Thursday, November 5, 2009

Unconditional love

Kalpana walked slowly on the familiar pathway leading to the house where she had lived for more than two decades.But the garden looked uncared for with bushes and weeds all around.It had not been swept clean of the fallen leaves for days together.It was different when she lived with flower plants and dahlias in plenty and green shrubs tastefully formed.It is more than ten years since she visited this place

She was the only child of her parents.She was more a mama’s child loving her mom most.Her dad was often on tour and even the few days he was in the house he immersed himself in his work.She doesn’t remember a single occasion where he had lifted her in his arms though she had frequently snuggled by his legs hoping to be hoisted up.He quarreled with mom also though she loved him very much.Her mom used to console her saying that her dad was not the demonstrative type but had affection deep inside his heart for Kalpana very much .Kalpana never believed her on this one point.

Her mom had a sudden stroke when she was barely forty.Her dad was three years elder to her.She didn’t live long after that.In a few months she passed away. Kalpana was just seventeen.Her dad put her in a hostel till she finished her education and found a job. She visited her dad not frequently except on annual vacations and even then would be bundled out to an aunt’s house when he went on long tour.There was no bond of affection between them.She loved a colleague and married him soon after she got a job.

It was a great shock to her when her father married someone without even telling her. She came to know of the simple registered marriage only when he had invited for a party his close friends and siblings along with her.It hurt her that he did not consider it necessary even to inform her.She was never invited to home there after nor she went.There was practically no communication except when she had informed about the birth of a boy to her.He did not visit her nor greeted her.

It was a week ago that she heard from her old aunt that her dad had fallen sick and was struggling financially.It appeared he had two children from his second wife.Except for the house that was under mortgage for a loan he did not have much wealth.Kalpana thought of her mom and wondered what she would have wished her to do.

With a heavy heart she walked on the steps and pressed the bell.She saw the curtain of the window being moved slightly and a lady’s face appeared for a fraction of a second.She waited and again saw some movement behind curtain. The faces of two cute children appeared but did not disappear.They smiled at her and she retuned it with a big smile.

The door opened slightly and her father peeped out.When he saw her, he came out and stared at her silently for what looked eternity. Unable to bear the embarassment she called “Daddy, I am Kalpana.It is nearly ten years since we met last” she said

“Yeah, I know .What brings you here?There was no information also about your coming .I thought you considered your dad as dead and gone ” he said in a voice bereft of any emotion as she was accustomed to in her younger days.

“Saroj aunty informed me that you were not well and laid up for a month or more.I wished to meet you.You have aged a lot and look very weak. I hope you are feeling better.What is bothering you?” she asked even as she saw the lady’s face and those of chikdren watching her from behind the curtain.

He did not invite her inside.He said”How does it matter to you? You never cared for your dad all these years.You come post haste soon you hear that I am sick thinking I will pop off.I know what is at the back of your mind.This house is made out of my earned income.I have a family .Anything else you care to know?” he asked in a voice that was full of scorn.

Kalpana could not suppress her tears that welled in her eyes.She bit her lips and turned back.As she walked two steps, she heard the door slammed shut.She turned and looked back.The curtain was drawn and no faces seen.She walked back, opened the purse, took out an envelope she had brought and dropped it in the post box fixed by the side of the door. She turned and walked without seeing back even once to her car and sped away.

The door opened wide open in a few minutes and the man,his wife and two children came out.He found an envelope protruding from the box.He tore it open to find a cheque drawn in his favour for rupees ten lakhs.


  1. Wow! wasn't the father too harsh on his daughter? After all he too was partly to blame for the way things turned out in their home life then. He was more often than not an 'absentee father'. It's no wonder that the daughter bonded more closely with her mom and felt alienated from her dad.

    But the ending gave credit to the power of familial love. Although the father may be quite unlovable in more ways than one, yet the daughter in doing what she did showed much maturity and surprisingly affection for a father who was amiss in his role as a parent. Apparently her mom did a good job of raising her. She's a daughter any parent would be proud to have.

    Your story is one of sweet sadness. But it surely sent home the message that familial love would prevail someway homehow no matter the tests and trials it might go through in life.

    Thanks for the pleasure of reading this. Thanks for writing it. :-)


  2. Whoops! pardon the typographical errors there.. but I'm sure you know what I mean. Thanks. :-)

  3. nicely portrayed as usual..unconditional love existed, but sometimes emotions needs words rather than silence alone..after reading the story,m in a state of bit dilemma,dnt kno whom to b blamed,actually, both father n daughter, loved each other, but their way of showing love, was something which led to bitterness in their hearts.. in all, a nice read it was...:)

  4. Some people never learn.Its useless to try.
    Thanks for the nice story :)

  5. Good ending, the daughter did her duty.

  6. You havent made it clear why father behaved like that?The ending was very cruel, couldnt believe a father will do that?..why the men in your stories are not very good sort?

    Story was interesting.

  7. Daughters Are Gems :) :) Very Well Written :) :)

  8. A son is a son till he has a wife.
    A daughter is a daughter all her life. Nice story

  9. As the father never loved his daughter, he never expected her to love him back. But he was lucky!

  10. Unconditional it is :)
    But is the action of the daughter out of love she had on her mother or father is what i am not sure about.I like to think that its largely out of the love for her mother that she acted that way.
    Touching story :)

  11. the daughter was truly forgiving and unconditional by nature.

  12. the father is hard as stone. and what should he expect from a daughter whom he never showed any love or affection?

    poor daughter, all she could do was accept how ill her father has treated her.

    a very sad story on father-daughter relationships.

    the father was so morose.


  13. Fathers... I can imagine there can be fathers like that... Thank god that I am lucky... A nice story though.