Monday, November 2, 2009

The rescue

All the paasengers had boarded the plane bound for London.The airhostesses ensured that all had the seat belts secured and the doors of overhead cabins closed.Some officials who were seen getting the papers cleared moving out through the aerobridge.One hostess was standing ready to close the door.It was then there was an announcement that the passenger in seat 29A in the front of the ecoconmy class is required to disembark immediately.All eyes were revetted in that direction.An airhostess briskly walked to the seat and guided a girl of 6 years to come out of the seat.A cute looking girl in pony tail and dotted frock demurred telling”No, I don’t want to get down.I want to go to mummy.

’When the airhostess gently pulled the girl towards her, she started crying “Mummy,I want to come to you.Mummy ,I want to stay in the plane.”All the passengers nearby were little uneasy to see the young child crying plaintively.Meanwhile someone with stripes came out of the cockpit and made the airhostess hand over the girl to another young lady official waiting at the gate of the aerobridge.The door closed and the plane started moving slowly.The announcement on the safety procedure commenced with monitors on the seats coming alive.

The lady official in her late twenties patted the child and softly said “Do not worry,Nitya.An urgent message has come from your mummy that you should be taken out of the plane.I don’t know the circumstances.Your uncle and aunt are waitng in the Airport manager’s office.Come on,,wipe your eyes and face..You will know when you meet them.”

“No,my mummy would not have asked me to be taken out.She spoke to me last night and waiting for me in London.You can ask my aunty who brought me to airport’ said Nitya

“Which aunty? The one who is waiting at the manager’s room. Do you have the phone number of aunty who brought you here?” asked the lady

“I don’t know the number.My mummy’s younger sister brought me. You ask her.She will give you her number”answered Nitya innocently

The manager was seen talking to a middle aged couple before him.Clad in spotless white kurta and dhoti the bald man with a glistening gold plated incisor and his bejewelled obese wife in silk sari were eagerly staring at the entrance door for the girl to appear.He had obviously satisfied the airport manager of his credentials and his relationship with girl by showing photographs, some email from his sister asking him not to send the child as they will be out of station on an unexpected pressing work for a week.He showed a photocopy of Nitya’s passport and ticket.It was only then instructions were given to withdraw the child from the plane.

As Nitya and the lady official entered, the bald man and his wife stood up with extended arms that had a big tin of Cadbury’s chocolates calling “Nitya kutti, Come here. We have been waiting anxiously for you.Let us go home and talk to your mummy.”

The lady started moving near Nitya.The girl recoiled and snuggled close to the lady official.As the fat lady came near Nitya, the girl screamed and said to the lady official ’Aunty, I want to go to mummy.I don’t want to go with them. Please take me to toilet urgently.”

The lady official took her out of the room and asked her ” Is she the aunty who brought you to the airport? Why were you not going to her?OK , let us go to the toilet first”

“No,I don’t need to go to toilet. I don’t know them.My aunty is different.I will be with you till you send me to London.Please do not send me with them.I am afraid of them and scared.You send me to my mummy tomorrow” said Nitya in a sobbing tone.

The lady official called the manager on her mobile and expressed her doubt about the bonafides of the couple and the conversation had with the girl.He simply asked her to do the needful.

Within minutes the airport police surrounded the middle aged couple and started interrogating them.The truth came out that they were hired by some distant relative of the girls parent to kidnap the girl for ransom.The girl’s parents number was collected after nabbing the relative.

Nitya happily went with the lady official to her home and expressed a wish ”Aunty, I like you.Don’t send me to my mummy tonmorrow. .I wish to be with you for one more day” The lady offical picked her up in her arms and smothered the child with kisses.


  1. heyy..nice read..u've cum up wid a diff taste wid gud ending..:)

  2. A nice story sir, I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing

  3. Beautiful Fabulous Caring Story :) :) Thanks A Lot For Sharing :) :)

  4. Yes now you have written a fantastic story ;)
    Cute and lovely .....
    I have the feeling that i was reading a book :)
    Have a wonderful day
    Anya :)

  5. woww...cute gal and nice lady official too ...:)

    haha..good story uncle..:)

  6. To be honest I expect this to be hijack kind of story but was disappointed. Try some different genre sir

  7. nice read!

    just maintain the new font you are using and your stories, though lengthy will not be boring!

  8. Lovely.lovely lovely..I was reading with baited breath and happy ending made me so waiting for the next one.

  9. :) Hey thats so cute..a smile contagious beautiful story!!!

  10. It was a marvelous read. Simple and brilliant! :-)

  11. Nice story KP!:)
    Such things really do happen right? Was this inspired from any real news story or another figment of your wonderful imagination? :)

  12. Dear Kp,

    That was a real nice story,
    the little girl is really smart..
    liked her :)

  13. Dear Partha,
    Good Morning!
    Very nice story n enjoyed reading it.Nitya kutty is so cute and smart n it is really surprising that she had the presence of mind!:)
    wish all officials are so kind and caring as many kids travel alone under their care!
    wishing a great day ahead,

  14. smart kiddo...she will go a long way!!