Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The confession

Martin was stricken with remorse at his dastardly act.It was tormenting his heart endlessly and was unable to sleep for the last one month.As a Christian he knew that the Bible spoke of confession as good for the soul by admitting to himself and to the priest the sin committed.Though he did not think mandatory to confess, he felt immense relief would come if he confessed to the Lord and seek forgiveness.
He was in the church sitting in a small stool.The priest was on the other side of the curtain between them.

“Son, you must believe implicitly with total faith that all Merciful Lord Jesus would forgive you of all sins if you sincerely and truly repent for the misdeed. Pray, tell me the events without economising on truth.What is it you wish to confess for?” asked the priest

“Father, I am a wretch.I am passing through unbearble mental agony for causing grievous hurt on a girl who loved me with all her heart.I don’t know what has become of her as I ran away after committing the heinous deed.She had done no harm to me and yet highly possessive as I was, I committed this dastardly crime in a mad rage.” Martin said in a voice choked with emotion.

“Can you not go to her and seek her forgiveness and if possible set right the wrong you did?”asked the priest.

“Let me explain, Father. I was in deep love with a student in my class.We met regularly at the park, hotels and even the institute and grown to like each other...This friendship went on for more than six months.Though we were very intimate to each other, we never crossed the boundaries.She was a very upright girl and I respected her wishes.”he said

“Son, If she had loved you, what prevented you from marrying her?” asked the priest

“I did try, Father.But she said that her parents would not agree to her marrying me as she was a catholic and I belonged to another sect.She cried that she would not like to lose me but was also not prepared to elope.She wanted her parent’s blessings” he replied

“Did she tell her parents about her love for you?”asked the priest

“I think she asked her mom.But I don’t know about asking her dad.But she was certain that her dad would never agree”

“Why did you not let her go? What else could she have done? Why and what did you do to hurt her? asked the priest

“I foolishly thought that if have a physical intimacy with her, she would convince her parents or runaway with me. .I tried one day to force her into submission when I took her to my place under the pretext of giving reading material. She pushed me and ran away unscathed.From that day onwards she refused to speak to me or meet me.My love for her grew more when she spurned me.I decided she should not marry anyone else. She is an extremely beautiful and charming gilr that anyone would fall for.”said Martin.
“What did you do?” asked the Father.
“I threw acid on her aiming at her face and ran away..I made a quick exit as people gathered round her as she lay screaming in pain.”said Martin

“She knew it was you who threw the acid?” asked the priest.

“I think so and I was even afraid that police would come after me.The fact that she did not expose me makes me appear as the scum of the earth.I feel extremely sorry for my act.I don’t know where she lives and who her parents are. I love her very much and even if she is disfigured I will marry her.I would fall at the feet of her parents and ask for forgivance.I feel like committing suicde as I cannot live without her” said Martin

“Okay I should not ask personal details of you or of the girl in a confession where total privacy is assured. If you wish you can meet me at my house.I will suggest ways of setting right the sin you committed.Lord Jesus in all His Mercy and Compassion will forgive you and bless you for a new life free of hatred and sin.”

In the evening Martin went to priest’s house behind the church at the appointed time.The priest and his wife were seated in a tastefully furnished drawing room.Martin said ”Father, I am the one who came this afternoon for a confession.I am Martin and work in a big company besides teaching at an institute.I am a protestant by faith. I need your advice for making amends to the grievous wrong I did to the girl on an impulse.I will die for her if need be.”

The priest looked at his wife and asked her to ask their daughter to get tea and biscuits.In a few minutes Martin jumped up from his seat when he saw Diana entering the room with a tray in her hand.Her face looked spotlessly smooth and as she came near him she threw a faint smile.

The priest asked the surprised Martin ”Do you know my daughter before? Have you met her.You seem pleasantly surprised.’

Martin fell at his feet and sobbed saying “Father forgive me.I am the wretch who did harm to your daughter.Pray, tell me thst you both have forgiven me.”

The priest said”Yes, I knew it was you when you talked of acid attack.I could surmise your deep affection for Diana and your sincere repentance.I have also decided not to insist on any particular sect for matrimony.I could infer Diana is still in love with you as despite your attack she she did reveal who threw the acid on her.Luckily she ducked and her shoulder has some scars.You both shall be married soon with our blessings.Thank the All Merciful Lord for His compassion and grace.”


  1. I Am First To Comment :) :) Will Read & Comment :) :) I Wanted To Be First Commentator :) :)

  2. Touching Story.....But, Martin Had To Be Punished For His Act.....anyways, good story :) :)

  3. Fantastic
    and also a little sad story !!
    Yes it can happens between two different sects ....
    Its not always easy ... family ;)

  4. Love is not about giving pain, however angry you may can one hurt the person one loves..He does not deserve the girl..tomorrow if hes jealous for no rhyme or reason, an obsessive creature that he is, what would the girl do. Repentence is great, but it should go thru a test of time..cowards run away, and cannot take any responsibility in life.

    Thanks for the thought provoking story :)

  5. ...obsession is a monster lurking inside us...:)

    it's hard to overcome but the with a firm resolve, we could overcome it...:)

  6. So, love won, at last ;-)
    I liked both the Father and his daughter characters!

    Good story sir! Well narrated, as always :-)

  7. So, love won, at last ;-)
    I liked both the Father and his daughter characters!

    Good story sir! Well narrated, as always :-)

  8. well written...I could guess a littleas I reached the end, but I have some doubts about the boy, one who couldnt control his feelings and could harm the girl physically..did he deserve the girl.? would have prefferred that in the end the girl is shown married to another better man..the way it happened in hindi movie..Izzazat.

  9. I somehow feel scared for Diana. A crazy man like Martin can even kill her in a fit of madness another day. If I was the priest I would have never married off my daughter to him! Some guts there!

    Martin probably needs a shrink more than Diana!

  10. If i was the father, i would have strangled martin jumping off the curtain...seriously father wud give his daughter to an insane madcap like martin???
    im in total rage reading the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!