Monday, May 25, 2009

Ray of hope

There is a fine moral in this short story. There lived a wicked man who went to hell on his death. He found himself in pitch dark bottomless pit deep down. He could hear many voices of people around him screaming, sobbing, cursing and some even laughing. It was an eerie atmosphere. Even this heartless and ruthless man became afraid of the utter darkness enveloping the place. He did not know how long he would be condemned to this pit. Time passed interminably with no rays of light or hope of deliverance. It was then that he thought of god for the first time in his life. He had not entered the portals of a temple even to protect himself when rains lashed.
Daunted by the plight he was in, he prayed from his heart”Oh God, won’t you please save me from this frightening hell if you are real” and started crying.
As is His wont, God responded to the non-believer promptly. The bad man heard the voice of god saying” yes, child, you sought my help in this difficult situation. I can help you if you can narrate a few incidents in your life where you have done well to another human.”
The man could not recollect however much he tried any such acts of kindness. Only the pictures of his cruelty appeared magnified several fold.
God prompted him in His kind voice” Even one incident would do and it can be even towards the lower species like animals, birds or insects. I want to help you to turn into a good person. Tell me quickly”.
The man after a long time replied” I can think of only one instance .I do not know whether it was kindness on my part. As I was walking I was about to put my foot on a spider that was crawling on my way. I held my foot for a fraction of second for it to move away and save its life.”
"That is splendid and an act of kindness deserving some reward. You will soon see for yourself. But remember to show the same kindness to all in future “
The voice was gone and it was all silent. Soon the man found a very thin shining strand of web passing near him. He put his hand on it and gently pulled it towards afraid it may snap. Surprisingly it did not. He pulled it strongly and the strand was strong. Slowly he started climbing up and up and could see the rays of sunlight. The bright opening of the deep pit was close by and he moved up swiftly.
There was a sudden fear whether others also would have seen this ray of web and climbing up along with him. He was afraid the strand may not withstand the weight and break. He looked down and found many climbing up behind him from the dim light of the ray. He stopped climbing and shouted “This is my strand of web given me by god for the many good things I have done .You cannot come up on my strand. Leave it immediately”
The moment he uttered these words, the ray snapped and all went down to the dark abysmal depths.


  1. Superb share Parthasarathi Ji... This is a classy example for all... Be good and get good... All your posts are simply rocking... Gr8 share Sir...

  2. A very interesting story, it pulls your attention till the end. Yes its true even a single good deed can give us salvation..but its imp to try being a good human being. This story made me think.. have I done anything to make anyone happy...most of the time we dont get an answer because we humans are so preoccupied with our life and things that affect us that we dont evr think about others...its imp that we do..coz its not what we did for ourselves that wud count but our greatest achievement wud be to being joy to those who need it the most???
    If each one of us wud think on such lines we would hopefully have our seats booked in paradise:)

  3. WOW, Parthasarathi! This is beautiful. Thanks a lot.


  4. lol..good one..a lesson well learnt..some of us just don't change!!

  5. WOW!

    It made a great read! Very thought provoking sir.

    Keep them coming!

  6. You know what?
    For the first time, I felt I was reading a ‘story’ going through this pots …

    Maybe becoz of a God’s presence there …

    But by subtracting that as you mentioned there is a point that’s conveyed …
    No man is an island!

  7. Wow ! even I have written a post with the same theme....
    anbudan aruna

  8. :) i loved this one... the beginning itself gives a story feel as it starts with "There lived a....."

    the story keeps the reader attentive till the end, and it made me too think what good things i have done..... it was a very good story with a fine moral as u said..