Saturday, December 22, 2012

Paul's surprise

Paul hardly gets any personal mail except bills or promotional materials by post. Most communication is through emails or mobiles. He had not visited a post office for several months. It came as a surprise when he had a personal envelope amidst the many useless letters he got. His name and address were  neatly written. It was difficult to decipher whether it was from a male or female though the cursive writing indicated higher probability of the latter. Meticulous as Paul was always, he opened the envelope with scissors and found a short note in two inches square paper.
It read ’Please come on 23rd at 7 pm to the address on the envelope. A surprise awaits you. This is no ruse or in anyway harmful. Please do not fail. You will be pleased for the effort. This may change your life the way you wish it to be. K”
Paul didn’t know anyone with name beginning in K.He had no business dealings or had any enmity with others. His life was placid like a stream. He had loved a girl and is still in deep love except that she moved away to a far off country along with her parents. She was busy with her studies. The correspondence tapered off with not even an exchange of greetings on birthday or Christmas. She too had loved him with as much intensity but distance and time blunted it. Nevertheless he wrote to her professing his love for her even recently only to be met  by a stone wall of silence. It could not be her as her name was Diana.
Paul was well employed in a reputed company with potential for growth. He was paid well and identified as material for growth. Could it be competitors trying to wean him away, he wondered. Curiosity overcame discretion. Clad in good dress, he was there at the appointed time but as a measure of abundant caution told his friend where he was going and if he was delayed beyond 9pm he should come there with help.
It was a large bungalow with a long drive way .A butler sort of man met him at the door.”I am Paul and have been requested to come”
“Yes, Sir. We are waiting for you” he replied
“Can you please tell me who this K who has invited me is?”
“Oh, didn’t you know, how strange. She is Katherine Bridgewater, a spinster of around 50, extremely wealthy lady with estates across the country in several places.”
“Do you have an inkling of the purpose of this visit for I have had no connection with her?”
“I wouldn’t know and dare not tell you even if I can make a fairly good guess. But one thing is certain. You are an extremely lucky man to be in her good books” he said with a mischievous smile that was irritating to Paul.
Paul was ushered into a spacious room heavily curtained with rich furniture. In the big sofa he saw an Amazon like   plump woman with very little neck but with big arms and thighs. But there was an infectious smile and kindly eyes that gave her a charm. She was looking at him he thought like a tiger at its prey within its grab.
“Welcome Paul. It is so sweet of you to have responded to my request. Pray, please be seated by my side for my vision is dim.”
Paul sat adjacent to her and smiled at her as a courtesy. She held his hands and kept them on her lap and said “You have made my day. I am so happy you came.” Paul tried in vain to wriggle out his hands. Meanwhile the butler brought a tray with cookies and tea.
“May I know the purpose of my visit?”
“How credulous you are? It is nothing but romantic in nature that should hopefully culminate in wedding” she said and laughed loudly.
Paul stood up in anger and said in angry tone “I don’t enjoy this. There has been a mistake. Though single I have no intention to marry. I wish you had not wasted my time”
 “Please do not get upset. I find you eminently suitable and will not let you go easily. You will become wealthy beyond your imagination. I have decided not to let you out without clinching matters”
“What nonsense you are talking about? I am just not interested. If you keep me against my will one moment longer, I will lodge a police complaint. I don’t care how much money you have. I have a girl by name Diana with whom I am deeply in love. She is abroad and I am waiting for three years for her to return. Do you understand, madam? Now let me go “He stood up and started walking towards the door.
The butler stood in the way and said “Sir, you are in a hurry .Just turn and see”
When Paul turned he saw to his great surprise Diana sitting by the side of her aunt and giggling at him.
“Sorry my dear, I came with my parents only two days back. They are aware of our love. We just wanted some fun and wished to surprise you before we announce our engagement” she said as she rushed to hug him.


  1. Good One KP. Good twist as always.

  2. I sort of guessed where it was all leading up to .. but I read on through the end as I like "feel good" stories ...!

  3. I also guessed it, but it was nice to read:)

  4. The end-was somewhat readable,yet a heart-felt stage we reach,and well- narrated.