Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gruesome murder

The police van screeched to a halt outside the building. Two policemen with guns drawn ran up the stairs to the second floor and rang the bell of apartment 213.There was no response and one of them just pushed the door. It opened with no difficulty. They rushed to the living room where the TV was on and blaring loudly. They recoiled for a moment at the ghastly sight of body of a young woman around 25 in her nightie lying on the sofa with blood sprayed all around. The body was puckered with several stab wounds.

There stood by the side of sofa a heavily built man around 45  in a faded jeans and T shirt. His hair was disheveled and his clothes were dotted  all over with irregular patches of blood.
One of the men felt her nostrils and flashed torchlight on the wide open eyes and remarked "dead" to no one in particular

“Hey, you gave a ring, is it? Who killed her, any idea?" asked the second police man

"Do you have any doubt? Here is the evidence. Look" he said and took a blood soaked kitchen knife from the sofa and stabbed the dead body repeatedly like a mad man

“Stop it, I say. Drop the knife and hold up your hands" shouted the policeman with the gun pointing at the man.

As the man dropped the knife,the other policeman went behind him and  put the handcuffs on the hands behind him.

"Why did you kill her?"

"Go to the bedroom and find for yourself" he said with a smug smile.

The policeman saw a body of a young man in his twenties clad in pajama on the bed. He had obviously been strangled with a tie and his head smashed  by some blunt weapon.

"Who is this guy? Anyone known to you"

"How would I know? I have cast my eye for the first time on him in this bed of mine"

"Is the lady in the living room your wife?"

"What else do you think, my concubine is it?"

"Why did you kill them both?" the policeman asked realizing the stupidity of the question.

"For fun, " the man spluttered in rage."Are you so dumb?" he asked

A mobile phone started ringing and by the time the policeman could locate it, the ring stopped. The mobile was found in the pocket of the pajama of the dead man. He checked the calls and said to his colleague the call to police was from this mobile. Surprised at this sudden and unexpected disclosure the security at the gate was called. He identified the dead duo were couple and that the man in cuffs was a visitor seen for the first time.

There was a puzzled look on the faces of the two policemen as they saw a possible psycho.

The director said "Cut and pack up for the day"


  1. Good One KP! Love the the way the story ended! AS always i was clueless!

  2. LOL, you and your twists! Thoroughly enjoyable fiction!

  3. hahaha so you were describing the movie shoot scene !!! ah I thought that was the main story good one :D would love to read more in this genre from you :) the master story teller KP :D

  4. Ha ha.. good one. Nice build up and when I was settling down for a nice thriller, you ended it. :D Good

  5. not one but 2 twists, keeping the reader's reflexes agile all through, liked it very much!

  6. ha ha.. a scene from a perfect thriller :)

  7. @ KP you had me fooled right up till the end :) When the movie due for release?

  8. Was hooked up to the story with a puzzled expression, and ended up in smile at the last line. great one :)

  9. Gripping & riveting stuff till the very end !

  10. haha...
    i thought what stupid story this was until i came to the twist down in the last line...

  11. one silly story on its own but meaningul after the last line :) nice twist in the tale ... Wish it was that way in reality

  12. Wow, Nice story sir. Nice twist too :-)

  13. This is a different tale...completely!