Saturday, June 15, 2024

Sujita's surprise (934 words)

Sujita saw a young man walking with a white stick in hand ahead of her but unsure of himself. He stopped at the signal, presumably to reach the park on the other side. The traffic on the road was heavy with cars and buses whizzing past at great speed. She hurried to be by his side before he stepped on the road. Just as she feared, he got onto the road even when the signal was in amber. She held him back by her hand and said "Please wait. The signal has not yet turned green for pedestrians to cross"

"Thank you. I couldn't notice it," he replied.

"Never mind. I will take you across the road" she said without leaving his hand.

"Not necessary, I can manage as I am accustomed to walking alone."

"I am going to that side only. It is no trouble for me. It is risky to cross the road alone even when the way is clear for pedestrians as some drivers are always in a hurry."

She led him to a bench in the park and was about to leave when he asked, “May I know the name of my benefactor? I am Mahesh living in the complex Green Height nearby."

She noticed he was around 27 or 28, very handsome with curly hair and a gentle voice. Though his eyes were open, there was a vacant look. She wondered why God was cruel in endowing him with great charm but denying him the vision.

“I am Sujita and living in the Apoorva complex just a few blocks from yours. Do you visit the park daily at this time?" she asked.

"Yes, I do. Sujita is a sweet name. I am lucky to meet you. From your voice, I infer you must be young. What do you do, studying or working?"

"I am 24 and a software engineer. What do you do for a living though it may sound silly to ask this question?"

"I am a writer and indulge in poetry too. I have a few published books to my credit. I need help to write as I am nearly blind. I employ people for that" he said.

“How nice to know you are a writer. I love poetry and even dabble in it. I can help you at this time for an hour or so if you can dictate. I can give you the edited copies in print the next day.."

What started like this soon turned into a liking for each other that bordered on love within a short period though both did not openly express it. She was unsure whether her parents would agree and was herself in two minds. He had also not indicated his love for her as he was presumably averse to imposing himself on a young lady with a bright and happy future. Nevertheless, they met daily with her helping him out amidst small talk. Both of them seemed to look forward to these daily meetings.

One day when it started drizzling, he declined her suggestion to accompany him up to his complex. Asked about his family, he said he had an elder brother who was married and a younger sister. Sujita also had not invited him home for fear of what her parents would say about this friendship.

A week later she met her friend Kusum in the mall after a long time. She worked in Mumbai and had come down to her parent's place in Bengaluru on a short holiday. Sujita suddenly recollected that her parents resided in Green Heights as Mahesh did.

 "Kusum, are you aware of a young and handsome guy Mahesh by name, an author and poet but unfortunately blind living in your complex?" asked Sujita

"Yes, I know one Mahesh who writes and dabbles in poetry but this guy is not blind. Maybe someone else or in some other complex," Kusum replied.

"Maybe another person but this guy dictates daily his poems or novel at the park and I write for him since a month. He said he has an elder brother married and a younger sister. But this guy sadly is blind though very handsome,He has a button on one of his ears.”

"Sujita, I think I know this guy and what he is up to. Why don't you come today at 4 pm to my house? I think I can unravel the mystery," Kusum said.

“What mystery are you referring to?” Sujita asked somewhat puzzled.

“Do come and you will know for yourself,” said Kusum.

At 4 pm sharp when she pressed the bell and Kusum opened the door, Sujita saw Mahesh watching TV with his parents and laughing loudly at some scene to her great bewilderment.  How come he watches TV? Is he a liar and a cheat?" she wondered.

“Mahesh, turn around and see your scribe, Sujita. Why do you play this dirty trick on her? Don’t you know we are great friends from our college days?" asked Kusum.

A highly embarrassed Mahesh turned  and said “I am sorry, Sujita. I have seen you with my sister a couple of times. I didn't know how to befriend you and employed this trick. I was about to surprise you by revealing my ruse but my sister spoiled it. Please excuse me but it was difficult to pretend to be blind. It is good that you have come here. My parents would be happy to meet you."

“I suspected this right from the beginning as I found from my side glances your  staring at me always,” she said with a giggle.


  1. A simple story with a happy ending. Nice 👍


  2. Interesting story. Will happen only on Dhanush's movie. In real life, Sujita would just turn around and leave saying goodbye.

  3. Fun story! Very cool, as long as we don't overthink it 😀


  4. A simple story. A well thought of ruse but in my view girls are not so naive these days, but then All is well that ends well.

  5. Would a man play mind games to win over a woman? Not if he truly likes or loves the woman as a possible friend or partner. This is the general belief - if he sees her as an object to fulfill his personal desires (lust or whatever) he might try playing all manner of mind games with her to draw her attention and then gain some kind of control over her.
    But here very it is very nicely pointed out that many a time straight forward honest communication about desires is not taught, not valued and made to seem unusual. So sometimes mind games are used as an ice breaker to start a conversation. The kind of method used by Mahesh is indeed what only a writer of fiction or poetry could do!
    Would a young woman like Sujitha respond to a man who is interested in her directly approach with “I think I like you, would you like to go out with me?” A very well thought out piece as usual - and a fairy tale of sorts : and they lived happily ever after. Rama Sampath Kumar

  6. A neat story in an atmosphere of happiness all around.

  7. Good one but became predictable. 😃
    Thank you for sharing.

    Best wishes and warm regards
    Hemantha Kumar Pamarthy

  8. All is fair in love and war! Nice story.

  9. Though difficult to digest that the 'young man' was blind, since it ended in a good note, let us believe this can happen esp. in stories:)....Your narration always pushes us to finish reading the story happily:)

  10. Funny and happily ending story as ever is your forte. This can happen in reel; Seldom in real life ! Enjoyed reading again !

  11. Mahesh turned his 'blind' eyes to see Sujita at close 'quarters' assisted by Kusum.---Jagadeesan

  12. A new meaning to the phrase/idiom 'love is blind'. Hopefully marriage is an eye-opener :) Funny and witty tale :) Regards- Mahesh

  13. Interesting end, can only happen in stories.

  14. Nice story. Happy ending.

  15. A very interesting story with a pleasant surprise at the end! True love is always beautiful.
    Atin Biswas