Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dushyanth's feast

No explanations.Just inability to write new stories.Sorry.regards,KP

Dushyanth is a tall, handsome and fair complexioned man though this was slightly marred by a protruding sixth finger in his right hand. In his spotless white dhoti and cream kurta there is an aristocratic demeanour.An unemployed graduate he had no family commitments and loafed around addas and playing carom on the roadside. It was a pleasurable pastime for him to enter uninvited marriage pandals, pose as an invitee and partake of the sumptuous feast. His good looking personality helped him to go undetected thus far.
One evening when he saw a very artistically decorated pandal with festoons of lights, he stopped by for a moment reading the banner outside”Santosh weds Sabitha”.After changing into a well pressed dress, he joined the marriage crowd and sat there watching the light music programme.After about thirty minutes he entered the dining hall and ate to his heart’s content relishing in particular sandesh, misti doi and mango sweet chutney.. As usual nothing untoward happened. When he started moving for washing his hands, a server in a hurry dashed against him and spilt the entire hot dal makhni on his kurta.Embarrassed he stood for a few moments wondering what he should do while the waiter was profusely apologizing. People started crowding near him. The brides brother who was in the hall overseeing rushed to him and said” Sorry sir, I will now give you a new dress to change. Excuse this chap. It was clearly a mistake on his part” Immediately one of his friends brought a gift bag containing new dhoti and kurta.As he gave the packet he asked “I am bride’s brother. Are you from groom’s side?”
Remembering the name he replied “Yes, I am a friend of Santosh.”
Meanwhile someone rushed to Santosh’s brother who was also in the hall about the incident involving Santosh’s friend. He rushed to the spot and apologized to Dushyanth and asked”Sir, I am not able to readily place you. I am Santosh’s brother. I haven’t met you”
Dushyanth replied” We were together working in an office for a short period and were fairly close”
“What are you talking? Santosh is an IIT and IIM graduate working in US since he got selected in campus interview. Come out with truth. Who are you really?”When Dushyanth became pale and speechless the brides’ brother snatched the bag from his hand and said “He is a fraud and has come to steal bags and boxes. Let us teach him a lesson he will never forget” and showered blows on him. All the others too joined in hitting him and tearing his kurta and pulling his hair.

Meanwhile Santosh hearing the commotion rushed to the scene saying.” Stop beating. What if one man takes the food. Hundreds are eating here” Looking at Dushyanth intently and his sixth finger, he asked “Were you not a student in Chetla high school and are you not Dushyanth?
Dushyanth replied feebly” Yes, aren’t you S.Kumar”
“Correct. I am Santosh Kumar. I am so happy you have been able to make it to my wedding. I am very sorry for the unfortunate incident. Please do not take it amiss. Have you had your khana? Here please accept this gift bag .You have made me very happy” He also pulled a Rs. 500 note and thrust it in his hand saying that this was his token present
Dushyanth after a moment’s hesitation returned the Rs. 500 note and asked it to be treated as his present for the wedding.
Santosh took the same and gave him two Rs 500 notes saying” Please accept this without fail. Here is my address. Please come home. I will be leaving for US in a week’s time. We can reminisce of our old days together”


  1. That funny and very luck on d's part. I see people often beating up those who enter their marriage grounds without invitation. How can 2 or 3 people make a difference to the lavish arrangements that have been made.
    Sometimes yes it matters when matters get out of hand..
    But still people have been gate crashing from time immemorial..while some get caught, others get ready for the next one:)

  2. Sir,the climax of the story was typical Indian cinema style.It was not to my liking. But I liked the part where he goes unvited for all those weddings and hogs on food. Funny. This happens a lot in Kerala. Many college students go for weddings posing as friends just for the sake of the meal.

  3. Judging from the comment at the beginning of your posts, you seem to be suffering from Writer's block :-).Out of curiosity, have you posted these stories on your blog earlier also? What do you mean by the old story comment?

  4. lol..this s a funny story,loved the mischief played and the happy ending!

  5. oh my God!
    what was that 6th finger thing?
    i mean how could you be so imaginative to give him a 6th finger ..
    it was an 'oh' moment reading it..

    not more than a page-ful and you give the reader a mind-ful to think about, at times to cry about ...

    i m looking forward to that day, when you will it all bound inside 2 cover pages!

  6. Well.. this one made me smile.. :) it was indeed a feast... the first half was very funny.!!

  7. A thoroughly enjoyable story. Sir.. Typical incident of India :-))