”she asked in acerbic tone.

“No but his name is Kocchu Panikkar, a tantric I am told” he said softly

“Why did you not say this in the beginning? You expect me to guess what is in your mind or what? The house opposite one with green door and Om written boldly on it is Panikkar’s” she said in somewhat abrasive tone.Dileep thought what a rude girl this one lacking gentleness.

When he lowered his head and entered through a short door, he saw one frail man with long hair and ash marks smeared on his bare chest and large kumkum on his forehead. He was wearing several beads in assorted colours and had a week’s stubble on his chin.Dileep said in a deferential tone “I have come to you for a solution to my problem”

“It is ok.Have this kumkum on your forehead and pray to goddess Bhagavathi first. You can tell later” he said in Tamil with a Malayalam twang.

When Dileep explained his problem, the tantric smiled a bit and said “It is simple. I can give you an amulet that will make girls come running after you. There are three varieties of amulets with prices depending upon how quick the desired results to happen. The ordinary costs Rs.2000, the medium at Rs.5000 and the special at Rs.10, 000.The results happen in 3mionths to a week depending on the amulet chosen”

“I will take the Rs5000 type. Will results happen within a fortnight?”Dileep asked

“Who knows? If Goddess Bhagawathi deigns it can happen immediately too. Have faith and good luck” he said tying the amulet in his right arm.

As Dileep came out, the girl whom he had met outside earlier flashed a big smile at him. He was greatly surprised. That rude girl who treated him shabbily is smiling. Could it be the power of amulet, he wondered?

She came to him and asked him “Is the job accomplished? Are you happy?”

“Yes, thank you very much for your help. I am Dileep”he replied

“I am Parvati and Paru in short” she said

“Do you live here?”

“Yes, you can see me anytime here. Best of luck. He is a powerful tantric”

“Yes, I can see the powers already. Come on, let us have tea in the hotel opposite” he said

“Why not?” she said

As they were sipping tea, he admired her beauty and sprightly laughter. How nice it would be if this one falls in love with me” he thought

“What Sir? You are in deep thought. Are you thinking of your lover?”she said with a giggle.

“No, I was actually thinking of you. Are you married?” he asked her

She became shy and said “No, I have work. I will see you tomorrow here at same time”

The whole night Dileep was tossing in bed and wondering whether she had fallen in love at first sight. He was happy he had invested in the amulet.

The next day she told him “There were some hurdles in the way of her marriage and until they were removed I cannot marry. My step mother is not agreeing. Only Bhagawathi should find her a way”

“Do not worry. I will seek Panikkar’s help. He should be able to “he said

“It may cost you much if you go for something special. I have heard people say it is unfailing” she said

Dileep went to Tantric and had a very powerful amulet for Rs25000 made. It took some time.When he came out after one hour ,he could not see Paru.He came the next day and for a few days thereafter.She was not seen.He became worried and wished to be near her so that amulet can work its spell on her..

The next day he asked an old woman who was seen at that place about Parvati.

“Oh are you asking about that tall and good looking girl Paru? She must be at her father Panikkar’s place. Why,what happened?Did you buy any amulet from that wily man? It has become their routine job, both dad and his daughter, to cheat gullible guys”

From what one hears Dileep is still unmarried but hates tall and good looking girls these days.


  1. I never expected this twist! The story was interesting!

    Only thing is no girl would go to a tea shop with a stranger so easily.

  2. Ha , the chap is better unmarried as such fools should not think of wedlock.

  3. That was an interesting twist, till people have such beliefs, there will people waiting to cheat.

  4. Blessings and namaste....
    We all have differing belief systems and how that play out is based on our choices. Each of us have a story of woe, mistrust, times we were used, abused and misused, it is what we do with the lessons from those experience that determines who we become. One of the key is to learn from the experience, grow and be mindful but never let it stun your ability to love and embrace the good that will come your way.

    happy easter
    stay blessed.

  5. very interesting and enlightening too:)

  6. Poor chap! A good story to show how superstitions can be harmful emotionally and monetarily.

  7. Quite interesting and thoughtful also

  8. Interesting story:) Such superstitious beliefs are all farce. Glad the hero learnt it at the cost of 30000 bucks:P

  9. how naïve of him…. Well, initially even he may not have expected such sudden result after getting Rs5000 type….. but it didn’t come without a price tag he couldn’t imagine…
    nice one

  10. I am so happy I am back to this space again...huh...!!! i missed your stories so much...!!!

    an intresting one...with an unexpected are an amazing storyteller KP..!!!

    Best wishes

  11. I could kind of guess how it would end, because this happens around most of the places, and people are naive enough to believe them. Nice :-)

  12. This is KP Sir! Superb twist. Good way of educating people too.