Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My last day there

It is my lot to work in the minister’s secretariat. I have had no problem with his predecessors as I was not intrusive. Trouble started with this new minister who had shady past.
Last week a businessman was in his room. I had to go in to announce the arrival of some media personnel just as a suitcase was being delivered. His face turned red.
Today he was with his lady officer specifically forbidding anyone inside. Unexpectedly his wife came and barged in without my permission. When I heard the shocked scream, I knew it was my last day there.

Written as a part of 100 words on Saturday 7 at Write Tribe. The prompt being I knew it was my last day there.

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe


  1. Sir, You are a master at drabble, I loved the twist in the tiny power packed tale. Not a moment of disinterest there.

  2. haha!! couldn't be better than that.I love how you toggle with words, bring some mischief element. Delightful read:)

  3. Hello KP! How are you doing? Glad to be back catching up on your posts...

    A question lingers: are all politicians bad? Always?

  4. That was a good attempt at the short fiction. Real though it is in these days.

  5. Aha! That's a good one for the prompt! Sad for the assistant though! :)

  6. I like it when you write something like this. It tests your writing skills to the hilt. And you come out on par with the challenge. :-)