Saturday, May 2, 2009

It is mom above all

It was a Friday evening. Raja wished to spend two days in Pondicherry. He wanted to savour leisurely the beauty of the sea beach with the waves crashing against the rocks, the tree lined boulevards, the Manaakkula Vinayagar temple and of course the Ashram for meditation and spiritual inspiration. He could never make it all these two years as his aged mom living in a village about 200 miles away insisted on his visiting her whenever he had two days holidays. But this long weekend he was determined to visit Pondicherry. He did not inform her about his trip to Pondy. There was a tinge of guilt however when he thought of his old mother eagerly waiting for him. He was her only son and she was living with his married sister. She was always afraid of death taking her life away anytime and pleaded with the boy not to miss visiting her. But then old people are always like that he consoled himself as he proceeded in his car towards the seaside resort.
After driving for about an hour, he stopped at a way side hotel for his breakfast. As he came out of the hotel after eating, he saw a funeral procession approaching. He waited for it to pass before taking out his car. He saw a young boy of 12 with firepot in his hand walking bare bodied in front of the procession. He could see the grim and sad face of the boy with a few elders walking closely behind him. Someone by his side told Raja, that he knew the boy and that he had lost his mother all on a sudden. She was young in her early Forties with no apparent health problemsRaja saw the man taking out his handkerchief and wiping his eyes. He added as if reading Raja's thoughts “We never know when Yama would take our lives. He does not give advance notice. We should never put off doing things we intend to do for old people to a later date but do them immediately.”He then asked him “Sir, are you proceeding to Pondicherry? The road is very good right through.”
“No, I am turning back to go to a village near Vellore” answered Raja as he saw in his mind’s eye the smiling face of his mom awaiting him. Pondicherry would have to wait.


  1. This is so beautiful that there are tears in my eyes!

    In any relationship, we should not hesitate to express love and concern because no one knows when one of us will be called back by the Lord.
    Once we understand this, ego stops playing havoc with relationships.

    Thank you, Parthasarathi, for writing this beautiful, thought-provoking post. Thank you too, for encouraging me to write and for being a wonderful friend to me.

    Have a wonderful day, KP :)

  2. I don’t why or how, I had this funny feeling sir that you would be again dealing with something ‘deathy’ or deadly again …
    However, you did a turn around at the last para for a change and that was a satisfying one are more of a mystery writer I think …

  3. Really beautiful and touching. Life is so uncertain and one must not procastinate any visits esp to the ones close to you only to regret and feel guilty about it later.

  4. Thats a beautiful story, and yes life plays its mysterious games so its better to be prepard all the time:)
    Take care and Best

  5. Wonderful story! A strong message has been sent across, very beautifully. This is a very valuable truth, we need to be aware of all the time. I think half of the problems would solve, if we are aware of this inevitable truth!


  6. A mothers' love has that pull. Lovely story . Very touching. Life is short and unpredictable and we should never procrastinate. We never know what turn life is going to take. Very nice. An apt story for Mothers day

  7. What a nice way of telling people to love their parents.. I have also written a blog on this subject but mine is intellectual bullshit compared to your message..

    I can never forget my own mother who is no more. Although I visited her often and displayed my love for her abundantly, I always have the regret that I dod not specifically tell her how much I loved her and how grateful I was for everything she had done for me.

    Life is fleeting.. Here today and gone tomorrow.. One has to make the most of it and not postpone important things like being with your loved ones and telling them that you love them..

    Wonderful stuff, Sir

  8. Nothing except a mother can give you love, comfort, solace and that love pulls like a one can resist that!!
    anbudan aruna