Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas blessing

 Sarah was waiting for the doctor to call her. He had just seen her husband Navin Kuruvilla’s scan report. Navin had been complaining of stomach pain and distaste for food. The routine treatment having failed to help, they had come to the consultant at the reputed hospital. They were married for three years. She worked in a private firm while he was in an IT company. Life was one of joy for the young and loving couple.
The nurse called her name.”I am sorry, madam. Things do not seem okay. I am afraid it is worrisome. The CT scan reveals a big cancerous growth and has spread to other parts. I am not sure whether surgery will help. Do you have parents, brothers and sisters?” said the doctor
“Is it that serious? Can we not explore the option of surgery? I have no one. I am the only child of my parents who are no more”
“We can always have an operation done. But there is the risk that it may aggravate and quicken the growth. Luckily he has no unbearable pain as of now but can have them anytime. It is my considered opinion not to meddle with it and do nothing except for some medication. Yes it is in very advanced stage. I am really surprised that he does not look as sick as he should be. Come to me after a fortnight and we will review then.” he said.
“Will it be possible to indicate how long….?” she didn’t complete.
“Seeing his scans, I would give maximum three months. But we are no gods. You can call me anytime. Give him whatever he needs and keep him happy. Be brave” he said and patted her
Her head reeled and she feared she may faint. She was shattered but managed to wear a smile when she ambled to her waiting husband.”What did the doctor say?” he asked
“As of now he said we need do anything except take medicines. He said we will review after three months. Don’t worry. You will become fine” she said as she walked along the wheel chair towards their car.
Her life had come upside down and everything looked gloomy. She took leave for three months. Initially there was a flurry of visitors both from his and her office that tapered to occasional phone calls and odd visits once a while. Although Navin was not aware of the exact status of his ailment, he could gather from the cautious answers from Sarah and his friends that he was recovering from cancer.
She took him daily to the park across the road, made him sit on a bench and watch the children playing in the play area while she took several rounds as exercise. Navin looked normal except for worried look. She feared whether this could be the bright flicker of the lamp before it extinguished out.
It was past ten days and as she was briskly walking in the park, she saw from afar a young girl of seven or eight years talking animatedly to her husband. She was very fair, charming and in white frock with lots of frills. When she came near him, the girl was gone to her surprise.
“Who is that little girl you were talking to?”
“Oh, you saw her, eh? Cute isn’t she? Funny too and she was asking me why I was sitting in the bench and wanted me to play with her. When I told her I that I was sick, she giggled and said that I am not. She took my hand and pulled me with her tiny hands to get up and play. All of a sudden she was gone” Navin replied
“Strange though I agree with that little girl you don’t appear sick rather you look quite healthy. Get out of your mind that you are sick” Sarah said as she sat by his side. Suddenly she picked a white feather from the bench and exclaimed “Look at this. Wherefrom it could have come?”
“”May be the girl”he said. Sarah kept wondering.
The next day there was a surprise call from the doctor’s office asking her to come along with her hubby.Baffled why she was asked to come, she nevertheless went with Navin
When she was ushered to doctor’s cabin, he stood up and started profusely apologizing for what he considered a grave mistake
“Young lady, I have heartwarming news for you. There was a goof up here and we found it only last night when another patient, a namesake of your husband and of same age, came in serious condition. We then found out the mix up of the scan reports. Your husband Navin Kuruvilla is absolutely fine. There is nothing wrong with him except for chronic colitis. I will prescribe medicines “He turned to Navin and said “Sorry Navin, kindly excuse us for scaring you both. You can join office and be normal as ever.”
As Navin and Sarah walked back to car in a happy and relieved, Navin took out the white feather from his pocket and said “This has proved to be my mascot. Do you think we can ever meet that little girl?”
 Sarah was not sure about meeting the girl but with Christmas hardly a fortnight away she was grateful to the Lord for His blessings


  1. Nice.Yes, God can perform miracles.

  2. Hmm, good that navin was fine but the other fellow's people must be devastated...

  3. Dear Partha,
    It's a real wonderful experience to read such a positive story
    on this misty December night.
    Prayers work wonders !Sincere prayers are always heard.
    I liked this little Angel !
    Beautifully written story !
    Hearty Congrats !
    Good Night !

  4. Perhaps that girl was an angel :-).

    But what the doctor did is a clear cut lawsuit where I live :-)

  5. Sad for one man and a relief for another. Such is life.

  6. Really nice....great contrast.

  7. Good One KP, relief no doubt, but imagine doctor, trust & goof up, Oops!

  8. thats like a Christmas message in advance....