Monday, May 11, 2009

A love affair

Vijay had promised to take Naveen and Neeraja to the beach on Sunday evening. He had just spoken to Manjula about the programme.He requested her to join them. He wanted her in particular to come to his home for lunch. The phone rang. It was Naveen reminding about the beach visit.” Naveen, I haven’t forgotten. I have already asked Manju to join us and she had agreed Inform Neerja.”.
Vijay had lost his wife three years ago to a brain tumour.It was tough period managing the children and more than that he missed his wife. The solitude despite the children was too much for him. He had not thought of another woman in his wife’s place till he met Manjula in a seminar. They were paired for panel discussions providing those opportunities to spend the entire two days together. Vijay was no longer the same sullen person.Manjula was a whiff of fresh air that he longed for in his life. .She was also a single. They contrived reasons to meet each other daily on some pretext or the other. Both were deeply in love with each other. The kids liked Manju and her easy ways in getting along with them. She invariably brought things to eat and knickknacks. She took particular interest in winning the confidence of the young girl.
“Naveen, take your shoes off and give them to me. It is easy to run without the shoes.Neerja, you also run along with him. Do not go near the water till we come” said Vijay as they walked on the sands of the beach.
Neerja lingered and pleaded “Aunty, you please come with us. I am afraid of the waves. Will a Tsunami come?”
Manjula told her “Do not be afraid. The waves will not come near you as you will be far away from the water. No more Tsunami. Go with Naveen.I will come behind with your dad.”
As the girl ran behind the boy, Vijay held Manju’s hand and walked slowly side by side rubbing shoulders.
Vijay broke the silence and said, “I have not broached the subject of our marriage. I get a feeling both of them know that we are fond of each other though they have not yet visualized you in their mom’s place. I do not envisage any problem at all from Naveen and hopefully from Neerja.”
“Vijay, I wish that we tie the knot soon. I cannot be away from you and want to be with you all the time. Please hurry” pleaded Manjula
“Sure, it is vacation for them I will talk to them this weekend. Do not worry” said Vijay
They then spent time standing in the water for the waves to wash their legs.Neerja snuggled by Manju’s side and found comfort and security in her hands
Two days later as he was working on his laptop in the night both the kids snuggled up to him and said “Daddy, we have a request. We wish to celebrate Mother’s day this Sunday at 6pm. We have pooled our allowances and we intend to buy a cake from the Italian bakery. We want to have it cut before our mom’s photo. Please invite Manjula aunty also for this occasion. make sure she attends.”
Vijay was surprised and wanted to play along with his children by readily agreeing to their request. It was Sunday and the large box containing the cake and tied with ribbon was kept on the circular glass dining table. Opposite on the wall was their mom’s photo.Manjula had also come as promised.
Naveen and Neerja in chorus said, “We will blind fold aunty and dad. They will open the cake box and only then the blindfold would be removed.”
Both Manjula and Vijay were intrigued but joined the fun by getting their eyes covered by a red cloth. When they opened their eyes amidst the clapping by the kids, they were thrilled to read the icing text/
Dear Manju mom,
Happy Mother’s day,
Naveen and Neerja
Manju wiped the moist eyes even as Neerja pulled her close to Vijay and placed her hand on Vijay’s.


  1. that’s as delicious as the cake shown in the pict!
    A sweet note to all moms around the world …
    Though a whiff of ‘deathly’ air passes between the story making the readers think that you cant do without life meeting death at one point or other!
    No denying however the undeniable fact!

    But again .. you have it ended on a happy note! That’s what makes your writing interesting and light reading … a copy of life, blend of colors …

    i am catching up all the missed posts...will take a while

  2. Kids observe much more than we can ever do. That is precisely why the innumerable questions keep pouring in!The same thing happened in this story, they were aware of their fathers happiness and gave it to him to sweeten his life forever:)
    Thanks for the lovely story!

  3. Very nice. Like New beginning has said kids definitely are very observant and observe things more often than adults. Manju also made sure the kids like her. A very nice story for Mother's day. Lovely.

  4. Thank God! there was no twist in the end to change a sweet lovely happy ending!!!.Nice story...
    anbudan aruna

  5. Ah! Children of today...hmmm! Very Sweet! Somehow I loved this story a lot, though the end was quite predictable :-)

  6. yea, the end was quite predictable but still touched me as much as a surprise and my eyes felt wet...lovely usual, ur bog is bcoming my bedtime storytime

  7. Happy endings are always welcome, Sir... We Indians are lovers of stories which end like this..

    The end is actually a new begining for Vijay, Manjula and the kids.. Hope their lives will be full of joy and love..



  8. Yes.. Its a sweet story.. to love kids one needn't be its mother i believe.. all kids are just adorable...

    thanks for the story..

  9. Aww, I liked this story. Very touching. But this quote from Neerja, "Will a Tsunami come?" it brought back memories of Katrina and how children relate to events and memories. Well written story.

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Means a lot when someone stops to pen a few words. thank u again.
    Just read this post/story. On a scale od 1 to 10 I would rate it a 7. Because the end is very predictable. But, lobe the innocence of kids who are so willing to welcome someone new.Keep writing. I will be back for more good reads:)

  11. Sweet story...Kids are really perceptive when it comes to such things..Adults can whisper and hide all they want, but kids will always sense these things

  12. so lovely it r like dat.n above all happy ending..liked it..!!!