Monday, December 3, 2012

The last wish

Murari looked clean after the shave and shower. It was 5 pm but getting darker. He was to be hanged early next morning
The jailer came to his cell and asked him "Tonight you will have your last dinner. If you wish to eat something specifically, tell me I will try having it made"
"No, I have no such wish. I would rather prefer to skip the dinner" he replied
“Have something. Don’t be on an empty stomach. Do you have any last wish? If it is reasonable, I can arrange it"
"Yes, I have one wish. If you can meet it, I would be beholden to you"
"Tell me, I will try if it is possible"
"I wish to meet the judge who condemned me just for two minutes"
"Oh, oh.That may be difficult. He may not agree to meet you , I am sure. I can pass on any message you have for him" the jailer replied.
."Please tell him that I would peacefully depart from this world if I can meet him for just one minute. I will be behind iron railings and shackled if you wish. Let him have no fear. I just wish to convey one small news"
"Let me try though I am not sanguine about the outcome"
"Surprisingly the judge was there at 8 pm. Murari stood behind the wire meshed partition.
"Can I have one or two minutes with judge in privacy?"he said to jailer. The jailer and constables went out of earshot.
"What is it you wanted to tell me?" asked the judge.
"Do you remember my case, Sir?"
"Yes, I skimmed through before I came here. You can tell me"
"Just this, Sir.I will be dead by dawn tomorrow. I do not need to lie to you.
Suffice it for me to tell you that I am not guilty and did not commit any criminal act. I swear upon god the truth of my statement. Unfortunately I was at the scene of crime"
"The case was that you killed a hapless woman when she rejected your lustful advances and that you were found with the weapon. The police had an iron clad case against you” said judge
"You knew who killed her” replied Murari
"You and none else. When you had abducted that woman in your car and attempted to molest her in a secluded corner, I surprised you by peeping into the car. She screamed for help on seeing me. Fully drunk and tottering as I was I could not help her. Seeing my state you shot her, hit me on the head and thrust the gun in my hand. You tipped the police from a booth. Even my government appointed lawyer would not believe me and to my ill luck you heard my case in court"
"Bad for you but good for me no one knew the truth.Tell me if you have a family. I will take care of her. Goodbye" he said with a vicious smile.
"My last wish was to have this conversation recorded. You will have your retribution" replied Murari and spat on judge's face.


  1. Good One! Never figured out till the end that the Judge was the culprit. Different from all yr other stories.

  2. Dear Partha,
    Happy December !
    What a suspense ! Hats off to you,Partha ! What a variety of topics !
    God Bless You !

  3. Vicious retribution . I like this plot. You may have a flair for thrillers!

  4. Not my favorite! Had a choking feeling ever since I read the 2nd line! Spitting on someone's face is the lowest act however a situation "calls for it".

  5. I would spit on the judge' face over and over because of hatred and anger. One spit is not enough...even a hundred...he seems like the monkey i have known...lols!

    As i was reading i didn't see that ending coming! Your signature of your stories...a wonderful twist at the end.

  6. The end was perfect! What a creep the judge was!

  7. A great ending, one of your best!
    My great grand dad was a jailor and I heard a lot of such last wishes from my mom's childhood stories!

  8. I KNEW there had to be a twist :) - Good one!

  9. Namaste...
    keep it coming.
    i enjoyed

  10. Very good story. Have been reading all your stories regularly now. What I feel is really brilliant is that all your stories have a twist in them , but its very hard to guess the twist. Each time it will be different, very unexpected ending.

    1. Thank you,Dhivya
      You don't seem to have a blog and there was no email ID in your profile for me to reply

  11. The ending took me by surprise... good suspense.

  12. Very good twist! Never expected, Partha Sir!

  13. This is brilliant...

  14. I must say i guessed the end and the twist in the start still as always well written :)