Monday, May 18, 2009

Mahalingam Iyer's solution

Sorry,you may have to put up with another old story.regards,KP
It was a MIG apartment.Mahalingam Iyer had sold his share of land in the village and bought this house some twenty years back. A retired government servant he was getting pension. He had a son and a daughter born late in life. Govind his son had finished his MCA and joined a reputed company. They sent him to US two years back. Although of marriageable age, iyer was waiting to finalise his daughter Lalitha’s marriage first. He was frantically searching for a suitable match. Traditional and conservative, he spent long hours in the local temple assisting in it’s affairs.
Padmini, a close friend of Lalitha and slightly elder to her was also living in the same apartment. An extremely good looking and tall girl, she had learnt multi media and was working with a big publishing company. Her father was not well to do. Though they were searching for a suitable match, nothing could materialize as her parents could not meet even the ordinary demands of the other parties. It was then a rich business man approached her parents wanting her hand for their only son. They said they were struck by the girl’s beauty and that they were not particular about the status or the wealth of the girl’s parents. They assured that they would take care of the marriage expenses too. The boy looked decent and was assisting his father in the family business.Padmini’s parents were flabbergasted at this god send offer and readily agreed. The marriage over, Padmini soon left for her husband’s place. Initially she came to her parent’s place a couple of times but was not seen thereafter. It appeared that they were not letting her go.
After three or four months Mahalingam iyer saw Padmini’s father in the temple. The latter rarely visited the temple.Iyer found him standing before the deity praying with eyes closed and tears trickling down his cheeks. He went near him and stood by his side quietly. When he opened his eyes he put his hands on his shoulder asked him ” Are you alright? You seem to be tormented with some problem. If it is not very confidential, you can share with me. It will lighten your burden.” The neighbour hastily wiped his eyes and said “We have been deceived.Padmini’s life is ruined.” Even before completing the sentence he started sobbing.Iyer asked whether they are ill treating her because she did not bring adequate jewelry or dowry. He replied that the matter was much more serious but kept quiet without telling what the problem was. It took a while for Iyer to ferret out the information that the marriage has not been consummated and that the boy was unfit for married life. It appeared that it was beyond any medical remedy.
Iyer was shaken initially and after some deliberation asked Padmini’s father to bring the girl home. She was a major and can come out on her own volition.Iyer told him that they can find a solution after talking to her. The poor father readily agreed.
In the night after dinner iyer broached the subject to his wife.Lalitha was also present. His wife also sympathized with the girl’s lot and wondered what could be done. The fate is cruel in some cases, she added. Iyer told his wife “I have arrived at a solution and wanted to know your views before expressing it to Padmini and her parents. Firstly, I am going to ask Padmini to get a divorce. This can be obtained within a short time.Secondly, I will ask Govind to marry her. She is a good match for him. I am not going to see horoscope or bothered by any tradition. I have almost decided and just need your approval.” Iyer’s wife said”Padmini is no doubt a very good girl. Even Govind has a soft corner for her. My only worry is that this marriage should not impede Lalitha’s marriage. You know conservative people may think twice before agreeing to marry a girl from our family.” On hearing this Lalitha exploded “I don’t care. If no one is willing to marry me for this reason, I am prepared to remain single all my life. But Govind should give a new life to Padmini.There is no room for any discussion on this.” Iyer’s wife remained silent.
In six months Padmini was married to Govind.Lalitha too got a good match. The only negative off shoot of this episode was the temple management’s strange decision to divest Iyer of his responsibilities in the temple.


  1. Very interesting and heartening story Sir.. The way you write stories makes me feel that they are all real and based on your personal experiences... That is what I call a good story writer...



  2. another chapter taken out from the leaf of life that anyone can find himself or herself playing a part in it ....

    i couldnt leave a comment on your other blog
    interestinly the same topic was playing in mind for sometime now …
    but i had a differnt angel ..
    you have something very special there .. a double 'i'ness

  3. Thats quite a different story. As they say everything that glitters is not gold. There are times when we think we are taking the best decisions, but they turn out to be quite different than what had thought they would. Our decision cannot preceed God's decision, certain things just have to be left in his hands..He takes care of them:)
    Thanks for a lovely story!:)

  4. The title of a story is something that makes the reader curious to go ahead and read it... now thats another speciality in you.. the way you name the stories itself attracts readers..

    Its a nice story... but these days broad minded people are very less...