Sunday, October 20, 2013

Blissful ignorance

Ranjan is a loving husband and an affectionate father to his two children. He invariably spent quality time with his wife Sunita and children whenever he was in Delhi, his head quarters. He enjoyed taking them to top class eating places, cultural programmes, picnic spots, watching TV with them or playing board games on holidays.
Being a vice president of marketing, his job took him on tour of a day or two for more than fifteen days a month. A jovial and handsome personality with a gift of the gab, he was given to amoral tendencies when away from home. He had kept this weakness of his unknown to his wife or colleagues. He had come to Mumbai from Delhi in the morning for a long meeting that day. He had booked his flight the next day evening.  One even suspected whether he arranged his flights in such a manner to have a long day free. After a discreet call from his mobile the next day morning, Priya arrived at his room by 10am. She had come a few times earlier. Ranjan took a special liking for her who was in her early thirties but maintained a trim figure. A very passionate lover she gave him pleasure more than the money’s worth. They spent the whole day enjoying each other’s company. When it was nearing 3pm she readied herself to leave.  
She saw on the table a box containing an attractive Freshwater cultured pearl strand and Bracelet set and let out a cry ‘wow’. Pretty, a heart-shaped clasp in sterling silver accent, each piece is an ideal gift for a young woman. Ranjan was in such a satisfied and happy frame of mind that he readily offered it to her without a second thought as his memento for the company given. She was so overwhelmed with this unexpected gift she smothered him with kisses and hugs and reluctantly left. He had bought this set to surprise his wife but decided to buy something else in lieu.
He made a call to his old buddy Saxena whom he had not met for almost five years after the latter’s marriage. Ranjan agreed to meet him at his office around 4 PM on his way to airport. Saxena had put on lot of flab and was very obese for his age. After the initial pleasantries, Saxena sighed and said “I envy you. You still maintain a handsome figure and look a lot younger than your age. I could see you are enjoying your life to the brim.” Ranjan nodded his head in affirmative.
Saxena continued,” You are already in a senior management position at this young age. You have a pretty and loving wife and two children .What more does one want in life than a loving wife who can give her time and company to her husband when he returns home after a heavy day?"
“Why, what is the matter with you? You have told me that you have an attractive and talented wife though I haven’t met her.”Ranjan knew they had no children but felt this did not in any way affect the bond of love between the couple.
Saxena said “True, she is beautiful. How does it help? We lead a humdrum life devoid of love and affection. We respect each other and appear happily married. She is frigid and gets stiff whenever I approach her that even our occasional physical relations are mechanical. I am no doubt fat and clumsy for the slim and energetic woman that she is. I get out of breath even on slightest exertion. I come home tired most of the days after hard day’s work in a famished condition and after a heavy dinner doze off to sleep. She watches serials or keeps chatting with her friends on mobile or on internet."
“What does she do in the afternoons” Ranjan asked.
 He replied “No idea may be she is visiting her friends or attending kitty parties. I think she also helps blind students reading lessons. But she makes it a point to be back by 6pm when I return from office. She is otherwise very loving and ensures that I am well fed. She does not bother me with petty household problems. Perhaps she is missing children.”
Ranjan sympathized with him and suggested that he consult a doctor to reduce his weight and increase his zest for life. He took leave of him promising to visit him at his house next time.
 When Saxena reached home at 6-15 he found his wife listening to music and in a happy mood. She came rushing towards him and hugged him. The maid brought tea and snacks. As he settled his heavy body on the easy chair, she came close to him and snuggled.
“How was the day? Could you read the lessons to the students at the blind home? How was the baby shower at your friend’s place?” he asked.
 “I had a very enjoyable day after a long time at my friend’s place. Look at this set. I got this for a steal. Do you think this will give me a lift?” she replied producing the open box containing the cultured pearl set.
“Wow, how gorgeous you would look in them” he said as he kissed her hand.
'Ignorance indeed is bliss', she thought to herself.

Written as a part of Write over the weekend an initiative for bloggers byBlogadda.
The theme is 'Ignorance is indeed a bliss,he/she thought to himself/herself'


  1. Oh my goodness! I failed to guess the ending this time!
    Made me feel ignorance is so dangerous , makes one a fool.
    Enjoyed the story though :-)

  2. Oh Gawd.....nice one...This is life....

  3. Yes, Ignorance is bliss and knowledge is lethal.

    Destination Infinity

  4. Sometimes it is better not to know certain things. Ignorance is bliss indeed.

  5. Ranjan and Saxena are happy under the shade of ignorance...once Ranjan will visit Saxena then he will be in an odd situation...
    Nicely woven story....

  6. great entry. 'ignorance is really a bliss'

  7. And I felt that Saxena will see her there at Ranjan's with necklace....:)

  8. That is an interesting story where ignorance is bliss. Poor Saxena, he really needs to hit the gym before his wife gets other stuff for a steal. :)

  9. OMG: Adultery with the best friends wife :}

  10. A wonderful story! I feel so sorry for Sunita..I did not follow for whom ignorance is bliss.

  11. Hi KP,

    Yes I agree wih Usha Mam...I mean, I too feel sorry for Sunitha.... And Saxena too.... I guess this story portrays reality in many ways!
    Kalakkittel sir!

  12. Yes,ignorance is bliss.otherwise I think in today's life pattern many might have reached the shore of divorce.Nicely wrtten.

  13. Well composed, but somehow didn't feel happy with the story.