Monday, August 26, 2013

The deal

Suresh is a worried man. His business was nose diving with literally no order in the books.He had built his business big with men and machinery investing huge capital by borrowing from many sources. They were all idle. Since a year all the contracts were going in favour of his only rival Kartik.The others in the field were small time businessmen and were content with small orders. Till a year back Suresh got the lion's share of the business .Of late Kartik managed to clinch all the deals. It was a wonder how he was able to accomplish this as Suresh was very liberal in keeping the officials happy. They were virtually on his payroll and on festive days their family members were also kept pleased with gifts of jewels and fine clothes. May be his rival besides quoting at unworkable rates was also greasing their palms equally well. Added to that Kartik’s work was good with no time or cost overrun. It was clear to Suresh that Kartik was bent upon driving him away from the scene. Kartik was fully aware how Suresh was trying to harm him by compelling him to work with practically no margin.
The banks were on Suresh's heels as the huge debts were not regularly serviced. Even making payment of salaries was proving difficult. Suresh tried in vain to poach and bring Kartik’s key employees. There was no way he could dislodge his competitor from the scene. Outwardly Suresh maintained cordial relations with his rival but was really seething in anger. He attended Kartik's daughter's marriage and gifted a large silver pot. None can discern any enmity between them.
Things became very bleak and he had to find a permanent solution to this wretched problem.
Blade Babu was surprised to see the rich businessman Suresh at his doors early in the morning. The prefix  was the sequel to the blade he employed in his early pocket picking days. Why he would come personally unless the matter was important, he wondered. Babu was a history sheeter with every crime from intimidation, riot, rape, murder against him. He was a contract killer for a fee and accomplished his job smoothly leaving no trail to his hirer.
“Good morning, Sir. I am honoured by your visit. You could have sent a word and I would have come to your place” he said.
“It is okay. In fact I did not want you to be seen at my place as the matter is very delicate”
“I understand, Sir.Tell me what I can do for you. I am at your beck and call” Babu said in an ingratiating tone.
“Thanks. My business is in doldrums because of Kartik.I hope you know my competitor.”
“Sure, Sir, I know him though I have not interacted with him so far. He lives in Neelankarai in a palatial bungalow”
“Yes, the very same man. I pleaded with him that we two share the business equally without undercutting each other. He not only refused arrogantly but works at loss making rates only to eliminate me from the business. All my efforts to reason with him have failed” Suresh said
“Oh, I am sorry. Why he wouldn’t amicably work with you is beyond me. In what way I can help you?”he asked
“I want a permanent end to the problem. Money does not matter. You are talented in this.”Suresh said in soft tone almost inaudibly.
“I understand. He is a rich man and must have clout. But I have handled such people also. It would cost much as there is risk” Babu said equally softly
“How much?”
“25 lakhs”
Suresh opened his leather bag and handed over bundles of notes.”Here is 20 lakhs.I will pay you the balance after the job is done” he said
“Pay me the full amount. I do not want you or your man to meet me afterwards.”Babu said
Suresh paid the balance and asked “When will this be done?”
“Anytime within two days. Please do not contact me on any score. Have some buttermilk before you go. I will keep the money inside and come in a minute” Babu said
“Thanks. I will wait for you” Suresh said happily and smiled at the thought the job is done so easily
As he was sitting with closed eyes thinking about the likely big jump in business, he felt a metal pressing his head in the rear. Before he could turn in panic, he saw million stars exploding and a brilliant light as he heard faintly someone telling “K Sir... Luckily the guy himself came here and the matter has been settled to your satisfaction” All was quiet thereafter even as Blade Babu laughed loudly at his double fortune.


  1. Interesting! Tit for tat...birds of the same feather...which will suit this story?

  2. Oops! Generally, person is are attracted by a person of the same category. So 2 fight& the third profits!

  3. Treacherous fellow. But then greed is the biggest folly of all

  4. A distant throw back of James Hadley Chase.

  5. I thought the buttermilk might have been poisoned, but then he didn't need that deception, did he? Some people do business to live, but many others (like these two) live to do business.

    Destination Infinity

  6. good for him, people who live by sword ,die by it..

  7. ohh
    he almost dug his own pit and paid for it too...

  8. oh my god! what an ending! KP

  9. Oh! What a twist.He himself jumped into the pit.

  10. So both of them are bad. Hope that Karthik also meets a similar ending. Oh wait, this is just a story :-d